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Politics is always dismal. It’s always been a wicked game, played by the ambitious. Mark Twain and many Americans made decent livings poking fun at politicians at the turn of the last century. And they do things now at the turn of the present century. 

Human folly seems to have no bottom to it.

And I ask myself if it’s worse now than it was before. And yes, it is. One of the best examples is the defunct Operation Fast and Furious, where the Obama Administration orchestrated the movement of firearms from the US (though the use of the US ATF Agents) to Mexico to show that US firearms were being smuggled to Mexico and use the data to justify domestic gun control.
Will Congress continue to probe? Time will tell. There are so many scandals these days, which the mainstream media repudiate. The US Justice Department reported that Fast and Furious guns had been recovered, so far, at 11 violent crime scenes in the U.S. but refused to provide details requested by Congress. Later, the Justice Department revised the number and said there were only two violent crime scenes. So which was it, 11 or 2? The mainstream media doesn’t care, because they love Barack to distraction.

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  1. When you live in a fortress, surrounded by armed guards and killing machines who go with you wherever you go (in a vast hoard), it makes no difference at all.

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