A Discussion with the Woke

Woke Person: LL, Global warming is real. The southern ice pack is melting. I’ve seen videos of massive icebergs breaking from Antarctica.

LL: Yeah, cool, huh? You know that West Antarctica is geologically very active and there are active volcanoes under the ice, right? In fact, it’s one of the most interesting places on the planet to study volcanism for a number of reasons (that I won’t bore you with).

Woke Person: The talking heads didn’t say that on CNN or MSNBC.

LL: There’s evidence of a hotspot much like the Hawaiian Islands Hotspot, the Iceland Hotspot, and the Yellowstone Hotspot that remain in a fixed position as the tectonic plates move above them.  The Antarctic volcanic chain can’t be explained as being on a plate boundary. Additionally, Antarctic volcanoes are of different sorts suggesting different magma compositions (Megavolcanoes – caldera, Stratavolcanoes, and shield volcanoes.) Weird- and cool at the same time.

Woke Person: So all of that geothermal activity can cause the ice to melt?

LL: Study it on your own and draw your own conclusions without an agenda driving them.


Need Help?


An Interesting Article

(Link) Because William the Conqueror was of illegitimate birth, he needed to clearly bolster his claim to the throne. The Merovingian kings inspired noble families to create their own bloodlines. Duke Richard I, William’s great-great-grandfather, started recording his family’s bloodlines with Dudo’s “Historia Normannorum” (circa 1030). Recognizing the importance of establishing his lineage, William the Conqueror commissioned Guillaume de Jumièges’ “Gesta Normannorum” (circa 1070) and Guillaume de Poitiers’ “Gesta Guillelmi” (circa 1077) to document the history of the Norman dynasty. The more royal bloodlines a claimant had, the greater his right to rule and the more allies he could call upon. William recognized the importance of establishing his royal bloodlines for history.


Bullet Points:

** Congress hasn’t passed a budget on time in 27 years. What is all the handwringing about? And who really cares if there’s a federal government shut-down? If you’re lapping at the trough, maybe it would pinch your bottom line until they pass a spending bill and you’re reimbursed. I get that. But for most of the country, we just don’t care. Most of what impacts people day-to-day comes from state, county and municipal government.

** Missing somebody is a terrible feeling. Ask any sniper.

** Definitely not Racist – Dianne Feinstein died Thursday night at the age of 90. She was the longest-serving woman in the US Senate. Gov. Newsom vows to only appoint a negro female. If he vowed to only to appoint a white man, would THAT be racist?

Feinstein was also one of the most corrupt Senators, and that is saying a lot. She served on the Senate Intelligence Panel yet she was caught with a Chinese spy on her payroll — a man she had employed and paid for over 20 years.

Feinstein reportedly ‘found out’ that her staffer was a Chinese spy in 2013–while she was the Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Chinese spy mysteriously appeared on the scene in 1993 just ONE YEAR after Feinstein was elected to the Senate in 1992.


Now Politically Incorrect

Still a classic!


From the Days of Fighting Sail

The Sea Bird – a Spirit Ship?

The Sea Bird, a merchant brig owned by Isaac Steel and commanded by Captain John Durham, or Huxham or Husham, who was returning to Newport after a trip to Honduras. On the morning the Sea Bird was due to return, she was driven ashore and landed unharmed on Easton Beach in Rhode Island.

Curious as to what was going on, some men went aboard to see. They were greeted happily but quietly by the ship’s cat and dog, but not by the crew of eight. Coffee was boiling on the cooker and a sumptuous breakfast was prepared. The smell of fresh tobacco smoke was in the air. In the captain’s quarters, untouched coinage lay open and his dressing gown hung over a chair. The longboat had disappeared, but nothing more could be found.


The ship was in good condition, with the instruments and cargo intact. Captain Durham was an experienced and competent man. His last ship’s entry was “Branton [Brenton] Reef sighted”, which is only a few miles off Newport. A fishing boat that arrived shortly after the Sea Bird reported seeing the ship with the captain on the deck less than two hours earlier. But now there was no one there. The cargo was unloaded and the animals were taken off the boat. By evening, however, when someone went to check on the Sea Bird again, it had disappeared and the animals were also gone.

Now there were many theories as to what had happened. The first is that the Sea Bird was swept off the beach in a storm leaving no debris and was never seen again. The second was sold to Henry Collins (1699-1765), renamed Beach Bird then continued making successful voyages. Which, by the way, is also historically verifiable, the only question is whether it is also this Sea Bird. And the third, she was a Spirit Ship and appeared again and again at different ports to search for her crew.

