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A Cautionary Note

From the American Thinker.

“If you want to exercise your Second Amendment rights, do it the way you have always done it: keep your weapon in a safe place where you can get to it if you need it to defend yourself from imminent harm or if you are engaging in a gun-safe activity (e.g., a firing range or hunting); follow all gun safety rules; and refrain from being stupid — and it would be exceedingly stupid to step into an obvious trap baited by Democrats, the Deep State, Antifa, or some other organization that wants to end the Second Amendment in America.”


I received a donation request from the Republican Party. My response is, “Fux You”. And that may not be the sort of politeness they want in one of their donors. They stabbed their conservatives in the neck and betrayed their president and they expect one thin dime? Never. America is moving to a one-party system through a suspension of the Bill of Rights (de facto) and those people expect money?

Besides, I’m not part of their political party anymore.


Why is the captioned photo, the USS Makin Island (LHD 8)? It’s because I like the USS Makin Island, and for one other reason. We finally picked up a blog reader from the ship and I appreciated the e-mail. Read on, my Navy friends.


I asked a sailor on the USS Theodore Roosevelt (The Big Stick) to send me a photo describing “what’s going on?” This is what he sent.

Life at sea goes on – haze gray and underway.


2021 Dress Code & Memes for the Moment

Both guys had dogs, so we must assume that dogs will survive along with scorpions and cockroaches.


The Austrian Navy (then and now)

The Austrian Navy – Dressed and undressed Officers ( Possible Midshipman and Lieutenant or a Frigate Captain) and a dresses sailor, 1820. By Rudolf von Ottenfeld

The Austrian uniforms are very similar to those of the Royal Navy, not only in the color of the dark blue skirt and white trousers, but also in the cut. Only the sleeve trimmings, the collar, the belt and the epaulettes are different.

BUT, I hear you cry, it’s a landlocked country. How could it have a navy?

The Austrian empire controlled the port city Trieste (now part of Italy) and the Slovenian and Croatian coasts. The Austrian military had two boats in the Danube until 2006. Today, I’ve been told, they are in a museum.


Full Disclosure

I’m not a fan of Bill Murray, the man. I like Murry-the-Actor/Comedian. And I liked the quote and meme.


The Walking Corpse

We’re going to have a socialist president who voted against gay marriage and for the Iraq war, called black people super-predators, helped write a bill that later became the Patriot Act which he voted for, and who removed bankruptcy protections for students. But bringing any of that up will be deemed as “hate speech”.


Food Blog?

I don’t want this turned into a food blog, but I thought I’d take this moment to to share the evolution of my cooking skills.

When I was a young man, living on my own, I would make spaghetti with a can of Campbell’s tomato soup, open the can, heat the soup, add garlic and onion powder. In a separate pan, brown ground beef, combine the two and pour over noodles.

Don’t be a hater. I was young, hungry, and it tasted good enough.

Then one day I was introduced to Ragu sauce and it tasted a lot better, poured over noodles. Then the miracle of a link of Italian sausage was added to my life and it tasted even better. Then Prego.

How do you prefer your spaghetti?

71 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. I like my spaghetti pretty much the same way as everything else – with lots of meat and cheese.


  2. There are about one hundred provinces, ie more or less US Counties, in Italy. Each will have its own specialty pasta dish, sometimes more than one, made of local ingredients. Chance the ingredient’s province of origin, and it will taste very different. Never mind the cost, get the original (imported) stuff, you’ll thank me for the advice.


    1. I have ordered cheese from Italy on-line and was not disappointed. If you have any thoughts on what in specific I should order, please e-mail me and I’ll do it.

  3. Same as you GOP and Nikki Haley axing for $$
    Same as you with a jack off gif attached and reasons why they will never get another $ from me

    1. Nikki Haley is just another globalist shill “offered as an alternative” to the odious democrat scum. Democrat-lite doesn’t cut it.

