Pneumonia? Really?

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We’ve seen the video of Hillary’s seizure as she left the 9/11 Memorial ceremony early.

A second video from a different perspective also surfaced. I’m not a doctor, but if you have pneumonia, you don’t seize and an hour later, emerge from your daughter’s apartment, smiling, waving and kissing a little girl. That’s simply not how it works. 
We (in the blogosphere) have watched Hillary’s physical condition deteriorate and have commented on it. The mainstream media knows about it but tried to shield the Clinton machine. 
I’m intensely interested to see whether or not the polls numbers move now that it’s confirmed that she is physically unfit to be president.  Will a Clinton insider come forward with the promise of a “book deal” or will the threat of murder be too great for them?  We know that eventually it will all wash in public, but the Clinton devotees really don’t care whether or not she has fits. She’s a prog and a woman and that’s enough for them.
If Hillary croaks in office, we’d be stuck with Tim Kaine. Which is a lot like having Joe (Slow Joe) Biden as president. At least Barack could walk a golf course, and had the strength at the end of his round of golf to mount a catamite or whatever he did.
A Hillary zombie might be the answer (meme left). Weekend at Bernies is an old movie, but Hillary’s spastic walk to the van does remind me of that. Have the DNC engage a witchdoctor to make a zombie out of her and the flying monkeys can keep her upright.

20 thoughts on “Pneumonia? Really?

  1. Despite the multiple handlers (literally in this case), HRC nearly falls onto her face. For easier manipulation, they should put her into body armor with plenty of grab handles. They could claim it's because of credible threats from evil, gun-toting racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, mostly white male deplorables.

    >mount a catamite
    Mount? Really? What makes you think that guy would ever want to be on top?

  2. Mounting the catamite was a metaphor. We know that Michelle uses a strap-on so — you're right, damnit.

    I like the idea of mounting "handles" on Hillary for the ease of handling her. I've thought that some sort of exoskeleton (like a crab or scorpion) would be a good idea. It could walk on its own and keep her upright while she's waving and greeting her adoring prog masses.

  3. If they gave her an exoskeleton, they could just let her smash into the ground whenever she passed out and then drag her by a foot into the Scooby Van. No harm, no panic. Could be more fun, too. "Hillary pinball" has potential…

  4. This next week should be very interesting, LL. I don't put anything past the DNC, the globalists, or any of the assorted bad people who are in positions of power.

  5. "Drag her back to the rock that she lives under, by her carapace." Damn, but that just might work. It would be entertaining if nothing else. Very near to SciFi, but the nightly news.

  6. You know that they have a lot of very high priced lawyers trying to figure something out.

    They're in a pickle with two months to the election. If she has a fit on stage during the debate, she's finished. If they amp the old crone up on amphetamines and anti-seizure meds, will she stroke out on the stage? In which case, she's finished. Pass the popcorn!!!!

  7. I think that there will be drinking contests during the debate where you take a shot every time she says "sexist" and two shots for every time she says "despicable". It could be one hell of a party.

    I need to see if the Vegas odds makers have changed her chances of winning the presidential election.

  8. She wouldn't have seized up if she'd been wearing a clown nose. She needs to wear one to the Presidential Debates, just for protection.

  9. Satan has a lot of very good Nazi engineers who could build something like that for her. Kind of a God Emperor of Dune scenario with her face on the body of a giant sand worm.

  10. If Illary does have parkinson's, she could have what's known as aspiration pneumonia which is directly related to an impaired swallowing mechanism which allows saliva, food particles, etc., to become aspirated into the lung.

    Sounds like too many symptoms to be just pneumonia. The scary part for the dems is that they can't predict when these symptoms will occur and that the doctors can't control their onset. The debates are looming. I'd be worried if I were them.

  11. The God Emperor scenario reminds me of Jabba The Hillary . Hillary has always had an abundance of comedic value.

  12. Getting the medication right to spin her up for public can be tricky when you're dealing with amphetamines, diazepam and who knows what else they are pumping into her to keep her going.

    One thing is certain. Americas enemies are really giddy about the possibility of a Clinton presidency, which would morph into a Kaine presidency (sort of Biden lite).

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