The topic is Debate #1 2020 (Trump v Biden)

The talking heads will bash and smash. Democrats will declare victory for Creepy Corrupt Joe Biden. Republicans will declare victory for President Trump. And the next debate will take place in 17 days after a majority of Americans will have voted.

I think that President Trump got busy counter-punching and it didn’t do him any favors. Creepy Joe didn’t pull out his willie and play with himself in front of the cameras so that won him points. He also seemed to be of a mind that he was in a debate. Joe took performance enhancing drugs. I’m sure that he will call a “lid” for a few days while he recovers from the hangover.

The debate was poorly moderated by Chris Wallace but it will be the most fair of a debate that President Trump will have because Chris is a lefty but he’s not a full BLM/AntiFA Commie either – not full.

It would have been good had each debate question be given a rebuttal period and might have kept the thing on a more even keel, but both campaigns and Fox agreed to the rules.

My sense of the event was that it was a mess. I can’t pick a winner despite my preference for the Trump Administration (MAGA). President Trump’s biggest weakness is that he’s not a politician and the New York style puts people off. But he won in 2016 because America was tired of politicians. Biden is a senile loser who hasn’t done much during 47 years in the Senate and Vice Presidency because he’s a natural drone.

Have at it!






  1. See my remarks on the earlier thread, I’m massively frosted that America is further turning into a circus clown show.

  2. Didn’t watch, but saw an interesting comment on another site, saying there were times when Trump jumped in to counter-punch when it looked like Joe was starting to go off track.
    If that is true, it brings to mind the line about not interrupting an enemy when he is making a mistake.

    • That’s true. President Trump could have allowed Biden to make mistakes – given him enough rope to hang himself. That did happen during the debate but not often enough.

  3. Yes it was a mess. And a setup against Trump. I think he knew this going in. It looked like the dem strategy was to throw everything at Trump including the kitchen sink. No lie, no ball of slime was too low for Joe. Throw it all and hope something sticks. Bury Trump with it and force him to use his time rebutting lies rather than making his case. Trump was having none of it.

    I don’t think many minds were changed in either direction.

  4. I thought I was watching a rerun of Animal House. I like what Trump has done with all the cards stacked against him. Tonight wasn’t his best night, however.

  5. Disgraceful the way Wallace covered for Biden, and disgraceful that Biden was able to toss falsehoods at Trump with no fact-checking going on.

    Though Trump did hammer him on his 47 years of nothingness and bad policies, and his wonderful son…

  6. It was a hot mess alright but it showed Trump as the street fighter he is, a president unafraid to fight for our country. Wallace lost control early on and started debating for Biden until he realized what he was doing and course-corrected.

    Trump lured Biden into the Hunter trap and I wanted to hear more but Wallace put the kibosh on that. It was then that I believe Biden started going off the rails and began hammering about Beau and while I do not chastise anyone for their grief, Biden has made his career by flogging his dead family which is something distasteful and he needs to give it a rest.

    Biden is clearly cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and shouldn’t be allowed out at night but Trump proved he’s the alpha male as if ther were any doubts.

    • Full on idiotic media driven theater by those who want to wreck/rule America. The President was having none of it and is getting seriously peeved at being told he’s the problem. Someone wrote this…can’t disagree:

      “It was the most honest and genuine presidential debate I’ve witnessed.

      There wasn’t much substance on policy. Nor was there much actual debate but it did display the true nature of those two men. One is a rough winner, the other a tired loser.”

  7. After spending an hour watching that s&^tshow, I was wondering why I turned from the Yankees/Indians wild card game. No one won themselves anything from anything but their base. Biden may have done damage buy saying things like he did not want to socialize healthcare, he did not support the “green new deal”. But Trump interrupted so much and did not give time and age a chance to do their wonders on Joe. Everyone knows Joe cannot do this for a straight hour and a half. Let him become his own worst enemy. Let him talk and start to forget and stumble. Let the old man show his on set dementia.

    Wonder what the Vice Presidential debate will be like?

  8. trump didn’t prepare and it showed. biden was full of crap and it showed. i call it a draw. yes, chris is a lefty and it showed as well. Wallace is the loser last night. neither won any new votes, both likely lost some. frankly i felt like walking on stage and capping both of them after 30 minutes. hope the prez can reign in his ego a bit for the next one and let slow joe step in his own bs.

  9. I’m with you, LL. It was pretty much a meaningless mess. OK, 45 scored some uppercuts but the Grim Creeper mouthed off his agitrop media talking points.

    There’s something worse than pathetic in seeing the political discourse of the most powerful nation in the world being reduced to such infantile, spastic, made for TV garbage. Did 45 win? I hope so but it hardly matters, neither base will change their minds after last night.

    In the meanwhile, Biden’s exposed for being a sinister idol of dark gods. Which we knew anyway, but still.

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