  4. I’m fond of most any pasta dish, done like the real Italians do it. As Claudio says, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

    1. Yes, and what Claudio said is on point. The specific ingredients that can be ordered from Italy do make a difference. I recall going to a deli on Hawaii’s big island and ordering a meatball sandwich. It was memorably delicious. I asked the people what they did to make it so. The guy told me, “everything comes from Italy.”

  5. 4 pounds fresh tomatoes (whenever possible, otherwise 2 large [#2 size] cans regular tomatoes)
    1 Tbl tomato paste
    1 medium onion, diced
    3 cloves garlic, crushed
    1.5 tsp salt
    Cracked black pepper to taste
    Splash of red wine (optional)
    Vegetable oil, enough to cover bottom of saucepan

    Bring oil up to temp over medium heat. Sauté onion until clear, add garlic, paste, wine, salt, pepper, and tomatoes. Lower temp and cook, reducing tomatoes, about 20 – 30 minutes.

    If tomato skins bother you, run sauce through a blender or use submersible stick blender.

    Boom! Done.

  6. With a few minor “shopping” adjustments, and preferring to not eat out (curbside works oka), both done to avoid the idiocy out there among the fearful general public, life goes on as-was. Still meet with our friends, but for the GP avoidance is our mantra, which is what the Left wants…to separate us so the peons turn on each other. At this point risk management application is better for the blood pressure.

    Spaghetti – For me it’s “keep it simple”…the right noodle with Ragu was my mom’s go-to. Need some grated Parm. on top. Still prefer Ragu but other brands like Prego are good for variety. Meat sauce is a must. Italian sausage adds some zing.

    Sidebar: Governor Polis (Colorado) sent an e.mail “edict” to all licensed veterinarians stating they are “now authorized in the giving of Covid vaccine shots” TO PEOPLE. This is illegal and DVM’s could lose their licenses. Mr. Supreme Potentate fails to understand this, rather he’s fomenting some perceived “vaccine emergency” (At last check, the only vax location is in Denver). Then again, when have laws mattered to these people?

    1. I eat Italian sausage with my spaghetti.

      These emperor/governors need to be removed from office. He wouldn’t be bothered if your wife lost her license by following his edict. Wouldn’t bother him in the slightest. He’d go to the Senate if he was bounced from his current job.

      1. Polis’ end-around edict was a major red flag to me, what is this clown doing? Best not to play in their sandbox. Which got me thinking of taking yours and others lead about going “unaffiliated”…money talks, BS walks. All of the, need to feel the pain they foisted on the rest of us.

    2. Wait, there’s a bazillion autorized nurses, nurse-practitioners, doctors, physicians, surgeons, and other med types all already able to shoot people with a needle.

      And they want to use veterinarians? Why? Are the vets only able to vaccinate those the Dems consider ‘animals?’

      Seriously, that’s fudged up.

      1. It is very hosed, yet suspicious. What’s the point in doing it? My guess is the govn’r has a control edict in mind that would require everyone in the state to get the shot…a shot that is proving in some cases detrimental to the host.

        1. A significantly higher negative response rate than the disease, if you add in all the asymptomatic positives out there.

          Not that I believe in right-wing conspiracy theories. No. Because I believe in whatever my fascist national socialist government tells me to believe in.

          1. All this over a spliced cold virus turned political weapon. Fear and power go hand in hand. And people, re-voted these people back into office, as if:
            “Thank you sir, may I have another.”

  7. I see the USS Makin Island has a full complement including F-35Bs. WooHoo!

    A pound of ground beef, some onion, fresh garlic, Italian seasonings and a bottle/jar/can of Ragu/Prego/Other make a good sauce. Throw in some al dente pasta of your choice. Serve with garlic bread and a salad. Yum.

    1. You use ground beef instead of Italian sausage?

      Yes the USS Makin Island is ready for bear — or dragons.

