India – Pakistan

Blog Post

I’ve been published in both Indian and Pakistani defense journals over the years and have contributed as an author and provided advice. The West does not understand Pakistan or India well and it does little good trying to educate them. Both nations share proud warrior traditions. Both have strong national identities forged through and in spite of occupation by the British. At times in my life I was a close student of politics primarily in India.

At present, the Wagah – Attari Crossing Point is the only road linking the two countries. Every night, the border is closed with an official ceremony. In much the same way as the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace draws tourists, this ceremony brings interested people from both sides of the border and abroad.
The ceremony underscores the rivalry of both nations and at the same time, ends in a handshake. Of all the nuclear powers, those most likely to resort to the use of their nukes may be India and Pakistan. I’m sure there are people who read this blog who may disagree, and do so by all means if you have strong feelings on the matter.
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