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The politics of the moment reflect the damage caused by eight years of failure, caused by Barack Obama and the gross lack of confidence that people on all sides of the political spectrum have in the ability of Washington to fairly and honestly represent their interests in managing our Republic (if indeed that is what we have today).

Note: I lost the bet I had with Adrienne. Cruz won Idaho and won big, though polling suggested that it would be a Trump victory. I owe Mr. and Mrs. Adrienne a nice dinner. Adrienne suggests that she’s hungry. She can wait for me to travel to Idaho in due time or she can join me for a very nice dinner in Southern California. Up to you Adrienne.

I found it fascinating that as soon as Marco Rubio took on the mantle of “champion of the elite” that his numbers absolutely tanked. I also find it interesting that the $39 million in attack advertising against Trump that his own Party is using against him didn’t appear to do much to stop him, except in Idaho, I guess. The lesson for Mr. Cruz, who is despised every bit as Mr. Trump, is not to embrace Mitt Romney, whose credibility is evident since he backed Rubio.
If the mandarins are correct, Mitt’s attacks against Trump did nothing but solidify his wins in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii last night. 
It pains me to see Mitt Romney become the face and voice of the Washington elites because while he is one of them, I thought him to be ethically a cut above. Pleading for a brokered convention where he would emerge as the hero and save us from such as Trump and Cruz is despicable. I donated money to his cause during his run for the presidency. I would never do that for him again.
There are a number of things that the voter revolt and the rise of Donald Trump tell me. Much of America is sick and tired of the political correctness that has gripped the nation; We as a nation are tired of being screwed in trade over-and-over-and-over again; Nationalism is on the rise and people like the idea of “America first”; Many people are fed up with the cur-like behavior of leadership; and some may vote for Trump so that Whoopie Goldberg leaves America once and for all as she has promised to do if he wins.
The Republican field’s winnowing will leave the elites without a champion of their own, still praying for somebody like Mitt to ride in on a white horse and save them. By next Tuesday night (March 15) it will be a two person race. And while I am not going to go out on a limb and suggest that it will be a Trump sweep, it looks as if Florida will be a victory for him and Ohio will be close. 
I personally don’t favor Trump over Cruz. I just don’t hate Trump as much as I don’t love Cruz. But the calculus for a Cruz nomination is becoming increasingly complicated. He shouldn’t reach out to Rubio to stump for him because it would finish his campaign. At the moment the elites have made Rubio (a Tea Party candidate in his own right), toxic.

7 thoughts on “Political Lessons

  1. If we all haven't figured it out by now, all of these liberals that vow to move if (name your evil Republican here) wins the election in reality have no intention of moving anywhere.

    Alec Baldwin didn't even request real estate brochures from Belize when George Bush prevailed, despite his vow to move. The guy is still breathing American air, even though most of us wish he weren't.

    And Whoopi is not going anywhere, either. These wing nut liberals who say this are no more serious than Jackie Gleason threatening Audrey Meadows: "one o' these days, Alice – POW!!!…to the moon!"

    Ralph would no more wind up punching Alice than Whoopi would as a result of a Trump win reach for the Samsonite luggage and book her flight to (fill in the crap hole here that would appeal to Whoopi).

  2. There's a lot of people out there rooting for Trump. They want Whoopi gone and she can take Rat Hand Rubio and his Master Mitt with her.

  3. Make it a big fat dinner with proper knives and forks, Adrienne. And lashings and lashings of Chateauneuf de Pape. Don't go easy on him.

  4. Yes it's true that liberals talk a good game when they threaten to leave and never return, but they turn out to be a BIG disappointment. Cher was supposed to be gone if GW Bush won as well but she's still around.

  5. The big hope is that in a one-on-one/head-to-head/mano-e-mano political slugfest that Cruz will easily beat Trump. The only answer I have to that postulate is – bring it and we will see, won't we? Either way, we're miles ahead of Barack or his anointed heiress.

  6. Adrienne has already said that she likes martinis. I think two or three back-to-back before dinner might get her to spill the beans on some of her recipes (closely guarded). And I will be there to jot notes on the bar napkin.

  7. Are you talking about Cher, the high school drop out? Cher, who called George Bush, holder of an Ivy League MBA, stupid?

    That Cher?

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