        1. That’s how I see it, Ed. Some people can’t manage the spices and they need to deal with that as best they can. But spaghetti sauce (red gravy) made right is going to have garlic, onions, etc. in it (a lot like the spice in sausage).

          1. If the spicing is too much, just get “sweet” Italian sausage, instead of “hot” Italian sausage.


  8. Blade Runner took place in 2019 so it’s already happened.
    The wife is the ethnic Italian, her grandfather was the immigrant, so I let her perform the magic with pasta. Her lasagna is dangerous. I can’t stop at one serving.
    Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

        1. I was very disappointed that we didn’t have replicants in 2019, and downtown LA didn’t look the least big like Shanghai. Even Shanghai doesn’t look like the Blade Runner image. The present day hasn’t worked out the least bit the way that it should have.

          1. How do you know we don’t have replicants. Would explain some of the political decisions being made lately.

          2. (hanging my head in shame) Of course, that would explain a lot. Maybe not a lizard in a skin suit. Maybe a replicant. Definitely not human.

          3. On the “bright” side, LA is now indistinguishable from Calcutta, or Mexico City, or probably Goma, at this point.

            “Progress” !


    1. Discovered, from my days in scouting, that you can burn (or at least scorch) water.
      Well…you can if your cooking skill level is low enough.

      1. You can follow my (early) example and open a jar, WSF.

        I can only guess that Banner isn’t getting any gormet feasts…

  9. Monday morning I received a call from some RNC fundraiser. (Normally I don’t answer unknown numbers, but that morning I was getting car insurance for a new (to me) vehicle, and with agents all working from home these days, one gets random cell phone calls. So I picked up.)

    The RNC call began with a robovoice notice that “this conversation is being recorded”. Has that been standard practice for these sorts of calls? I dunno because I generally don’t take such calls. Anyway, I was wondering if they started doing that because angry people are actually threatening the people doing the calling. I told the poor woman that I had no issue with her personally, but that they would never get a dime from me ever again.
    “Well, sir, I’m sure one thing we can all agree on is the need to stop the Liberals …”
    “I’m going to cut you off right there. Which brave Republican stood with our President just now? Is my money going to help that great patriot Mike Pence? Or maybe Mitch? How about Romney? What will they do to ‘stop the Liberals’?”

    I didn’t even realize how angry I was, until I heard the stress changes in my voice. No profanity was used, but I was furious.

    As to landlocked navies, I had a Swiss friend who used to fly off the handle over getting mistaken for Swedish. He had nothing against Swedes personally, he was just fed up with running into people who didn’t know “Swiss” refers to Switzerland, and not freaking Sverige. “This morning someone asked me about the Swiss Navy. We’re landlocked, we don’t HAVE a navy! Idiots!” Anyhoo, I Googled “Swiss Navy” just now, and was very surprised to discover that’s the name of a brand of sex lubricant. (I am NOT making this up.)

    1. Well played…doubtful the RNC will listen. Gardner here in Colorado lost to Hickenlooper of all people. The guy make Nadler look like the MadMax dude in the post photo. The Republicans lack the killer instinct whereas the Dems have it in spades, and the willfully ignorant and hate crowd vote for those shouting the loudest and pandering the most.

      1. Mike_C and Camperfixer, the RNC won’t listen until their money dries up. Some other group, representing the Constitution, will spring up in their place (teeth of the hydra) and it will either have the requisite spine to represent the people, or it will collapse the way that the Republican Party is.

        Mike_C – “Swiss Navy” doesn’t sound in the least bit romantic to me… However, I wish them well in their sales.

        1. Maybe that’s what POTUS has in mind, as his Swan song play against the meddlers and career grifters…presented on his own cable network.

          “Swiss Navy”…reminds me of that old Polish joke about their submarines having screendoors.

          1. I think that President Trump will launch some sort of social media platform, or perhaps a cable TV channel. Whether the TV providers would show it or not is another matter. USGOV would want a blanket draped over it. It’s tougher to silence social media with a provider who is standing up to Big Tech, but even that.

