I don’t think that Virtual Mirage ever left you a blank slate for a sermonette. Sort of a “write-your-own-polemic”. You can chalk it up to laziness on my part or perhaps a lack of imagination. That may be what it is. Or maybe not?


Here is my entry:

Bobcats are at their very essence – cats. But they’re not the sort that people pamper. They’re wild, independent, caring of their young, and not in the least big finicky. Their camo is effective and they stalk their prey without apologies (ambush predators). They’re not at the top of the food chain, but close enough that they live their lives unmolested.

You can learn a great deal from nature, but in order to appreciate it, you must become one with the silence.


Oh, and just a friendly reminder: 

The following is an excerpt from WebMD:

People who’ve received both doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna coronavirus vaccines will probably need a booster shot this year, top executives for those two pharmaceutical companies said this week.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said people who’ve gotten both doses would likely need a third shot within 12 months and might need an annual shot thereafter.

It’s time for your booster. I suspect that to be safe, every six months will be about right, but that may not be enough to forestall the plague. Keep wearing your mask, stay inside, don’t go to work, hide! If you have a basement, maybe hiding there will be better. Slow Joe ran his campaign from his basement and he won… winners hide in the basement.  This has been a public service announcement.



  1. The perpetrators of this faux pandemic had hoped it would be like a round of distemper through the barn cat population, resulting in a big reset. They were sorely disappointed in the overall results, hence the next “round!” I can see the Tomcats lining up from here.

    • The stats tell us that this qualified as a “bad flu year”, but it was treated very differently.

      • This year the flu had great publicity, backing by all the media, rule changes to make the numbers look even better and some quality propaganda.

        • The media presentations, the fancy conferences with glossy plague brochures, the Big Pharma giants all elbowing each other to get a bigger piece of the plague pie. World class propaganda.

          I hope that you wore your mask while you typed the above. You can’t be too careful. And don’t sneeze on your computer screen even if you’re wearing a mask.

    • It was a reasonably massive die-off of old Chicom pensioners. So, well, it cut down the ‘useless’ population, saved all that pension moneys and opened up a lot of nice apartments for younger people to move into.

      So… Well… if you’re looking at the Wuhan Woo-hoos as an internal attack that escaped outward, well… Hmmm…. Xi says “oops…”

  2. Because I never received the initial 2-stage “vaccine”, I will not need the Faustian “booster”. Suck it, Fauci!

    • Came across this bit from Spinoza (in part):
      “God would say: My house is in the mountains, in the woods, rivers, lakes, beaches. That’s where I live and there I express my love for you. Stop blaming me for your miserable life. Respect your peers and don’t do what you don’t want for yourself. All I ask is that you pay attention in your life, that alertness is your guide.”

      FOR OVER A YEAR people have acquiesced to authoritative dictates without a single common sense thought if it is good or moral, in many case wrecking their own children’s development. Churches folded like a cheap umbrella to the sweeping command “they are not essential”, and very few mounted an offense to the tyranny. The Left continues their tyrannical assault on America, by and through government…this latest 3 or 4 times vaccine stab is bogus and asinine. And to do what, elevate a 99.7% recovery for most to 99.8%? Yet how many will do Same ones wearing double or triple masks, cowering in their homes, and avoiding life.

      History repeats, and far too many have lost sight of Gods prescription for their lives. People need to get outside, enjoy unfiltered and restricted fresh air, get some sun…enjoy the life God gave them. But will they listen to Him or or those doing the harm?

    • Rupert, you’re not progressive and you’re not “taking one for the team” when you refuse an (a series of) vaccinations. How can you show your love for Big Brother when you do that?

      PaulM, ALMOST ALL churches folded like napkins when their masters in Washington dictated to them. They love that tax-exempt status. Jesus did not conform to the wishes of the Sanhedrin, but then again they crucified him and the bloating, belching, sions of religion may say that they don’t fear the reaper, but they obviously do.

