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Michigan (59 delegates) –    Trump/Kasich

Mississippi (40 delegates) – Trump/Cruz
Hawaii (19 delegates) –        Trump/Rubio
Idaho (32 delegates) –          Trump/Cruz

It appears as if tonight will be a big night for Trump, despite the wishes of the GOP elites, who would like to see different results.  The pundits have been predicting Donald Trump’s downfall since he began his campaign and they’ve been wrong.
But that’s not what I want to ask you about. IF Donald Trump is made commander-in-chief of the US Military, will pilots be allowed to put nose art back on their airplanes?
Or are women opposed to this sort of thing? 
Since Bruce Jenner is the woman of the year, would his image end up on somebody’s airplane?
I always wonder what girls like “Piccadilly Lilly” did to get 
their images on the aircraft? (no, I really don’t wonder)

20 thoughts on “Politics of Nose Art

  1. That was an inspiring post and today's Dems who're afraid of sexism shouldn't worry. They can have Hillary and Yoko on their nose art.

  2. Yoko nose art wouldn't have gone over well in WW2. Putting a picture of Hillary on the nose would have required that the pantsuit cover half the airplane.

  3. I bet Hillary likes the nose art. We men have enough competition among ourselves without have women nosing in (so to speak). There are several books out about nothing but nose art, and, too, have wondered about the story behind each one.

  4. Let's face it, heterosexual men find women fascinating enough to put pictures of them on airplanes. If I had an airplane, I'd do it too.

  5. If a B-17 flew under the name "Call Me Caitlyn," I'd probably cheer for the Germans when they shot it down.

  6. You and I both know IF they brought it back, it'd be PC as hell… Until they got downrange. :-)

  7. Now who'd have thought a post like this would have fetched a response from me? Obviously, I'm here to talk about the predictions but first, nose art. Fancy, fuselage fillies are very evocative and I think they give an aircraft a bit more spunk, so to speak. What's wrong with sporting a Piccadilly Lily angel? I think it has an elegant burlesque feel about it and pays homage to 1950's starlets. Virgin Atlantic have a lady (obviously virginal) in red on the nose of their planes which I'm certain makes them fly faster. However. I think going into battle Hillary coming in nose first might be a better deterrent.

  8. Putting Hillary on the nose of an airplane would make people want to shoot at it. But Piccadilly Lilly? Who would want to shoot at her? Which is the point, I think. Pilots want luck.

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