  10. In my younger days I used to take all day making spaghetti sauce, not any more.
    1 can of Hunts sauce, a jar of sauce, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of tomato paste, ground Italian sausage.
    Brown & drain the sausage, add the sauce and heat it up.

    1. For a number of years I made spaghetti every Sunday & I’d make fresh bread to go along with it.

      3 cups hot tap water (there is no chlorine in our water)
      2 teaspoons yeast
      7 cups bread flour

      mix these together enough to just wet the flour and set aside covered. I usually let it set for 4 or more hours, it gets a good smell.

      After it sets I knead it in the Kitchenaid machine. I do it on as low as it will do it and add 1 teaspoon salt while mixing. Mix it (knead) 8 to 10 min (still on low)
      (I have done this by hand too…)

      After kneading I let it sit for 1 hour, then turn it out on a board and let it rest for 5 min. Then I cut and shape it. (2 loaves)
      I either use small pie pans for round loaves or the long french bread shaped loves on a cookie sheet.
      After it’s shaped I let it proof for AT LEAST one hour.
      Then I bake it in a pre heated 500 degree (f) oven. (I pre heat it maybe 20 min.) it’s in the hot oven for 17 min. I get some great oven spring with the round loaves .

      This is a wet dough so I wet my hands when I handle it, the extra water is not going to hurt it and it won’t stick to the wet hands. With nothing but flour-water-yeast-salt you can cook it hot.

      Good bread.

      1. Thank you… however what I really need is a HIGH ALTITUDE bread recipe, because it all cooks differently at 7,500 feet than it does at lower elevations. I’ve tried making bread here at the mine and it’s disappointing to say the least. There is a “bread company”/sandwich joint in Flagstaff that sells really good bread. I asked if they made it locally. The lady laughed. It’s shipped up from Phoenix.

        1. No kidding, a challenge that only the old timers figured out. Try making popovers or Yorkshire pudding…tried everything to get the internal steam to pop them, but it’s too dry, plus the altitude makes it even harder for them to turn out right. Might add a bowl of water to the oven next round.

          1. I made popovers, which are essentially the same as Yorkshire puddings, but with a larger internal area. They don’t pop like they do at sea level, but at least they’re not hockey pucks.

          2. On the reverse side, you can’t do a good streudel at low altitudes and high humidity.

            Best struedel comes from up in the mountains, during fall or spring.

          3. I haven’t tried streudel. I did try spatzel and that turned out very well. Who doesn’t love spatzel. Add cheese and bacon (of course) to up the game.

        2. LL – The CSU website has a very section on high-altitude cooking. It took me three (or was it four?) times to get my bread recipe nailed. We’re at 5100′, so my recipe would be a good start for you.

          I’ll gather up some things, scan them, and email them to you.

        3. Do it the old-fashioned American way – throw money and technology at it!

          What you need is obviously a Pressurized High-Altitude Oven ™ !
          Or maybe a whole pressurized kitchen, with air-lock doors!


          P.S. – no, I have no useful advice. Probably ought to carve that on my gravestone.

  11. “it would be exceedingly stupid to step into an obvious trap baited by Democrats, the Deep State, Antifa, or some other organization that wants to end the Second Amendment in America…”


    My spaghetti’s pretty much like RSH’s but with olive oil. Very tasty, but now I’m thinking of going down the Italian sausage route. Thanks for the tip. Of course it always helps to have a sidearm near at hand in case the ingredients rise up in revolt. Just saying.

    1. LSP – to me (and maybe not just me) the Italian sausage makes all the difference in spaghetti. You can brown quality Italian sausage and toss it on a flip flop and it will taste good. I’m not recommending that you do it, by the way. It’s only a metaphor.