      Robert, if there is an attack on the supply chain, you know it will be another Reichstag Fire incident where the innocent are blamed. They need to “brand people as the Nazis did Jews” before they can start sending folks to camps.

  3. Brandon Smith says the next big push will be a cyber attack on the supply chain and many other points of commerce . Our buddy Claus is doing a promo soon .

    • I wonder if it will be another plague, or something else. The “murder hornet” scare came and went and according to global warming people we are down to two years left to live.

      • Two years? Plenty of time for some inner-city pogroms to clear away the old order. I expect one to start late Monday. Mad Maxine is already busy rallying the troops.

        • She does look look a lot like a Morlock.

          That or a bass, caught two weeks ago, and left on the dock to ripen.

  4. I can’t wait for old George Sore-Arse to snuff it – then all the agitators and woke groups around the world might find they lack funding for their destructive actions.
    The next Wuhan concoction is undoubtedly being prepared already. That’s why you’ll need a ‘booster shot’ – after mRNA or Adenoviral priming of your immune system to over-react, the next injection could be your last.

    • If you’re really progressive you’ll take one of each vaccination! It should prepare you for the next plaguepocalypse

  5. Becoming one with the silence – while in college, I took one class with a gal who never even stopped to get an air refill while talking. At one point, after she had finished a subject, I quickly said that she must really enjoy camping.

    • There are two things that give you away in the mountains. Talking and flashing (usually sunglasses). If you’re not stalking something, you can wear sunglasses, but the talking should be reduced to a quiet whisper in the ear.

      If you try to whisper in a bobcat’s ear, it will claw your face off. Don’t try it.

  6. Only thing missing from the Ramirez cartoon is Maxine Waters.

    “That may be what it is. Or maybe not?”. How about burn out? Everybody needs a break now and then.

    Another friendly reminder–tomorrow is April 19. The shot heard ’round the world. We will fly the colors with 13 stars.

    Some light reading courtesy of Phil over at Bustednuckles (downloadable for free)–


    IMHO, the mission of COVID-19 is/was to stampede the herd into taking the mRNA. I don’t think anybody really knows what the long term effects will be.

    Am happy to report that I am two weeks our from cataract surgery and replacement lenses. I can now see iron sights without glasses. Hooah!

  7. How many of our fellow citizens even care?

    As for the open spaces, the old mountain men had a saying, “Don’t go bothering something that ain’t bothering you”. Has some relevance to our modern world, no?

  8. We haven’t seen any big cats here, but they’re out there. Wouldn’t surprise me if we were the ones being silently watched. Watching all the local wildlife is interesting, but all we see are the squirrels, rabbits, birds, and deer. It’s kinda ho-hum compared to where you live, but several orders of magnitude beet than SoCal.

    No shots here, and not planning on any….

  9. When the local deer start acting goosey we know there’s a bobcat moved into the area. Bobcats may be toward the top of the food chain, but we’ve seen the dominant doe resident in our area run one off twice. The old gal huffs and puffs and tries to run their asses down, and the bobcats haul ass, muchly motivated. It’s awesome to watch. I would imagine a fawn would be easy pickings but Mama seems to be another thing altogether.

  10. Back about 1969 I was squirrel hunting, still hunting , move slowly through swamp, stop , be still, listen, then move. Rain the night before so the leaves were wet. Stepped over a log , and a bobcat exploded out from under the log right by my foot. Not sure which of us was the most scared. I presumed the animal was either sick or injured , since I got that close. It was a beautiful animal.
    There are tails and sightings even videos of large black cats in the swamps and woodlands of Mississippi. Game and Fish says they ain’t real. But I wonder ?
    Also a video out there of a bobcat attacking a woman in Nawth Calincky . Suburban mom walking to her car with pet cat in a carrier. Bob climbs up her back, she screams hubby close by grabs cat and slings it across the yard, pulls his edc and ends the attack. You guessed it ,,,,rabies.

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