I’m Ready for Hillary!

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The tired old snake wants to be Leader of the Free World
Are you ready for Hillary? Just think…more hope and change with a female version of Barack Obama who could give a shit whether Americans die in a desolate, sandy, cess pool, far from home. One more elitist to heap more scandals and misery on the nation’s back. One more “progressive” to pound more nails into the cross with the Bill of Rights attached.

The sour, lonely, old former Secretary of State and Bill’s First Lady launched her Facebook campaign, dragging the sack for contributions (go to Hillary Facebook) and looking for people who would ‘like’ her. True, she would be the first lesbian president, but not the first gay president as Barack beat her to the punch. 
I didn’t notice a Benghazi bloody handprint flag  on the “I’m ready for Hillary” website. What’s up with that? She should be proud of who she is and what she’s become! She needs to proclaim herself to America. I’m sure that when her face is stretched and she’s completed her course of treatment at the fat farm that Hillary will be ready for prime time, ready to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize and take her rightful place as leader of the free world.
Hillary Clinton: 
  • Served as First Lady (qualifying her for HIGH public office). 
  • Senator from New York (scammed into office by the political machine).
  • Disgraced Secretary of State as Barack Obama’s puppet
Ready to assume office as President of the United States. 
While I will admit that her term as First Lady gave her more experience than Barack Obama had before assumed office, it’s a very low bar indeed.
Hillary Clinton Gallery

Madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Hillary, fund raising for the presidency

Faced stretched, she is now ready to be President

“What does it matter?”

Murdered and sodomized while dead, Ambassador Stevens
was one of Hillary Clinton’s greatest supporters.
But what DOES it matter?
Vote Clinton in 2016 for all this and more.

14 thoughts on “I’m Ready for Hillary!

  1. Hillary is a Southerner from Arkansas, right?

    I'm sure that Arkansas is so proud.

  2. All the energy put forth in slamming (though justly deserved IMO) this POS is wasted on the general populace.
    Who/what will be running against her is my question.

  3. I don't think that she will end up as the Democratic Party's choice, believe it or not. I think that she'll crash and burn before she gets the chance.

    However, your point is very well taken.

  4. It matters to me, and I'll do everything I can to cost her support, "I" will keep reminding people of Benghazi and her statement!!!

  5. I'm not into swearing (other than the occasional dammit) but this is UFB… philly.com/philly/news/213352821.html

  6. I wonder if they're going to but the Benghazi Bloody Hand on it?

    It's one of those things that people in the Good Old Boys/Girls Club hand out to each other. Like the gongs on a North Korean Army General's uniform.

  7. She needs to be asked about Benghazi every time she meets the public. Run on THAT platform.

  8. She's hoping that the mainstream media will reinforce that it was a long time ago… even though it's been about 9 months.

  9. I was bred and born in Arkansas and am proud of it. Hillary was bred and born in Illinois, ergo, she is not a southerner nor an Arkansan by birth. However, she came here and made many positive changes for the women in Arkansas. I note that you are hiding behind your shades and I bet your wife/lady friend, whatever, is three steps behind you. Tell her to come down here where women are respected.

  10. It's an actual photo of me. You are anonymous. What am I to make of that?

    And I'm not a "city person".

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