10 thoughts on “Lincoln and Obama

  1. Will we sink far enough to elect the Right person next? Unemployment is artificially low, Obamacare costs have not fully kicked in (the pain has only just begun), and our weakness in foreign relations will pay us back for years…what will be the issues in 2016?

  2. Employment (not counting part time as full time) has to be the driving force in reducing the burden on employers' regulations. The government is now forcing employers NOT to hire with ObamaCare and oppressive regulations.

    Drill BABY Drill – expanding our energy exploration and capacity to meet domestic needs and begin exporting.

    Build BABY Build – rebuild the fleet.

    The Republicans have to offer an alternative to ObamaCare that addresses portability, pre-existing conditions, and reforming Medicaid. To the extent that it's 20% of the economy and it's being damaged now, that has to be repaired.

    Worry less about the religious social issues and more about the economy until we are whole again. Then we can argue among ourselves whether we will open the egg at the large or small end.

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