“Progressive” means a disrespect for life

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If you are ‘progressive’, you believe that firearms are instruments of death and destruction and that people everywhere must be disarmed, even though it would only serve to disarm the honest, leaving them surrounded by armed criminals. However, your justification for your actions would inevitably be that disarming people of offer no offense with their firearms is “respect for life”.
If you are ‘progressive’ you likewise feel that a woman’s right to choose should be extended to late-term abortions where babies are murdered — because a mother’s right to choose exceeds a baby’s right to live. While that makes no sense at all to conservatives, those all-knowing progressive people feel that there is no conflict in logic or common sense. 
You see ‘progressives’ pushing the prosecution of people for double-homicide when a pregnant woman is murdered. But should that pregnant woman kill her own child with or without the assistance of medical professionals, it’s referred to as a ‘procedure’.

4 thoughts on ““Progressive” means a disrespect for life

  1. The progressives feel they are right, and therefore don't have to obey any rules they disagree with.

  2. it's similar to they screaming on our face to obey orders, one of them being calling ourselves free.
    Pretty sarcastic.

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