  12. As a youth I spent time outside New Orleans with the family of a high school buddy. 2nd generation Italians. Mama remembered the boat trip. Small time politicians , business owners. Wonderful folks.
    They ate their pasta with nothing on it but butter. Then ate their meatballs with just sauce. So I did too. When in Rome etc.

    I saw the meme about mad max and 2021 a few months ago, but after that I saw an article saying it was really the late 1980s. Oh well , still a great meme.

    1. I’ve had pasta with butter – and if it’s fresh home made pasta, that’s good because the pasta has a lot of flavor on its own. A little Reggiano on the pasta, some butter, and you’re in business.

  13. Biden the meat puppet will be retired in some fashion very shortly after being propped up in office.

    You don’t attack the enemy when and where they expect it….unless of course it’s just a diversion.
    The Second Amendy isn’t about you ing or ten defense against criminals. It’s about sending traitors
    and other people who seek to end freedom in America to an early appointment with Judgement Day.

    Italy….and France are culinary masters. And in the Arts. Most other things….not so much.

    Not sure what those who just seized power are up to with the 30K soldiers they are deploying
    to Mordor On The Potomac but I am pretty sure we won’t like it.

    1. I say that Biden will last until June, but history may prove me wrong.

      Italy has fashion, machine tools, cars and motorcycles – and women in addition to food. And we just bought their frigate design for the US Navy because we seemed to inept to come up with our own.

      1. The need to acquire Italian designs for vessels is less an endorsement of Italian engineering and more an indictment of the American education system of the past couple decades.

  14. Starving Student food.

    Cream of tomato soup. Add cut up hot dogs and tater tots to suit.

    Cream of Chicken Ramen. Add flavor packet and Ramen to hot water. While that is soaking, make cream of chicken soup, 1/2 can water, 1/2 can milk. When Ramen is ready, drain and add to soup (cut up Ramen first if you like).

    My better half makes our spaghetti. Ragu it is, plus a can of tomato paste as an extender, poured over a hot skillet of drained ground beef. Pasta gets olive oil so it doesn’t stick together. Grated Parmesan at the table.

    1. I still, to this day, take ramen, break it up (usually by pounding it with my fist or stepping on it) and stirring in a raw egg before nuking the whole thing.

      It’s surprisingly tasty.

      1. Adding an egg is a lot like adding bacon. It makes whatever you’re eating taste better.

  15. SLW does most of the cooking here, and she rocks it. Her lasagna is (was) legenday in Long Beach. Besides cookies and fudge, it was the only other thing we’d trade with our Mexican neighbors for some of Abuela’s home made tamales.

    When *I* made my “Bachelor Spaghetti”, all I used was Italian sausage. Some spicy for the flavor, and some regular for more meat.

    And garlic. Lots of fresh garlic!

  16. Yeah I just heard about the 30,000 guardia National , troops in DC . Includes a fighter wing , and Reaper drones. Some referred to them as Meal Team Six. They look a little chunky. ThT being said. This is just weird. Would not Orangeman have to nationalize these folks. What is going on ?

    1. I wonder whether or not Biden will spend his short time in office barricaded in the White House, surrounded by an army? And when he shuffles off his mortal coil, what the Ho will do? They’re forced to use guard troops unless they change the law and push regular troops into the states. If that happens, all bets are off, because it’s well over. Maybe the military would step in and toss the Ho out? A coup.

      Why not? We’re already a banana republic.

    2. And a Stryker unit.

      From what I’ve been told, you don’t move aviation assets or armor without lots of preplanning. Which begs the question, how long ago was this planned.

      Reports from the front line are the troops are being treated like crap. Sleeping on the floor, no access to warm food (tray meals delivered after they’re cold, not even MREs) and no access to clean laundry or laundry services. Morale is in the shitter. The ‘Intrepid Reporter’ blogspot, run by Big Country, has been analyzing this for the last two days. Every day the number rises by the thousands, and by the heaviness of the units. He and his sources have yet to report heavy armor assets, but that’s because, I think, that Bradleys and Abrams will thrash the streets. Though there are a lot of anti-armor assets on the ground.

