At the Presidential Debate on September 26th:

H/T Suckers-on-Parade

The mainstream media would use a debate setting like this one to churn up sympathy for Hillary, dying of Parkinson’s disease, prone to fits and seizures at inopportune times. Also prone to effects of karma (which recently ran over her dogma).
Why is Hillary seizing up?
I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but I know what it isn’t. It’s not pneumonia.
Hillary’s a Robot
I don’t know that Hillary is a robot, but does cyborg skin live forever on a metal endoskeleton? We know that she had her face stretched, but it didn’t do much good did it? She’s sagging badly under those baggy pantsuits.
The conspiracy theorists would tell you, “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that they’re NOT out to get you.” I think that those were Vince Foster’s last words.
If she is a robot, then the battery needed recharging on September 11, because it went flat as she boarded the van. Not to worry, she was
out in public an hour later, battery charged on something – kissing children – even though she was said by her handlers to have pneumonia.

Hillary’s Staff Spins it:

Her staff now are claiming to have pneumonia too. How convenient?

Top news story

Two staffers hospitalized. Wonder who the mom was who let that poor kid be a press prop for 

Body Double or Amphetamines?


  1. You know me and hair. The first thing I noticed when she waltzed out of Chelsea's apartment building, by herself, was her hair. My first thought was, "Either she had time for a wash, blow, and color touch up, or they dumped a ton of dry shampoo on her."

    As I told Zilla, I'm picking up another 750 sq foot roll of Reynolds Wrap at Costco so I'll plenty to share with my fellow deplorables.

  2. Have you ever seen anyone afflicted with pneumonia have to be dragged into a van and then 90 minutes later, they're out being cool?

  3. I wouldn't rule that out, Dr. J.

    I don't know what's wrong with her health and her head, but she's a really horrible person in all respects.

  4. Harambe was a friend of mine. She is no Harambe. Harambe has been dead for months and he STILL looks better than she does. She's no Harambe.

  5. I'm not bashing Killary, because I refuse to give those I know who support that person a chance to martyr her. That way they have an out to vote for Trump without losing too much face.

  6. Gosh, the comments are so good I almost hate to be serious, but about, "Body Double or Amphetamines?" I say neither – it's simply photography. The lighting is softer and the direction is different, less direct glare on her face. See the glare on her forehead on the left that's gone on the right? The focus is softer on the right pic, too. Ever hear about soft focus lenses for portraits? It's what photographers have been doing for generations to soften facial lines. The old school way was to smear some Vaseline on a filter. The pic on the right could be a deliberate PR photo.

  7. The photos are a way of having fun at her expense. But seriously, can't stand, has pneumonia, and then 90 minutes later, she's bouncing out of Chelsea's apartment? Must be a fine cocktail of drugs.

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