Bullet Points:

* A new Department of Defense (DOD) report found that the U.S. military bases that housed Afghan evacuees suffered $260 million in damages, with the Air Force saying the damage was “unrepairable.”  The DOD inspector general reported last week that the eight bases housing the refugees in Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Virginia, New Mexico, and Indiana are asking for repair money after they sustained over a quarter-billion dollars in damage.

Over 17 days, 120,000 largely unvetted evacuees were taken to the U.S. amid the deadly, botched withdrawal that saw Afghanistan fall under Taliban control.  We currently send the Taliban about $1 billion in foreign aid. Maybe we use those earmarked funds to fix the bases, then use the rest to build homes for veterans who were gravely disabled in that war?

* It’s been difficult to write satire during the past couple of woke years. Blogging every day isn’t easy in and of itself but when these news stories break, it simply boggles the mind.

* Real Clear Science published a report that highlighted the experiences many Americans had with the electrically powered vehicles (EVs) during the winter storm, and the limitations on EVs in the cold weather were clear for all to see. The biggest limitation faced by EVs was that the frigid temperatures reportedly cut the range of an EV by 40 percent or more.

The report stated that people traveling long distances for the holidays often could only travel 100 to 150 miles before having to stop and recharge. Not only is this inconvenient, but the short range and the time needed to stop and charge add a significant amount of time to any road trip.

That gets into the other major issue faced by EVs during the cold weather — charging times in sub-zero temperatures reportedly nearly doubled from approximately 25-35 minutes to 45-60 minutes.

* Mars is the only planet known to only be inhabited entirely by robots.

* Liz Cheney – Laughing all the way to the bank.

* If you were to go to a doctor and ask to have a perfectly good finger removed (for shits and giggles), he’d refer you to a psychiatrist. If you went to have your penis removed, you’d be congratulated and they’d whack it right off. You’d be touted as an inspiration to all…2023…hell of a year.


Spanking the Monkey

There is apparently a political undertone to men who masturbate. Failure to do so is now considered to be fascist.

As Philip Rieff puts Reich’s point, “A revolution must sweep out the family and its ruler, the father, no less cleanly than the old political gangs and their leaders…. The destruction, then, of the ancient mystique of fatherhood defines the revolutionary task.”

“Immediately after the war, the War Department undertook a study to determine the causes of psychiatric breakdown in American soldiers, using interviews to probe their minds. According to Adam Curtis’s BBC documentary The Century of the Self, the study was conducted under the guidance of refugee psychoanalysts from central Europe. The focus of these interviews, however, was not the soldiers’ wartime experiences but their childhoods. The stress of combat had merely triggered buried memories.

“And what were the findings of the study? The problems of these broken soldiers were due, not to violence, but to the repression of violence, and of sexuality, typical of family life. Small-town life in middle America, it turned out, was a breeding ground of precisely those unhealthy character traits that, under the right conditions, give rise to fascist movements.”

It’s a long article where educated idiots try to make their point. If you wish to wade through it all, you have the link. People who hold those ideologies are the bane of humanity. They are people just clever enough to learn a stupid idea, but not clever enough to see that it is stupid. They do well in universities, especially in departments devoted to the imbibing and regurgitating of ideology and this has given them influence and the ability to deflect criticism that the lunatic raving on a soap-box does not enjoy.


Grave Robbing for Fun and Profit

(The Guardian) “I’ve been in this field for 20 years, and I have never heard of a historic wreck, especially a large 8,000-tonne steel hull, being completely removed. I couldn’t believe it. I almost refused to believe it,” he said.

But a month later, staring through the silty water in the Java Sea, Hunter saw how the salvagers had “ripped [the Perth] from one end to the other”.

“You may as well just go into a war cemetery and dig it up. It’s no different to me, at all,” said Hunter, who comes from a military family. “I was completely horrified.”

Archeologists believe the criminals might be turning a profit because the hulls are one of the world’s few remaining deposits of “low-background” metals. Having been made before the atomic bomb explosions in 1945 and subsequent nuclear tests, the steel is free of radiation. This makes even small quantities that have survived the saltwater extremely useful for finely calibrated instruments such as Geiger counters, space sensors, and medical imaging.  Some ancient ships, often centuries-old Roman vessels in European waters, have also been salvaged for their lead, which is also low-radiation and is used in nuclear power stations.


Overhead Artillery Support


Busy Skies


  1. Cheney and the ship salvagers have a lot in common. She robs from the future, and the salvagers rob from the past. Neither care about dignity, and have the quest for money as their goal. Most of their actions are not noticed until the spoils are taken, and they can’t care less about the value of human life.

