Never Let a Crisis go to Waste

The federal deficit has expanded rapidly under the plague as politicians, primarily on the left, rush to attach riders to relief bills to puff up every radical and insane program that they can think of. The reason for this should be clear to this blog’s readers. The radical programs kick back to democrat politicians in the form of direct cash payments and campaign contributions.

There are a number of people issuing clarion calls about out of control federal spending, many of them who comment here also have their own blogs. In a sense I’m preaching (poorly) to the choir because I’m not laying down the case for the damage that this practice is doing nearly as well as they do. If corrupt, creepy, senile old Joe is elected and if the donkeys take the legislature, I have no idea where it will end up, but it’s not good no matter who is in charge.

There was a time when I thought that the US could sell enough oil to tilt the deficit down, but today, I don’t believe that would ever be sufficient. Where do we go from here?

The Clock is ticking.

$27 trillion dollars in the hole.


Noor bin Laden

Being pro-Trump has caused me more grief than being Osama bin Laden’s niece. …more here.


The Columbus Day Holiday

It’s over now. Columbus Day 2020 has passed and all of the federal workers are returning to the salt mine.

There are usually Columbus hater rallies but yesterday they seemed more muted than usual, overshadowed by over-amped hysteria from all quarters.

When I was a kid we used to celebrate Columbus Day, but it was one of those muted holidays. I’m not sure that we ate spaghetti the way people expect to do on Festivus. It’s not like it was Kwanza where you can expect a chicken dinner, or Labor Day when you’re supposed to raise a fist and sing the Internationale along with the democrat caucus in the US Congress. It’s definitely less than Boxing Day when you’re scheduled to open Christmas presents or New Year’s Day when the kids get smashed.

There was a time when Columbus Day was a bank holiday but I think that every day is a bank holiday during the plague. Mine hasn’t had an open lobby for many months now. Maybe they’ll open on November 4?




The Post Turtle

h/t Ed B.


    • I would have to research the difference, because I don’t know what it is. Just as there is a difference between a rabbit and a hare.

      For now, Biden is a post tortoise…

      • Three types of these shelled critters:

        1. Sea turtles – found in salt water only, and can eat only underwater, but breath air, these things can get huge such as the green sea turtle.
        2. Terrapins – fresh water only, can only eat underwater, also breath air, the snapping turtle is the biggest of the terrapins, not much bigger than a foot stool.
        3. Tortoises – found only on land, eat out of water, breath air. The Galapagos tortoises can also get damn yooge.

        Feel free to call Biden a post turtle, I am not a fanatic about technicalities.

  1. Congress spends around $1.25 for every $1 they get in tax/etc revenue. Could be more currently.
    Getting more money from oil sales does not fix that problem; increased money means increased debt.
    We’re in a hole, and more money means faster digging.

    • They’re digging hard, Fredd.

      There is a public thirst for other people’s money and President Trump didn’t campaign on fixing that. Likely he would not have been elected. Stopping foreign wars and reigning in the size of the Army would help a little but the Beltway Bandits have an unquenchable thirst for tax money…which also serves as welfare for the middle class.

  2. Biden is a post turtle…spot on. However, if Ol’ “I’m running for Senate” Joe is “The Tortoise” (per Fredd) does that make Harris “The Hare”? (interpret that any way you like)

    Incredibly all the “oldest” olive trees all still bear fruit (seems to be several “oldest” as country’s vie…well, used to vie before Covid…for tourist dollars.) Astounding nonetheless.

  3. Inflation is a tool politicians use to screw the public. If you take the cost, in dollars, to buy one ounce of gold, the pattern is clear. 1912-$20, 1996-$369, 2015-$1060, and 2019-$1260.

    Let me say this, I’m not advocating owning gold. You need to find ways of appreciating assets faster than inflation, IMO. Even better if you can shield those assets from ruinous taxation.

    • Investing can be tricky. With gold as well as most other things there is a buy-sell price spread and all of those things have to be taken into account. People buy gold because of uncertainty – by in large and as a hedge. Shielding from ruinous taxation can be a problem when you have no idea whether we’ll go full commie in three weeks.

  4. In re politicians, I found this on another site and thought I’d repeat it here.
    Clarke’s Corollary to Hanlon’s Razor: Any sufficiently profound stupidity is indistinguishable from

  5. Well, of course supporting Trump has been harder than being Bin Laden’s niece – her uncle hated America, so the Left found him to be sympathetic. Trump loves America, and they find that unforgivable.


  6. Bin Ladin’s niece? In the words of one of my cruder friends, “I’d do her.” But, yeah, she’s a keeper. Smart, good looking, well-spoken, like most of the right’s classy dames.

    As to olive trees, it’s interesting that the reason an olive branch is the sign of peace is that the trees take so darned long to mature and bear fruit, with some varieties taking up to 10 years to produce, though 3 – 5 years is the norm. So a place that can produce olives hasn’t seen war in a while. Then some smart-ass created olive-bushes or dwarf olive trees and that’s changed everything.

    Columbus Day? Okay, let’s go full progressive here, and have Native Indigenous People Day instead. Where everyone in a neighborhood gets to go to the next neighborhood and kill all the males, take any females and children they want as slaves, and leave the old people and the infirm to die of starvation. Oh, and where we get to slaughter whole herds of animals for only a 5-10% usable return on meat and such. Of course, we’d have to not use anything invented by oppressive caucasians of western European origin, and no using horses, so any loot we get means we have to pack it out by shank’s mare (good thing we took all those captive slaves, right? make them carry everything…) Or… we could just stick with celebrating a guy who had an idea and was good enough to stick with it. Go Columbus!

  7. Seems the Usual Suspects are showing their complete moronic behavior and mental lack with Judge Barrett’s hearing…Obamacare, Roe v Wade, Obamacare, Abortion…on and on, same song, same asinine questions repeated 2/3/4 times in different terms, and the use of peoples personal tragic heath stories to make some speculative nebulous point, all the while projecting what they believe she will do and their fearful concerns. Total bunk.

    Barrett, on the other hand, hands them their meatheads every time with brilliant retort, using no notes.

    Yes, I am self-punishing listening to the hearing, it’s the least I can do for my fellow patriots.

    • ACB is showing what a class act she is and what a clown car the democrats are riding. Her seven children sit behind her, quietly, respectfully, as she demonstrates what a Supreme Court Justice looks like.

  8. Don’t turtles and tortoises live to extreme old age? Apt symbol for our ruling gerontocracy. And the debts forgotten even as it balloons out of control. Who knows, maybe if everyone doesn’t talk about it it’ll go away? I’ll wager trouble ahead.

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