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Caption: The founder or leader of a heretical movement is called a heresiarch, while individuals who espouse heresy or commit heresy are known as heretics.

Political heresy in 2024 is described by the mainstream media as one who fails to pay close attention to and live their lives based on the demented mutterings of an old pedophile or crazy retired whore.

President Trump does not have an army of “handlers” who tell him what to say. That sort of behavior disturbs the permanent Washington DC establishment (The Swamp or more recently re-named The Sewer)


Bullet Points:

** Speed…and time.

** “History belongs to the victors, legends to the people, fantasy to literature, and glory to the brave. Only death is certain.” – Péter Esterházy, Celestial Harmonies

** Peterson – On talking and listening.

** (h/t Claudio) The final Starship 3 vehicle will be about 500 feet (150 meters) tall, about 20 percent larger than the current vehicle. This will allow for additional propellant to increase lift capacity. Musk said the company should be able to launch Starships for less than the original price of the Falcon 1 rocket, which was $6 million. However, a Starship would carry 400 times the payload.

“These are unthinkable numbers, but we’re not breaking any physics to achieve this,” Musk said.

This weekend, at SpaceX’s Starbase facility in South Texas, Musk once again took up the mantle of his “making life multi-planetary” cause. Addressing employees at the location of the company’s Starship factory, Musk spoke about the “high urgency” needed to extend the “light of consciousness” beyond Earth. That is not because humanity’s home planet is a lost cause or should not be preserved. Rather, Musk said that he does not want humanity to remain a one-planet civilization that will inevitably face some calamity that will end the species.

Musk noted that SpaceX has completed 327 successful Falcon launches, 80 percent of which have used boosters. This year, he said, SpaceX will launch about 90 percent of the mass sent into orbit from the planet. He added that China will launch about 6 percent, with the remainder of the world accounting for the other 4 percent.

I’m not a betting man, but if I was, I’d tell you we’re going to Mars, maybe in my lifetime.

** Are you Paying Attention?

** Timely and Useful advice from BRMTwo is one, and one is none.

** The UN is toxic – Recently, 60 Minutes ran a new plea for the U.S. to ratify the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). President Ronald Reagan rejected this convention then, and despite tentative efforts by Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to ratify it, we remain free of its entanglements. The CBS show segment blamed (credited) the Heritage Foundation for blocking Senate ratification. But National Review also played its part. I know because I wrote the April 16, 1982, cover story “How to Give Away Our Future: The New Law of the Sea,” which I was informed was read by President Reagan and became part of his “stack of stuff” supporting his decision to reject UNCLOS. Not that it was a hard sell. The talks had been going on since 1973, and the future president devoted his October 10, 1978 radio address to warning against establishing a UN agency that would require companies to “accept production controls, turn over its technology to the UN. and find and evaluate mine sites for the Enterprise.”

** It’s the season when you’re expected to get out into the far country, find your fluffy cow, and establish a personal relationship with it. They will respond when you hug them as tightly as you hug a tree.

** In response to proposals for a cease-fire, Hamas has demanded 900 terrorists in Israeli prisons be released but says they can’t return 40 of the hostages they seized (a recognized war crime ). Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD, MURDERED BY HAMAS. – Members of the Religion of Peace.

** “Imagine a future when the U.S. is launching a rocket every day,” Lowry said. – More here from SiG

** I’m not a huge fan of Peter Zeihan, but he wrote this recently: “China’s demographic situation is in shambles. The Chinese Communist Party even admits it, which should be an indicator of how bad things are given the CCP’s creative and liberal license with reality. One of the several negative impacts of a shrinking population is a correlated decline in consumption. For an economy as dependent on industrial overproduction to fuel growth as China’s, this presents a stark and simple reality: the Chinese population will never, ever be able to consume Chinese industrial output entirely.

China’s only option is to start dumping more products overseas, as slowing down output causes myriad headaches at home: shrinking economic growth, higher unemployment, exposure to the CCP’s rising ineptitude, etc. Chinese overproduction has dramatically restructured the world of manufactured goods since China signed onto globalization in the 1990s. The US and its European and Asian allies have had enough.

This is beyond simple trade protectionism and market competition. From Boston to Brussels to Busan, there is rising awareness and unwillingness to endure the various economic, national security, and environmental costs of allowing Beijing’s economic imperatives to run roughshod over the world’s industrialized and emerging economies.

