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It’s true. The fat kid knows too much.


Bullet Points:

** After Jonny Quest ended, many bad guys became shooting instructors, particularly for the Imperial Storm Troopers.

** Look what happens when you follow the money. Iran’s ruling clergy has increasingly turned to China for economic, political, and technological support.  In April 2022, Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe met in Tehran with Iranian army chief Major General Mohammad Bagheri.  Both agreed to increase military cooperation.  They discussed strategic, defense, and security relations.  Wei said his visit was “important against the backdrop of the current turbulent international situation and shows the importance of China-Iran relations.”  Wei offered, when he met with Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, to “make good use of cooperation mechanisms, push forward pragmatic cooperation, and bring military ties to a higher level.”

** Sweden is joining with four other Nordic nations to end its little experiment with multiculturalism. Importing single military-age males from savage lands is never a good idea.

“Denmark now has a rape problem, as do NorwayFinland, and Iceland. While I couldn’t easily find information about perpetrators in Denmark, Norway, or Iceland, it’s clear who’s raping women in Finland: Muslims.”

** Pakistan opened more border centers on November 3 to hasten the return of tens of thousands of undocumented Afghans, two days after the deadline to leave or face expulsion expired.


No pizza in Italy; No chips in England

The idea of Italy without tomatoes is almost unthinkable. The same is true of Europe without potatoes.


Ghost Stories, from the days of Sail

The Spectre Whalemen

Captain Reuben Joy, a whaling ship captain from Nantucket in the 19th century, was a respected member of his community. He also wooed Mrs. Barnard, a widow, who did not want to know about him. She was much more interested in his second in command, Mr. Ray.

Captain Joy’s 13th voyage on his ship was Betsey Ann, sailing around Cape Horn to find whales had gone well, and the ship’s hold was full of valuable whale oil. The ship was preparing to return to Nantucket when a school of sperm whales was sighted nearby.


The Spectre Whalemen, by Ray Martín Abeyta, 1956-2014

The longboats were launched and the crew approached the whales. The ship’s second commander, Mr Ray, successfully harpooned one of the animals. The whale was strong and resisted by pulling Mr. Ray’s longboat into the distance. Captain Joy ordered a search for Mr. Ray’s boat after the other had returned to the Betsey Ann, but Mr. Ray and the other men in his boat could not be found. The next day Captain Joy told the crew that it was time to return to Nantucket. The men protested. They wanted to search again for the missing boat. The captain overruled them, arguing that Mr. Ray and the others had undoubtedly been killed by the whale and that they had to hurry up and return as the boat was now undermanned. Despite their concerns, the men agreed.

As the Betsey Ann sailed up the east coast of South America, she encountered another whaling ship that had recently left Nantucket. This ship was carrying letters from home, including one for Captain Joy. When Captain Joy opened the letter, his face turned pale. Mrs Barnard had died. A crew member nearby watched as the captain read the letter and heard him say, “Then I have damned my soul in vain.” Had he deliberately left Mr Ray to die?

The following year, Captain Joy again commanded a whaling ship off the coast of South America. As the ship approached the same area where Mr. Ray had disappeared, another school of whales was sighted. The boats were lowered.

Captain Joy and the men in his boat successfully harpooned and killed a whale, but the captain’s sense of triumph was short-lived. A rickety and weathered longboat appeared nearby and as it approached, Captain Joy recoiled in horror. It was the missing boat of the Mr. Ray, and it was manned by a crew of skeletons. As they approached, the captain could hear their bones rattling, and he could hear the leader of the skeleton crew shouting orders at his undead crew. Strangely, no one but Captain Joy could see or hear the terrible whalemen.


The Spectre Whaleman. Woodcut from an Almanac, 1841

Captain Joy ordered the boats back to the ship and quickly set sail. As they cast off, the captain looked back. The ghost boat followed them. With a hellish laugh, the leader of the skeleton threw his harpoon. It did not reach the ship, but the captain’s heart grew cold.

From that moment on, Captain Joy met the skeleton crew on each of his journeys. Haunted by guilt and horror, he retreated from whaling and locked himself in his house on Nantucket until he finally died alone and unloved.

– This story is from 1841, and first appeared in a publication called The Old American Comic And The People’s Almanac


The ghost ship legend of the HMS Octavius

In 1762, the Octavius sailed with a cargo to China and arrived there safely. Back to England it was unusually warm, so the Captain decided to take the route through the Northwest Passage.

That was the last thing heard of Octavius. She disappeared into the eternal ice. On 11 October, however, she was found by a whaler named Herald. A small boarding group was selected and so five unfortunate men had to board the ship. What they found made their blood freeze in the truest sense of the word.

They found the entire crew of 28 below deck: dead, frozen, and almost perfectly preserved. The captain’s body was supposedly still at the table in his cabin, pen in hand (exactly as in the Schooner Jenny legend) with the captain’s log in front of him. In his cabin there were also the bodies of a woman, a boy covered with a blanket, and a sailor with a tinderbox. The boarding party took only the captain’s log before leaving the vessel, because they were unwilling to search it.

The last entry in the log was from 11 November 1762, which meant that the ship had been lost in the Arctic for 13 years. As the log was frozen, it slipped from the binding, leaving only the first and the last few pages in.


