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A girlfriend for our fellow blogger, Woodsterman? Some enlightened people say YES.

(The Sun) Tatyana Kozhevnikova is showcased by the UK newspaper where no genuine ink seems to make it to the paper if any “hard stories” are involved. Or that was the case until now, where Tatyana has been tagged to be a Guiness Book of World Records winner as well. No other woman on the planet terrifies me in the same way that Tatyana does. And it’s not because she’s Russian. You need to read the entire story at The Sun to completely appreciate it.

CAUTION: Don’t try this at home.

11 thoughts on “(profile) Tatyana Kozhevnikova

  1. She liked to kill me the other night. I'm still recovering and "It's" in a sling.

  2. I dunno, in my youth I saw some pretty impressive stunts in BKK.

  3. You've obviously lived a full life. Yes, I saw some things in Po City that changed my perspective of picking up a Kennedy half dollar from a bar – and in Old Tijuana my concept of "Donkey Kong" was changed forever.

  4. "Old Tijuana my concept of "Donkey Kong" was changed forever."

    I'm quite certain I'm happy to remain ignorant on that one.

  5. It has to be witnessed to be appreciated. There were things that I never thought that donkeys did.

  6. Yeah, but hanging barbells and picking up Mexicans with her "parts" only lasts so long in a relationship. Can she cook?

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