He’s right. I take a few steps further and suggest that the planned invasion of Taiwan will continue to be kicked down the road. All of China’s neighbors are arming up – witness Japan. Xi is doing for Asia what Putin did for Europe.



Meme of the Day

Note: I used to buy Land-O-Lakes Butter when an Indian was featured on the packaging. I stopped buying it when they removed the Indian and went woke. I boycott all woke businesses and businesses that deal in Chinese goods and, more particularly, in food products that touch China. I also boycotted all firms in the US that stopped employing Americans so that they could start employing illegal aliens brought into the US as scab labor by the Biden regime.


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31 thoughts on “Heresiarch

  1. Hotel manager I met in Wyoming used to work for the same company at Yellowstone Park. She had some good stories about mostly Asian tourists trying to sit on the bison statues.

    Hope everyone had a good day I spent the morning at state annual custom knife makers show. Next one is guns and knives last weekend of May(Yes gun shows happen in Australia.)

    Quite a lot of people and seems to be a lot of sales. I just bought a few things for finishing handles.

    1. As a “knife person,” I love knife shows. I haven’t been to one in a while. I don’t need another knife, but I don’t need another firearm either… yes, like that.

      1. I was at a gun store yesterday and the salesman and I start talking about knives,
        He pulls out an automatic that’s not a folder.
        It was nice. I wanted one. It’s almost $300!
        He said it was one of a few like that that he owned.

  2. “The Earth is just too small and fragile a basket for the human race to keep all its eggs in it.”
    Maybe Musk has read Heinlein.

    1. I’m sure that he has.
      I don’t disagree, but we need to have a broader vision and figure out how to build a space station that orbits Mars, for example. Start by building one that orbits the Moon. When I suggest Space Station, I’m thinking a planetoid that creates its own gravity and maybe houses 1000 people who could rotate on and off (in Lunar orbit). By the time it gets to Mars perhaps it houses 10,000 or more, with a ground station on Mars that could mine and provide supplemental material. Since two is one and one is none, you build three of them at a time, each of which is large enough to house ALL of the other occupants from the different stations. So it takes a little longer than blasting to Mars?

      1. “a planetoid that creates its own gravity”
        You’re talking a “spin hab” with centripetal “gravity”, right?

  3. “Hey Ash, it’s already got a wench so I don’t need another one.”
    Wildlife Petter’s = Darwin Award winners. Self culling, the latest in self-actualization…coming to a National Park near you.
    BRM’s “be prepared” posts are excellent reminders that hope is not a strategy. Dropped my Makita impact driver (been dropped a couple of times because I hate lanyards for certain tasks), but have a couple of backups including the Milwaukee. A little JB Weld and th split housing is back up and running. In some cases “two are barely enough”.

    1. As Lord High Executioner Beans has pointed out more than once on this blog. If things go to hell, there will be a great culling in the cities.

      1. The death tolls in the cities will be legion. Something right out of some post apocalyptic movie. Will be very epic in a horrible way.

        1. Yer they continue to believe it’ll be the opposite, which works in the aware folks favor, city dweller or not.

          1. I wonder how fast before the Big Cities turn into war zones. 72 hours? I’m sure by the end of the first week the casualties would be tens of thousands…..

  4. “History belongs to the victors, legends to the people, fantasy to literature, and glory to the brave. Only death is certain.” – Péter Esterházy, Celestial Harmonies.
    “And God controls all.” -HogSS

        1. “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”
          —Hunter Thompson

  5. UNCLOS is and always has been a POS… Nothing like giving away rights and technology to somebody that will squander it… Re the Kansan, it’s actually a D-18 Beech, modified to be a bombadier/navigator trainer with a glass nose, Norden bombsight, upper ‘turret’ for both sun/star shots and gunner training.

  6. FJB. I keep receiving junk on my ‘smart phone’. One annoying one is about social security. Nice red, white, and blue layout with a picture of a smiling Biden in the bottom corer. The only thing that fraud ever did about social security is to raid it. Excuse me if this is off topic.

    1. At this point I’m of the belief that everything is on topic as the mash up continues unabated. 7 months is an eternity when waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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