    • Or maybe Liz simply requested cash for turning her coat?

      Congress is big business and comes with a license to steal.

  2. “U.S. military bases that housed Afghan evacuees suffered $260 million in damages, with the Air Force saying the damage was “unrepairable.” ”

    And if they had been Wehrmacht post-war prisoners, and given the tools and material, they’d probably organised themselves and set about to fixing up the shitty American accommodations and left with $100 million in improvements.

    Different people. Different culture.

    • I have a story that might shed some light on what type of damages those bases may have had…
      There I was, at KMTZ Kabul in 2003, I supported a Special Forces unit whose mission was to help train the New Afghani Special Forces. Please note that these were not run of the mill Afghan army personnel, they were the cream of the crop from across the entire country. The “best of the best” as it were.
      While I heard many disturbing stories about the qualities of these troops, one story that I saw first hand is illustrative to this subject.
      The American Big Gov decided that these troops needed better facilities since most of the buildings at KMTC had rather large holes in the walls thanks to B1B bombs in 01-02…So they decidef to build a modern fully modern shower/restroom/changing room facility for the new Kandak.
      it was a Beautiful building, it had a Glorious Opening Ceremony, people applauded and cheered…
      The closing ceremony less than a month later was quite a bit more subdued…
      It seems that the “Best of the Best” still did not understand basic plumbing and the damage they did inside the building was deemed (by anyone who could stand the smell and investigate inside) far too extensive to justify even attempting to repair or clean.

      I can well imagine what our bases looked like Biden’s Terrorist got done with them, but I would NOT wish to know details.

      MSG Grumpy

      • Reminds me of something similar when I was Chief of the Intelligence Division of the UN Police in East Timor in 2000. I had to go to a meeting at the Un Peacekeeping Force HQ at Obrigado Barracks when, after parking my vehicle, I decided, as I was approaching the Officers Latrines, to have a l**k (urinate for polite readers or, as the Australian expression says, “point Percy at the porcelain). You could smell them, the latrines that is, from fifty metres away, but then everything in East Timor smelt in those days, so I wasn’t too bothered. As I was about to enter, a Norwegian Army Captain passing by said, “I wouldn’t go in there if I were you, Colonel.” When I asked if there was a problem he said, “Stick you head in the door sir and you will see why.” I stuck my head in the door and the stench was overpowering. There was excrement piled on the floor, smeared on the walls, and even on the ceiling. How you crap on a ceiling I have no idea. When I pulled my head back out the Captain said, “Only the Paki’s (Pakistanis), Bangladeshi’s, and the Arabs use these. The rest of us go elsewhere.” And these were their officers, including their senior officers. One wonders what the NCO’s and OP’s latrines were like.

        • I’ve found that culture of a people (or lack of) is reflected by the quality and cleanliness of the latrines.

          MikeW, I hate squatters, but I also don’t necessarily want to rest my rump on a piss-speckled toilet seat.

          • Traveling in the third world, you always need to be mindful to stuff your pockets with toilet paper at the beginning of the day because it is not provided. I’ve failed in this and ended up not wearing socks.

          • Squatters are OK when you are young and supple, and can bend your knees. They are a pain in the a**e, as well as other parts, when you are old and stiff.

        • Just to clarify. I wasn’t a Colonel, I was a Superintendent of Police, but the badges of rank were the same. To the military personnel, of the multi-national peacekeeping force, one was wearing the badges of rank of a Colonel so one was a Colonel. It was pointless to try to explain the difference, so one just stopped trying after a while and accepted it.

        • “How you crap on a ceiling I have no idea.”
          As noted the other day, “Any fool can piss on the floor, but it takes a hero to poop on the ceiling.”

          “everything in East Timor smelt in those days”
          A few years ago the Pretty Korean Girl went to Bangladesh for a month; she was working on nutritional strategies to mitigate neural tube defects due to arsenic poisoning [1]. Before all this PKG asked my opinion on the “great research opportunity”. She didn’t like my answer which was basically, “I don’t think it will be worth it. Wouldn’t go.” She went. PKG flew coach. The Harvard faculty member in charge flew First (all this was off of various UN and other grants, naturally).