      And Nancy already had a ‘review the troops’ moment. How conceited of her.

      Yep. We are the old Republico-de-Banana, ain’t we?

      1. The Strykers won’t tear up the DC streets. It makes sense that they’d be there to support the infantry against, who? And Warthogs and Reaper drones and dig in those anti-tank guns around the White House – start pouring concrete.

        I don’t get it, Beans. I realize that they want a show of force for the Banana Republic, and my sense is that the troops will remain. Maybe drop. the number to 10,000, stationed right around the Capitol City for the whole Hunger Games effect.

        During World War 2, the Capitol Mall was a series of military barracks, offices, and the OSS was there before they built the CIA HQ where it is now. There is the open space that they need to quarter the household guard.

        1. Biden needed a crowd for next Wednesday, otherwise there’d only be a dozen people standing there in little circles which wouldn’t play well on tv for the new CID.

  17. Bachelor Tuna Noodle Casserole:
    1 box mac and cheese
    1 can tuna (drained)
    1/2 can of peas

    Heat and serve.
    Enough for seconds or two meals depending…

      1. “Glop” is an entire noble and diverse family of food! I also sometimes refer to it as”starch surprise! ” .


  18. I use Classico traditional sauce and pizza sauce. Both come in Atlas mason jars, of which I now have a rather large collection.

    Make the noodles, pour the sauce, add mini-meatballs or chicken parm. That’s for me. Make the wife gluten-free pizza (she’s got celiac’s, so yes, she does need gluten-free.) I have discovered that Italian sausage or pepperoni will send me to way too much pain squatting, so no more of that stuff, sadly… But I can do home-made meatballs and homemade chicken parm, which is easy as all heck to do.

    As to bachelor meals, small pack of Vigo yellow rice, can of chicken breast, some frozen peas. Use liquid from the can of chicken as part of the yellow rice mixture. Start the rice, boil for 1 minute, add the chicken and the peas, cover, turn down to low, 20 minutes later, yum.

    And… burrito salad. Frozen burritos, heated in the microwave, at the last minute pile on the cheese, then chop it all up and serve on shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes with some salsa. Back in the day, 4 burritos, a brick of cheese, 1/4 head of lettuce, 2-3 plum tomatoes… There’s a reason why, beside genetics, I am ‘husky.’

    As to tomato soup. A good ‘sick day meal’ for a recovering stomach, is Tomato-Soup-Spagetti. Just like it sounds. Make pasta, cook some ground beef, drain pasta, add beef, add tomato soup. It’s not spicy or too greasy or nasty, so it’s fine for a weak stomach.

    But best sick meal? Cream of tomato soup (tomato soup made with milk, not water) and open face toasted cheese (best if it’s cheddar.) Ah… soft and gentle.. Or cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (with a good American cheese – Publix makes a good one, or cheddar cheese.)

    1. You don’t have to be sick to enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich dipped into tomato soup. It’s quick and delicious.

      Nobody asked me but to make glop, you start with fresh ripe tomatoes – how many do you want to eat? One is usually enough for me, but if they’re the smaller Roma tomatoes, two. Then I put balsamic on them, cracked pepper, then add cottage cheese, banana pepper slices, olives (I’ve ranted on olives before because I’m an olive snob) – of any sort that appeal. Then comes the side. Sometimes it’s tuna salad. Sometimes hummus. Whatever is in the house. I’ll cut up a red or yellow bell pepper (yes, in addition to the spicier banana peppers). You customize it to taste and eat it. I’ll have glop for breakfast or lunch. Often I’ll also have some saltine crackers or a pita.

  19. Regarding your cautionary note at the top, “Run silent, run deep” has far broader application than submarine warfare tactics alone.

    I’ll soon be back to energetically apply Saul”s Rules to the Demented One.

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