Europe 272 AD



It’s for hanging tools.


Scaled Composites Proteus Model 281

SC marches to the beat of a different drummer, but what they build is cool.


Big Tanks, to everyone?

Танковый крейсер П. П. Осокина, 1942. / Tank cruiser , design Peter Osokin

Landkreuzer P.1500 Monster, 1942

Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte, 1942-.1943, shown next to a Panther and a half-track for scale.

Tank you.


Iconic 2021


Read Between the Liars

I find it hilarious that the Democrats don’t want to give Biden access to the nuclear launch codes. There was speculation on Virtual Mirage a month ago when Jo/Ho took office that the “football” that accompanies the president wasn’t connected to anything. Joe suffers from severe dementia and could launch on whoever on a whim.

Now the donkeys propose that a committee carry that responsibility…really? My sense is that they’re thinking of removing Joe from office before June 2021 (the date I’ve been suggesting for some time now). A walking corpse can be a useful tool, but he may be reaching the end of his usefulness. Never fear, Ho is waiting in the wings to be your leader.


  1. i’m telling you, late april. some “extremist” guardsman will cap him with his m4 weapon of war and it’ll be on….anybody notice how all last week the media was yapping about the huge drop in covid “cases”, yet today they are screaming about a huge increase in covid deaths omg everybody is gonna die, again?

    • The crisis must continue, and the narrative must be fed at all costs. If there is no crisis, you must create one. (Wag the Dog) – no war in Albania? What do you mean there isn’t a war in Albania? It’s a pageant.

  2. Enormous tanks? How do you transport them where they are needed? How do you move them over rivers? Retrieve them when they break? Just moving them from their factory would be difficult.

    When the M1 Abrams was introduced in Europe, roads everywhere needed to be widened.
    Yes, I’m thinking like a Combat Engineer.

    • The visionaries come up with grandiose schemes that don’t involve repairing them, getting them across rivers, or through the mud.

    • WSF FTW!

      I’ve repaired things designed by competent Engineers that were almost impossible to fix.

      It made me wonder how they ever put them together in the first place.

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