Most likely it is the second variant and the crew was simply paid off and the Sea Bird became Beach Bird. But ghost ships are somehow more exciting and who knows maybe she is still looking for her crew.


Identify The Aircraft



180 were produced



No ID Necessary

Poland, September 1939. A Gefreiter poses on top of a PzKpfw III Ausf. D of the Panzer Regiment . 1, (1 Panzer-Division) that has been knocked out of action.

With only 14.5mm of frontal armor, the PzKpfw III Ausf. D was vulnerable to all Polish anti-tank weapons, including the Polish 7 TP armored car equipped with a 37mm Bofors.

In this picture you can see the holes made by anti-tank rifles, 3 of them are clustered. Judging by the position of some of the impacts, it is very possible that the radio operator and loader might have been injured or killed.

51 PzKpfw III participated in the Polish campaign, 20 of them in Pz. Rgt. 1. Of the 51, 24 were lost to both enemy action and equipment malfunctions.


ID The Armored Car


  1. IDA:
    1. Blackburn Baffin
    2. Consolidated tby Seawolf
    3. Consolidated p – 30 fighter
    1. Autoblinda AB41 in Polizia dell’Africa Italiana Service

  2. ** Missing somebody is a terrible feeling. Ask any sniper.**

    Missing someone you’ve lost or taken on the battlefield a terrible feeling. The only regrets I have are for the people I couldn’t save. My brothers and fellow operators who were all better men than me. I will forever feel their loss and still feel tremendous pain for my failure to protect them.
    -Missing you Chris.

  3. Fearless Leader has declared that flags be flown at half staff until Feinstein has been interred. Mine will remain at the top of the pole.
    Two things to remember if you miss someone. Sight picture and trigger control.

  4. Jonny Quest- For me the best of our Saturday morning cartoon fare. Anyone who doesn’t like it isn’t human or American.

    “Longest serving woman in the Senate” – Who cares…that part is irrelevant (unless you discuss what damage the “she” has wrought in the name of “she/her” feminism). I care only about what she did, or anyone. Sex is not an indicator of adding points to deeds great or small, it’s just chromosomes. What one does is what matters, not color, race, or sex. Yet the feminism” smokescreen is all we get, which isn’t truth, it’s feelings.

    • “What one does is what matters, not color, race, or sex.”

      What a hateful and outmoded thing to say, Paul M. You should denounce yourself! Clearly Our Betters are all about race, sex, and deviant sexual practices over “content of character”. (Snide aside about MLK’s sexual predictions omitted.)

      Diversity does not lead to “melting pot” nor even the “salad bowl” model. Diversity leads to tribalism.

  5. johnny quest is dead to me, since mike pence came along. i can’t stand that guy, even before his acts of treason….i fly the thirteen stars and bars, because its the one identified by the fibbies as “dangerous white supremacist”. that, and a black flag, no quarter.

    • The narrow shouldered, self righteous yet thoroughly craven Pense is nothing to do with Race Bannon with the exception of hair style and color.

  6. “Study it on your own and draw your own conclusions without an agenda driving them.” LL, boy howdy if everyone did that what would all the activists of one sort or another have to do. Good grief, they might have to get real jobs.

    Jonny Quest. I remember watching it as a kid, back when cartoons where entertaining.

    Dianne Feinstein. Trying not to speak ill of the dead (I am trying LSP) I will leave it at the same place I leave comments for the late Senator John McCain; “may God have mercy on their souls”.

  7. in re “A Discussion with the Woke”
    comment, not complaint: I know I’m getting older (elderly? not really), but I had to take out my lens to be able to make out anything on the middle photo: the one with all the nice squiggly red lines.
    I’d appreciate sources for that one and the last one *the one with two insets.
    my elder daughter (middle child) majored in geology and after working in grunt jobs for a couple of years decided to go back to school and is now working as a P.A. several months a year on the ice.
    Tending somewhat to the Left (no matter what you do, I found it’s just impossible to train them all Right) when she’s not on the ice, we have constant discussions about the many laboring cows at each pole (climate change due to ‘fossil fuels’, unfortunately).
    I graduated with a major in chemistry many, many moons past, but still the long, multisyllabic names and chemical make-up won’t throw me, so any and all sources happily accepted

    • Her research will stand or fall on its own if it’s honest.

      https://www.frontiersin.org/ The peer review isn’t always reliable, but you often have to play the ball where it rests in the rough rather than on the manicured gras where you wish it was.

      No, I’m not going to get into details here about Antarctic vulcanism but in a nutshell, there are odd chemical compositions to different vents that are (or were) very near to each other. You rarely see a shield volcano with 35% silica magma/lava adjacent to a caldera that spit out 75% silica magma with both obsidian and rhyolite present. The silica content is often added as the vent passes through continental crust (different in chemical composition to ocean crust). We all get it, but to have these geologically close in time and place to each other is very odd.