          When she got home, after a few days PKG eventually admitted, “I think you were right. The moment they opened the plane in B’desh it smelled like shit. And that was the whole month.” Worse, she was not afforded any professional courtesy by the senior medical staff with whom she was supposed to be working. Young infidel women are not taken seriously. The Harvard Assoc Prof in charge (herself female, but B’deshi) seemed more interested in socializing with bigwigs than work. (This is PKG’s perspective; I personally suspect that was needful to get anything done in that place….) Because of the constant threat of sexual assault, PKG was basically kept in purdah; outside of working hours she was made to stay in a women’s dormitory for single female medical workers, which was locked from the outside. Harvard woman stayed in a very nice hotel. And so it went. PKG says despite the stench and bullshit treatment, the worst was listening to all the weeping from families when their kids died (essays in that alone). “Every day, multiple times. And this was ‘the best pediatric hospital’ in the country.”

          Eventually, PKG asked me, “How did you know it would be so awful?” I didn’t ‘know’ know, but it wasn’t hard to guess.

          [1] arsenic poisoning: so in the 1960’s and 70’s UNICEF and the World Bank dug a lot of tube wells in B’desh. Previously people mostly drank surface water, which had a lot of microbial contamination. The tube wells reduced the bug problem and replaced it with the possibly worse arsenic poisoning problem. Unintended consequences.

    • A lot of Wehrmacht post-war prisoners were penned-up in open fields and allowed to die from disease, starvation, and exposure to the elements. General Eisenhower expressly forbade locals from providing food and clothing to them. IOW, the Afghan “refugees” and even the Taliban get better treatment than actual enemy combatants who surrendered into American care rather than inflicting themselves onto America.


  3. “psychoanalysts from central Europe”
    Ah yes, those clever Central Europeans: Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays (his nephew), Wilhelm Reich, and so forth. Freud, on his way to America in 1909, reportedly said to his then-disciple (they later parted ways over fundamental disagreements) Carl Jung (shockingly, not a Central European), “We are bringing them the plague, and they don’t even know it.”

    Freud apparently had a low opinion of the US, but was not too proud to profit from it when and as he could. (Typisch Central European)

    Of COURSE abstinence from masturbation is proto-fascism. Just like physical fitness is about white supremacy, as Time Magazine recently revealed to us.

  4. The apparent density of the orange dots in the picture made me do a little arithmetic. A quick web search (Universe Today) says the surface area of the earth is about 197 million square miles. The mental equivalent area for low earth orbit will be bigger because the radius is bigger, but let me just work with that. Divide 197 million by 15,900 objects in LEO and you get one 12.4 thousand square miles per object.

    Pretty darn empty.

    Psychologists and “They are people just clever enough to learn a stupid idea, but not clever enough to see that it is stupid.” A pretty common expression in the industries I’ve worked in is, “you have to have a Ph.D. to be that stupid.”

    • One day somebody will get the idea to harvest space junk and sell it to belching space tourists at the top of the space elevator curio shop.

    • My thought as well, it’s not like there’s something every 10 feet up there…as some in the hyperventilation field would have you believe. Besides, any failure causing one to fall out of orbit burns up on the way down, incinerated, like we do with our Burn Barrel for all burnable trash…better in all aspects than taking it to the dump.

  5. “Blogging every day isn’t easy…” Indeed. A snappy salute to you, sir. I couldn’t do it. You are a beacon of light in the darkness.

      • There comes a point when one looks around, sees the rampant chaos then takes the other path away from the fray. Not so much “going Galt”, moreso to protect oneself from the zombidiocy insidiousness of the General Public and their Protectors. Anyone deciding to cut off their privates is clearly mentally ill, yet the CDC is promoting puberty blockers, proving this is a disease (c-D-c). But for those coercing an adolescent to do self harm under the guise of “medically acceptable” BELONGS in prison…key tossed away…or better yet, fed to the gators in some Florida swamp.

        The insidiousness of every industry into our lives has gotten out of hand. Get a PRIVATE prescription and weeks later the “notification” mailings show up telling what you already know about drug warnings and risks and “maybe’s”…so please panic at our behest…then the sales pitch “Call us for help”. The world has certainly shrunk and gotten more stupid than anyone could imagine.

        Last point: The feckless R’s need to vote in KM and get it over with, what’s the alternative?

        Renner Update: Heard he was getting his pickup unstuck using his Piston Bully machine, was stepping back into it WHILE it “was sliding”…ran over him. No prognosis update. Praying he pulls through.

  6. The story about the ships brings up that ugly argument: What is the difference between a grave robber and an archaeologist?

  7. My vote is to sink the ‘salvagers’ on the spot… Period. Re busy skys, yep, lots of crap floating around up there, and before long it WILL start impacting launch/recovery of satellites etc.


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