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I’m still working on the programming within Word Press to deliver the best possible results. I appreciate your comments and they are helping me to try and un-FK the problems. It may be a couple of weeks before they are all are resolved. Your anonymous search engine is coming as well (as early as this coming WEDNESDAY) and that will hopefully allow you  enjoy a much better Internet Search experience, courtesy of Virtual Mirage.

China and Piracy on the High Seas

We need to move now as a nation to oppose China’s repeated seizure of vessels on the high seas. Modern day piracy is currently practiced by the Chinese as a matter of state policy. Ships and crews of nations (not the US) are routinely taken by the Chinese Coast Guard. The ships are forfeit and the crews are often imprisoned at hard labor.

Human Rights

China and Venezuela have been appointed by the United Nations to serve on its human rights council (more here). It mirrors how the UN routinely puts nations like Saudi Arabia on councils that support the rights of women. My mind is boggled by these moves. It’s like putting Egypt (a nation that leads the world in the genital mutilation of young girls) in charge of a commission to stop the genital mutilation of women.

As I have stated before, and yes, I may sound like a broken record, North America needs to separate itself from the rest of the world and certainly from the United Nations. Bilateral trade is fine, but the interests of “the West” is radically different than those of the Middle East and China. Mainland Europe is falling apart. Britain is poised to make common cause with the US/Canada.

P08 Luger

There is a certain balance that comes with an integral silencer design that comes with the manufacture rather than an add-on.

This Luger, manufactured by Mauser in 1942 includes an integral silencer. They were issued to Abwer, (German counterintelligence) but made their way into special units . Note that the front sight blade is raised to allow the shooter to see over the silencer.


The top five posts at CIA are held by women for the first time ever. So much for the theory that Trump doesn’t want women holding important roles.

For Everyone Who Reads this Blog:

“A soulmate is someone who appreciates your level of weird.”

23 thoughts on “Mish Mash Monday

    1. Don’t I know it.

      In your case, they need to embrace the concept of a Clown Church, a wolf named Lucifer, and keep an emergency clown nose handy at all times in case things get TOO WEIRD.

  1. “Nautical Acquisition and Redistribution Specialists”

    The media description of the Democrats…altho, the pirates of fore had an actual moral code.

    (Oh, as for the “programming”, discovered if I simply refresh once on your Home page everything comes up correctly.)

    1. The pirates of yore seemed to have much more of a moral center than modern Democrats.

      1. For sure.

        “Parley” is not in the modern Left vocabulary…they prefer “roughshod”, as in running over…at all cost. The Devil’s minions at work.

        1. Communists are all thieves at heart. They want what other people have. It’s a philosophy based on envy and that’s a bad way to build a society.

          1. Envy is a powerful thing, especially from someone who already hates themselves. Makes them do crazy stuff.

            A neighbor (anyone within 15 miles is a neighbor) said a Wyoming resident was taking pictures of Colorado plates (aka “greenies”) at a popular hiking spot just North of the border and posting them on Facebook demanding they be fined, and I quote “For bringing COVID19 here!”

            Angst derived from self-loathing, and a desire to share it with the rest of the world.

  2. The human rights thing. It’s like planned parenthood in charge of child birth…
    I did not know that, about the CIA.

  3. I think it’s worth staying in the UN to exercise our veto. It’s an easy way to keep coalitions of imbeciles from banding together to attack the US, so that we have to go smash them up. No need to give them all that money, though.


    1. The band of imbeciles could still band together and attack us with or without a veto. There is nothing to stop the freaks, communists and misfits from banding together in common cause. The UN has no teeth. I take your point, but trust me, without the money, none of them would show up. We could find a way to repurpose the building in New York.

        1. As I posted earlier, I think that the plague will cause more businesses to leave NYC and decentralize…

    1. The Luger is a hand-made pistol. Something that people don’t realize until they play with them and field strip them. All Luger parts can’t be interchanged without fitting. Which is not ideal for a military weapon. That being said, its silencer system is very cleanly made.

      1. That fixed barrel (with the toggle charging system) is conducive to a suppressor.
        Less mass flipping and better return to target.

        I wanted a .22 and I called my gun shop for a Ruger.
        They said come on in.
        I arrived and was looking at a beat to death P08 for $2500, thinking I always wanted a Luger but couldn’t cost justify that.
        i was then asked if I came for the Luger. I said no, a Ruger.
        He said he didn’t have one, He had said Luger and I heard Ruger.
        Turns out he had a like new Luger .22, in the box for $250.
        One of the better days in my life.
        Very accurate.

        1. Accurate, lasts forever, a hand-made pistol. And the silencer is almost completely silent, as you point, because of the toggle charging system.

  4. I like the new site. It looks better and cleaner than the old site.

    Thank you by the way for answering my occasional email when I email you directly.

  5. There’s a gun/militaria but mostly gun shop in Dallas called the Armory, near to Highland Park Village (HPV). They specialize in Lugers. Remarkable. Good ones in glass cases, even better ones behind more glass and then plastic buckets full of the things, beater Lugers. I was amazed. They have swords too, obvs.

    Pay ’em a visit next time you’re in the area.

    1. We went to an expensive shotgun store on one of my Texas trips. I should say VERY expensive shotgun store. I’m not saying that they weren’t worth it. They were about the price of a good (used) truck.

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