Obama Green Jobs Triumph

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I really thought that the White House’s green jobs scam would end with the dismissal of Green Jobs Czar and Black Panther Van Jones from President Obama’s staff.  EVERYONE knows that it’s a scam. Everyone knows that it’s a complete waste of taxpayer dollars to promote “green jobs” when the companies that the administration has funded are almost ALL in financial trouble, doing the death spiral or are in bankruptcy.
Then came the EPA Scandal where the US Environmental Protection Agency attacked conservative-owned businesses while allowing their liberal competition to operate unhindered (Gibson Guitar Case)
Yet despite the scandals, the government persecution, the failed stimulus-funded companies, etc.  Barack is still on the green jobs stump.
The President doesn’t speak about: Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, the EPA Scandal, the NSA domestic spying scandal or any of a number of scandals — he is pushing “green jobs”. In ObamaSpeak, green jobs means “jobs for Democratic Party supporters”.

9 thoughts on “Obama Green Jobs Triumph

  1. I think that they like successful businesses that pay them (Chicago style). The government is in full thug mode, but they are simply doing to the US what they did to Chicago.

  2. Green in this case is when Obama and his commie partners are green-eyed jealous of conservative success in business.

  3. OR – Green jobs mean that you take stimulus money, pump it into a scam business, and that business becomes a big Democratic Party contributor. (Chicago style)

  4. Yes. Lots of people getting shot in Chicago. It's even worse than New Orleans, and that's going some.

  5. Shocking statistics since Chicago has officially been considered a "gun free zone". While a lot of non-gun free zones have almost no firearms crime. Go figure.

  6. Hey, creating companies/unions that can neatly recycle tax money into the coffers of the Democratic Party has worked so well in Kalifornia, let's try it nationwide! All levity aside, it's all about power, money and control, nothing else.

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