Life Under Quarantine

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F*ck the People’s Republic of China.

There, that made me feel a little better. Not a lot better, but I have to admit, a little.

I am not under any sort of official quarantine, I don’t know that I have been exposed to the Chinese Plague and I’m not sick. But I am reluctant to go where other people are. I ran a little off-road route on Sunday and it felt good to tear up and rut up back roads, splash through deep pools of water and so forth. 
If I lived in a city, it would feel a bit like prison.
I was on the phone about work earlier. I don’t know that any money will be made, but it broke some of the monotony. 
I’m not the first person to be locked down by a plague. It’s useful to have a month’s worth of necessities.
Listening to the news makes me want to travel to DC and open a can of whoop-ass, so I’m trying not to watch the news.

26 thoughts on “Life Under Quarantine

  1. That last photo.
    How stupid "news reporters" have become.
    Glad you're staying sane, LL.

  2. On all accounts, you and me both.

    Tested the Fox "reporting" over the weekend just to see if they could talk about anything other than COVID19 hysteria.

    Nope….constant hyperventilating gap infill with all sorts of fearmongering. Experts upon experts. Guess impeachment is back-burner and, for the time being, unimportant.

    Watched "Ford vs. Ferrari"…good couple of hours of escape, although had to dig into my "Democrat Insanity Watch" popcorn stash.

    Obviously I'm in the home office today…your commentary is cathartic to the idiotic hysteria bombardment.

  3. Well – with a title like that you must be on the ragged edge.

    I popped out early to our local grocery store and it was well stocked and very few peeps. Onward to Ace Hardware – also well stocked with few people and happy workers. Finally to Wallyworld which was pretty empty and not as well stocked as the grocery store. I was home by 9:00 am and got everything on my list. I've noticed that the Wuflu has not changed people's habits of not getting out early to shop. I'm sure by now Wallyworld and Super One are packed.

    Tomorrow is Costco old peeps time – 8 – 9 am. I'll be there since I'm an old peep.

  4. This is insanity.
    I'm almost happy the dems shut down the big pig spending.
    This is an intentional effort to tank the economy and anybody who agrees with me is an idiot because we don't fear enough.

  5. This is an intentional effort to tank the economy and anybody who agrees with me is an idiot because we don't fear enough."

    Ed: Is this what you intended to write?

    Paul L. Quandt

  6. I'm pretty much cooped up with little to do since all my regular past times are canceled or postponed. I did manage to function test a .300AAC upper that I assembled. Maybe I'll start ordering parts and assemble another. It'll keep me from starting a war or something.

  7. There seems to be no depth that the mainstream media won't plumb. And no level of stupidity is considered "too stupid for a journalist to ask".

  8. I can only watch so much of the TV BS. The talking heads are reaching to find something new to say. Maybe they should just stay home. Run the news once daily, lay everyone else off and leave a test pattern.

  9. It sounds as if you have the system down. That's a good thing, work the system, stay fed and able to wipe with gusto!!

  10. I've always been comfortable inside my own skin, and so don't have a problem with being confined. I went to the grocery store today to pick up a few items that I could have done without, but why not?

    The line at the liquor store was longer than the $5 window at the track.

  11. I get out almost every day. Usually not if it's snowing and that is forecast for later in the week. Things here are really pretty good and comfortable.

  12. It's ok to start a war if you start it with the right people…I guess.

    On second thought, better to make love, not war. Download the Kama Sutra and see if you can get into the double pretzel (or whatever).

  13. It's not good that the liquor store line is too long. I drove to Winslow today to pick up some non-essential items and the Navajo folk were lining up at the liquor register (separate line) Some had shopping carts full.

  14. What a great post, not least the headline. The Hemmingway story's helpful too.

    Michigan on lockdown. Good luck, Detroit.

  15. You have to blunt the Chinese Plague.

    White Wolf Mine – not on lockdown. Patrols continue as before, stand-to an hour before dawn.

  16. LL: When you are in Winslow, do you have the song ' Take It Easy ' running through your mind?

    The one time I was there, as I was standing on a corner the song suddenly came to me; but, darn, no girl in a flat bed Ford ( or any other way ).


  17. The song always goes through my mind when I pass by The Corner. I was by there today, hardly anyone in sight because of social distancing, but there was a young couple there taking pictures of each other.

    Maybe if you'd hung out longer a girl in a flat bed Ford would have slowed down to take a look.

  18. I get almost all my news by reading it nowadays. If I watch it on the TV, it makes me want to punch the imbecile muppet reading the teleprompter in the face.


  19. What a fantastic letter! The way he describes leaves against a trash can sounding like jazz! Wonderful!

    And yeah, I'm with you on the sentiment.

  20. "Maybe if you'd hung out longer a girl in a flat bed Ford would have slowed down to take a look."

    Well, I might have, but I was on my way to a USAF school in Texas. As it was mid-summer, I was driving at night and sleeping during the day. Didn't really think of where I was until that evening when I walked somewhere to get some food. As I stood on a corner, I saw the name of the town and the song popped into my head.

    Sorry, way more info than you wanted/needed, my fingers got wordy.


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