Racism Defined – 2012

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It’s unfortunate but Democrats have redefined racism along purely political lines. The question that many Democrats stridently ask is “is he/she black/brown/yellow/red” ENOUGH. In other words, if you aren’t an Obama Democrat, you are clearly a traitor to your race.
One other perspective on racial issues (additional language discussion)

9 thoughts on “Racism Defined – 2012

  1. The Bob ad is hilarious. Of course there is a double standard for racism in America. Lucky we have the new media, so we can battle against these tactics.

  2. If you think that there is a double standard, you are likely a bigoted racist. Yes, the Mainstream media provides a fair litmus test on racisim. Democrats=not racist. Republicans=racist.

  3. It is so out of whack – the Dem's claim its racist to require identification in order to vote – they say over and over again that it is racist because blacks and hispanics are incapable of getting ID.

    If you dropped in from another planet, the irony would probably make your head explode. If people from other planets have heads…

  4. Its coming out – you need PHOTO ID to get into the Dem convention. They know, they KNOW, a certain percentage of the population can't figure this out, and that is what they call THE BASE….

  5. And even though wanted felons can't vote legally, they're encouraged to vote in Chicago or there wouldn't be enough Democrats to elect anyone. Therefore my question does a felony record mean that you're definitely NOT a racist?

  6. What they are saying – is that blacks and hispanics are too poor to afford to get ID. Any assertion to the contrary brands you as a "Race-ist"…

    Yet, many people of color manage to obtain driver's licenses in contravention of all Democratic Party logic.

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