Is this a real story or is it just a legend? The author David Meyer once took a closer look and found some very interesting things. There is a 1905, Gloriana legend that appeared in The Blue Adventure Book: A Collection of Stirring Scenes and Moving Accidents from The World of Adventure and reported that a John Warren’s captain of the the Try Again found a ghost ship with a frozen crew. Only other names and not a word from the Northwest Passage but the story seems to agree with the Octavius. Who was the source? This is not mentioned in the book  from 1905 the story allegedly occurred in 1775. The earliest version of this story appeared December 13, 1828 in a Philadelphia-based newspaper named The Ariel: A Literary and Critical Gazette. The article is entitled The Dangers of Sailing in High Latitudes. Also here the experiences of a Captain Warren with a ghost ship and its hypothermic crew are told.



Identify the Aircraft

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  1. Epstein (including Maxwell, a woman pimp)- Where’s the $x@# “client” book?!!!

    Sammy Boy will last 2 days after he loses WiFi.

      1. 1 day for intake, 1 night of terror as reality bites, next day stuck in the toilet head first. Miraculously CCTV had “a glitch”, and no touch DNA “found”. Dead man tell no tales.

        My attitude today. The Hu…with appropriate visuals (I could hear this coming from The Marmalade Cottage patio Bose speakers, just to keep the neighbors guessing.):

        1. If Jamukha had armed his Mongols with decent lances and put some boiled leather armor on them, they would have fared better against his brother’s wolves.

          Cheap bxstard.

  2. As recommended by one Geo. Washington, the United States needs to put a stop to all foreign entanglements, starting with our economic dependency upon China. Whatever it takes. Nothing good will come of it.

    Of course, our so-called leaders, both real and imagined, are all on their payroll, or near enough, so never happen, G.I.

    1. Exactly…and why it won’t happen is also because modern minds think they are the geniuses despite doing the exact opposite of what one should do, every time. It’s the same as these degenerates holding support rally’s for Hamas despite the despicable murderous activities. And let’s not forget “Queer’s for Palestine!”…the tone deafness is galactic. (To which I say, send ’em all over there, 1st Class with top shelf meal service…it’d be their last as they’d last about ninety seconds.)

    2. I don’t see us as economically dependent on the PRC. Hopefully by now Big Pharma has adjusted and has put plants to make prescription meds elsewhere. Taiwan’s microchip giants have been located to the US now.

      1. Perhaps not (wasn’t aware about the chip relocation, thanks for that). I just go to the hardware store or the home center and try hard to buy something not fabricated from Chinesium but mostly fail, and then idly wonder why we depend on them, instead of someone else, or maybe manufacture those things domestically…….

        Don’t mind me, anyway. I’ve been whining about this since NAFTA and GATT and even I get tired of listening to me.

  3. Larry, I am having problems reaching your site. I have not been able to find it linked at my regular blog roll point (Feral Irishman) and when I try to connect to the base home page ( it loads as a blank page.
    I hope you are well and that you can ban the internet demons of consternation!

    MSG Grumpy

    1. I get here at least once every day from the blog list on my blog. There’s nothing special that I’m doing.

      The title of the latest post isn’t updated, but that’s Google’s fault. The title doesn’t update on a bunch of blogs.

    2. For a short time, I was not getting through to VR, after a spate of VR bot check rejects. Adding the site’s name to my anti-virus whitelist let me get to the site again. As for the bot checks, those always appeared after a system cleanup tossed all my cookies, but a few visits back to the site got my cookies back and the bot check would stop hassling me.

      1. the Europe map lacks color because it is dated 1491. in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue to South America and sent the first tomatoes and potatoes back to Europe. kind of changed the world.

        no problems loading site; Chrome, Comcast / Xfinity. have site as a favorite.

        1. …and here I assumed the colorless map was VM host humor.

          See, this is why I never did well on standardized tests, always took the question at face value then overthought the answer. Engineer brains are a double-edged sword.

          No problems load for me (Firefox)…if pictures don’t load (blank) I use that ProTip given by someone here…hit Ctrl then roll the mouse wheel.

    3. Larry, please note that google search comes up with the link for “” which leads to blank page…
      I added the https to the line and input “”
      and bang, it opened right up…
      I think google doesn’t like you.

      MSG Grumpy

  4. Regarding Scandinavia (all 4 nations,) funny, we don’t have almost daily grenade attacks like Sweden or rapes and murders at the rate that all 4 have. But, funny, lots of crimes aren’t recorded in those countries.

    Sad when it’s safer in deepest darkest Chicongo than in Sweden.

    1. While we NEVER compare Denmark with Sweden, in this case liberal welcoming policies in both countries caused the problems they are now facing. Denmark immigration from “certain” countries was halted moons ago once they realized the Muzzies don’t assimilate into the culture, effectively ruining the social safety net that most citizens honor. Sweden did no such thing, instead (best I know from friends who have family there) officials morphed their approach to allow Muslim’s more freedom to loot and rape. The Danes are working to move them out, Sweden is doing the opposite. Norway – as expected – is somewhere in the middle depending on which large city you reside.

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