  8. That conversation sounds like woke-ish person, but redeemable. A true Woke person would have refused to listen, responded with accusations and personal slurs, and ended by rage-quitting while shouting “I believe in Science!” But I obviously wasn’t there, so maybe you left out the craziest parts.

    Better men than I have talked about “Scientism” as a neo-religion diametrically opposed to actual science, so I won’t go into it, but my concern is less some blue-haired landwhale with a degree in gender studies, or a smug jackass in footie pajamas. What’s concerning is how many actual scientists and physicians have bought into the Covid narrative. Two weeks ago on a conference call several people were unwell with some sort of fall viral crud. While waiting for everyone to join the call, the young people were to a person (mostly women) going on about how they couldn’t wait to “get my next booster so I’ll be safe.” After several minutes of this (especially in the case of young women of childbearing age) I said, “You’re adults and can do what you want, but it’s a bad idea. Personally, I’m not going to let them near me with any of that stuff.” A senior cardiologist (male) chipped in, disdain obvious in his tone, “So you’re one of those anti-vaxxers?”
    “If you mean generally anti-vaccine, no. But if you mean Pfizer/Bio-N-Tech or Moderna mRNA concoctions? Absolutely.” Then we had a quorum and got into the actual business of the call, so that conversation terminated.

    Senior guy’s been notably cooler toward me ever since. Which is unfortunate, but not under my control and I don’t regret what I said. What does concern me is that he’s not only a full Professor of Medicine at a top-20 medical school but also an FDA advisor. More to the point, senior guy is typical among academic physicians (the ones who control scientific journals and give advice to policy makers) regarding the whole Covid business. Incidentally, the point of this is not to criticize senior guy. He’s a good guy, and I respect his actual scientific work, which includes rigorous statistical analyses about population-wide healthcare outcomes in cardiology. But if a guy like THAT swallows The Narrative hook line and sinker, how screwed are we society-wise?

    • It is almost like belief in the Covid mantra is a religion and you either buy into the religion hook, line, and sinker or you are branded a heretic and should help the faithful gather wood for when they burn you at the stake.

        • The “I have Covid” has become universal among those now sick with a cold, which happens regardless because temp swings during the days and the bodies sometimes inability to adjust (my engineering brains way of explaining a pre-Winter cold). Yet we have heard it from three adults thus far this past week: “I have Covid so can’t get together.”…”I’ve been tested four times for Covid, says negative, but I know I have Covid.” Brainwashed.

          I have come to despise this new lexicon to describe a cold or whatever. Mike_C’s “Fall crud” is more accurate and what we always called it, but that affords no asinine special status apparently some people need to elevate their sorry lives.

    • Can one person make a difference? Other than tetanus, no ‘shots’ in over ten years. During the time I did a medical courier route, a lab tech would fill out and give me a card and I would give her $20.

      If the time comes I need some kind of ‘mark of the beast’ card to function in this country I will find someone to bribe.

      My modest way of rebelling.

  9. Yep, Johnny Quest could NOT be made or shown today… for a LOT of reasons. Re Feinstein, she is going to her grave knowing she made the AR-15 the most popular rifle in the US, thanks to her unrelenting but always losing battle against them.

  10. LL: Stopped by for a visit, and got an interesting pop-up message from my anti-virus software. It said it aborted the connection to first(dot)dataofpages(dot)com because it’s infected with a phishing URL. Thought you might find this of interest

  11. The types of volcanos listed are new to me. Thanks, L.L. for sharing the outline of Antarctica. I had no idea they were there. If leaving it up to World book encyclopedia, Wikipedia, or MSM, I would have never known.
    We lived for a year in a small village about an hour south of Imperial Valley CA in the 90’s. There was a good sized geothermal power plant nearby. https://maps.app.goo.gl/R2LHygKpYBUt5h9K6

    On the northern side of the border I remember a much smaller plant as well. I’m wondering… how many untapped ( but known) resources of energy, mining, ect are still ahead of us?

    • I’m not an expert on geothermal energy, but there is a general uniformity in that the deeper you go in the Earth, the hotter it becomes. The ocean crust is thin (6-7 km) and basaltic. The land is 35-40 km on average and tends to have more silica in it (as mentioned above) which makes it harder than ocean crust. The mantle varies in temperature from 1800 F) near its boundary with the crust, to 6700 F) near its boundary with the core. Fixed hotspots (Yellowstone, Hawaii, Iceland, etc.) are still a mystery as far as I know.


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