Tan-Tall-Young-Lovely (It’s Summer)

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Astrud Gilberto was a Brazilian samba and bossa nova singer and songwriter. She gained international attention in the mid-1960s after recording the song “The Girl from Ipanema.”
Born: March 29, 1940, Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil
Died: June 5, 2023 (age 83 years), Philadelphia, PA


Bullet Points

** The right way to look at the enemy. “He doesn’t care if he’s hurt or killed as long as he kills you.”  Understand and appreciate what that means.

** A friend asked me if I had plans for the fall. It took me a moment to realize that he spoke of this coming autumn, not the fall of civilization. See below and right… Yeah, I know, it might be the same thing.

** Have you ever been here in the morning? It was a long time ago for me, and I wore a Navy uniform. The Marines saluted because they’re Marines, but the Navy doesn’t guard heaven’s gates… so there you go.

** When you become frustrated with older people because of the things they cannot do, imagine how frustrated they are because they can no longer do it.

** Who are the enemies of free market economies?

** One hundred idiots make idiotic plans and carry them out. All but one justly fail. The hundredth idiot, whose plan succeeded through pure luck, is immediately convinced he’s a genius.

** Fish vs Fish—Claudio and I have been tap-dancing around classified information in discussing this topic. Much is in the public domain as the contractors try to peddle their wares. The threat of supercavitating torpedoes that travel very quickly (but are not agile) would seem to be a primary target. Wake-homing guidance is still a problem to defeat with very long-range torpedoes.

** Recycling is big in California’s Bay Area. Teslarati reported, “Tesla Supercharger station in Bay Area hit by vandals with every charging cable cut.” The copper brings you $3 a pound. They are ATMs for homeless scavengers. Present your booty at recycling centers for your cash, no questions asked. You’re immune from prosecution if you’re a colored person/person of color.

** Does anyone recall miniature golfing? In 2024, it’s the same, but not the same. Yesterday, PaulM commented, “PS. Of course, a guy could always take up golf.” When he wrote that, this came to mind.

** BRM goes under the blade today. I’m not sure what the croakers will do to him, but I wish him fair winds and following seas in his recovery. Will he be selling the parts that are being replaced? Maybe an auction or something? People would ask, “What’s in the jar on your desk, LL?” I’d reply, “BRM’s gizzard (or whatever).” Maybe they’ll be sold as a complete set? I doubt that they could be repurposed, but as an amateur trail surgeon, I could try to use the OEM parts (though worn) like bent tie rod ends**. Pound them out, a little JB Weld, and they’ll be nearly as good as new.

** A bent tie rod can cause several issues, including the following – I don’t know whether BRM exhibited any of these symptoms:

        • He shakes or vibrates, especially when turning or accelerating
        • Loose steering: He may feel loose or have too much play
        • Clunking noises: You may sometimes hear clunking or rattling noises from him.
        • Death wobble: His chassis may vibrate, and he may wander
        • The inside or outside tread of his shoes may wear out faster than the rest
        • Squealing sound: He may squeal when turning
        • Knocking sounds: You may sometimes hear knocking or other unusual sounds coming from him.
    • Continue to follow this blog for timely trail medicine that you can use. The only tools needed for the application are a bottle of cheap whiskey to settle YOUR nerves and a non-sterile pocket knife or icepick, often used as a probe. Rarely do patients survive long enough to need to be sewed or stapled, but if they sit still for it, you can include a staple gun in your kit.

** When you party in China.

** In school, they demand that you take five pages to explain something. In real life, you have seven seconds, or they move on.

** Should you hire workaholics?

** A perspective on the food you eat.

** A red flag in others – externalizing. YOU are always the problem.






A Recent Discovery – Answers the question of who built the pyramids.


Identify the Aircraft




There are more than enough hints




Parting Shot




21 thoughts on “Tan-Tall-Young-Lovely (It’s Summer)

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Bell XP-77
    2. Short Sperrin
    3. Bristol Brabazon
    4. Tu-4LL Bull testing engine for Tu-91
    5. Avro Lincoln

  2. To be exact Five is Mk 31 `LONG NOSE` LINCOLN in Royal Australian Air Force for anti submarine and anti ship use.

    Built in Australia they added 1.9 metres (6’3”) to the original to put in tactical nav and three sonobuoy operator positions. Used 1953 to 1958.

  3. “ A red flag in others – externalizing. YOU are always the problem” – I have never seen a more succinct explanation of women ever.

    1. If my ex-wife had only showed up wearing a Pickelhaube like the one in the video, I might have had a chance……….

    2. X2…happens more than ever these days with Social Media inflating their perceived self-importance.

  4. In the movie “The Bee Keeper” Jason Statham used a Stapler to great effect .
    I hope all is well for your Friend in his surgery As a Long time Dr. told me they really do ” Practice Medicine”.

  5. When I saw your watercolor, I immediately thought of “The Girl From Ipanema”. Very nice.
    Seems like they can fix the SuperCharger thefts/vandalism easily enough, just keep them energized continuously.
    Laziness map – that’s me, keeping most of R.I. light blue, instead of dark.
    Siblings – A long time ago, my next-older-brother and I simultaneously worked at Yawgoog Scout Reservation,
    He was the Camp Director over in 3 Point, I was running the archery range in Sandy Beach. One day, a Scout
    asked if we were related (we all wore name tags) and I said, “yes, he’s my brother”. The Scout replied that we
    don’t look alike (we don’t, he looks like our father, and I like my mother) and I said “That’s because he was left
    on our doorstep by Gypsies”. Within 18 hours, several hundred Scouts had asked him if he were really left
    by Gypsies, I think they had to announce in all three dining halls that this was not the case. I consider this
    a personal triumph to this day.
    – Kle.

    1. I do enjoy the EV Charger unintended consequences tho, payback for this moronic move by The Idiots in Charge. (see “Externalizing” above, same result, people who believe they are smarter than anyone else by position alone, thinking they can control peoples preferences and that thieves will leave their social statements alone. Funny tho, how many Prius’ get stolen in comparison to an actual decent car or pickup?)

  6. Your ‘trail medicine’ line reminds me of that time I was instructed on how to decompress a tension pneumothorax with a Spiderco.

  7. * One of my friends found another pyramid block that read “איקאה”
    * “When you become frustrated with older people…” just consider: you, too, might get there one day.
    * “…you have seven seconds…” seven seconds: really!
    * externalization – amazing how many men you can find it in as well; moreso in the liberal types

    1. If they fall off, save them for Banner to gnaw on. Maybe freeze them so he’s not obliged to eat both legs in one feeding frenzy.

  8. LL, I am slow on the go. Yesterday’s post briefly mentioned hips and arthritis. If you aren’t allergic to honeybee venom, you can visit your local beekeeper to nap a few worker bees. Apitherapy used on some arthritis patients yields better results than prescription shots. The typical treatment is 4 or 5 workers in a small container that is shaken well and then placed on the problem joint. Guys that do this say it works for them.

    Disclaimer: I am not a physician, nor am I advocating anything that might be interpreted as medical advice except by those who can’t read, write, or understand the English language. Only a few bees are harmed in this process.

  9. I’ve never been a fan of golf, curiously, though my grandmother was, (KPH side). Speaking of which, I once went to a rather grand Expat Brit golf club on Lake Como, how lovely. And there were all these widowed wives of deceased expat CEOs living above the lake in villas, not speaking of Italian and there it was. Not so lovely. Still, there’s worse places to end up. Queen Victoria favored Como, apparently.

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