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Jay Carney is a Yale elitist who lies for a living. He does it by smugly, twisting his face into a ‘species of smile’ and you know that the next thing out of his mouth will be a complete fabrication. Yes, Robert Gibbs (who preceded Carney) was smug, self-righteous and full of hubris — but Gibbs lacked the solid punk factor that Carney delivers day-after-day-after endless day in his position as White House Press Secretary.
You know that arrogant swagger that irritated liberals about George W. Bush? Carney has nailed it stylistically and he ‘channels Bush’ in only that regard during every passing day he remains on the government payroll.
Jay (Benghazi was a long time ago) Carney is paid $172,200.00 per year to do what he does. I have not broken it down to pay per lie. One of this blog’s readers might want to undertake that quantification. 
A historical reflection:

3 thoughts on “(profile) Jay Carney – White House Water Carrier

  1. LL: Well, at least we're getting our money's worth and the cost per lie is constantly falling and at an accelerating to boot.

  2. If you have to say "I am not a crook" then your opposition has already got you saying "I" and "crook" in the same sentence and has, in effect, won their point.

    Obama says "I am not a dictator". Pretty strong indication that there is smoke and fire.

  3. Yes, I think bringing up Nixon will scorch any mention of current crimes by the Administration. NOT!!

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