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One thing that America has (may have) learned in 2020 is that voting for the right mayor and governor is just as important as voting for the right president.


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Jack Ruby

Mugshot of Jack Leon Ruby – Dallas nightclub owner who fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald (the man charged with assassinating U.S. President John F. Kennedy) – November 24, 1963


In Russia

Percentage identifying as atheist, irreligious, or “spiritual but not religious” in Russia


Actual Photo of a Valkyrie

I think that you need the t-shirt if you want to be authentic.


Your Next Commander-in-Chief?


AntiFA Plans

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  1. I saw Oswald’s killing live on TV. We’d just come home from church and Dad had fired up the TV to catch the latest news of the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination. The picture came up seconds before Ruby took his shot.
    The Harris quote would not surprise me. Still another reason to not vote for the Biden ticket. Hillary has much the same disdain for the military and then there’s Kerry. In ’73 it was “murderin’, rapin’, war criminals” but in ’04 it was “band of brothers.” As Nixon once said, (expletive deleted).

  2. True story. I was in Jr. High when Kennedy was assassinated, sitting in home room at Jack Benny Jr High in Waukegan. Ill.

    A few days later, we were sitting watching as they were moving Oswald and saw Ruby shoot him. What sticks in my mind though was my mother’s reaction which I remember word for word.
    “Damn you Jack! You Fuc… Moron!”

    She was crying bitterly to say the least. Once settled, she told me that years before she had worked as a crap dealer for Jack Ruby in one of his clubs which had illegal gambling. And she had pictures of those days to boot.

    1. A very interesting account.

      At one point in my life, I worked with a man who served with Lee Harvey Oswald in the Marine Corps. He was underwhelmed by Oswald as a Marine.

  3. Camouflage certainly has come along way since my days in the service. Back then, we had a few camo sticks, colors of brown, green and tan. Smear some on your face, a different color here and there, good to go. When BDU’s first came out (‘camis’), along with those camo sticks, boy you should could hide a soldier from maybe 400 meters away.

    Now, I had to look at that photo above several times before I saw the guy. Then it took several more looks to see that there were TWO guys. Yes, Antifa might need to send some of their members to boot camp and then infantry AIT. Then maybe, just maybe, their own massacre won’t look as one-sided.

    1. The best advice I have for AntiFA and BLM is to stay within the inner cities and burn their own neighborhoods down.

  4. title- dead man walking, knew something about Hillary….antifa/country folk? song comes to mind from group called hawg jaw, “come on down n git yerself sum”. make it snappy, i ain’t getting any younger.

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