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It’s been quite a week, and it’s only Thursday.

I’m going to take a walk the lighter side of life today and skip through a few things that may make you say— Ah! Today, it’s time to pick on the United States Marine Corps because there’s nothing that an old squid likes better than taking a cheap shot at The Corps…

Marine Disappointed Sexual Assault Training Didn’t Teach Anything New

CAMP PENDLETON, CA — When Private Richard Grabar sat down for mandatory “sexual assault training” this week, he couldn’t believe his luck. “I heard that there would be videos,” he said, “so I got there early for a good seat.” 
A self-proclaimed expert on the subject, Grabar volunteered to teach portions of the course, but was turned down when he began to list his credentials…
I’ve found the same thing to be true with a wide range of classes that the government forced me to attend including sexual harassment training and minority harassment training. What a disappointment. My skill sets weren’t enlarged in either arena after sitting in endless droning lectures. 

A number of years ago, I remember being stared at by an instructor in a Lesbian Awareness training course when I asked the (attractive) lesbian trainer during a break if she thought that I might be able to turn her strait–and that the best place for that to start would be a threesome with her lesbian lover. Yes she reported me to upper echelons. I explained that I was only sincerely trying to help her.
And in a related story:
Following Cultural Awareness Class, Marines Burn Down Own Embassy

“Thanks to my cultural training, I now totally empathize with the protesters,” Sergeant Ethan Childers said, after he burned an American flag and yelled “Death to the Great Satan!” 
Some members of the embassy staff initially applauded the Marines’ actions as a type of clever ruse to evacuate the embassy and joined in, hurling stones and shouting anti-American slogans while blending into a crowd of onlookers gathering outside. 
Not all Marines participated in the riots for cultural reasons: one sergeant said that he assumed by its production value that Innocence of Muslims was some type of pornographic film and flew into a blind rage when it ended with no sex.

 I can relate. After being trained to be culturally aware and empathetic toward America’s enemies, I often found myself muttering, “Allah u Akbar” and looking for a prayer rug five times a day.

Study Suggests That Wimpier Men Hold Liberal Views

In evolutionary terms, liberal men are acting like women who need protection, both physically and psychologically.

And in an unrelated matter – that takes me back to up-country Thailand

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  1. Hard not to laugh at the end of that vid segment. I challenge anybody to watch that with a straight face.

  2. One of my favorite John Candy roles (as Del Griffith) was the one he played opposite Steve Martin in Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

  3. Up country Thailand is – or was when I was there – a great place. The people are friendly and the insects are very large.

  4. "Study Suggests That Wimpier Men Hold Liberal Views"

    In other News: Water is believed to be wet. Film at 11.

  5. There used to be a lot of communist rebels up there, but I think that the movement has slacked off with the PRC going capitalist with a one-party rule that they call 'communist'.

  6. The video is a tribute to Mike, the knife and to Thai brass gods with good vibrations…

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