On Sunday

I found myself listening to The Eagles album, Hell Freezes Over. I attended that concert at the Pond in Anaheim, CA. Great concert, superb album. The think that I like about The Eagles and most great music, is its authenticity. I think that’s what draws people to a lot of Western music. Losing your dog, your girl and your truck is something that we all experience at some point in our lives (even if only by metaphor). Many popular songs have a lot to do with loss and redemption. We all feel for that.
Americans like Authenticity
I think that was the appeal that President Trump brought to the political scene. He had a sense of authenticity. You might not like the persona of a real estate developer from Brooklyn. Many didn’t and some still don’t, but he was genuine and his love for America was true. He cleaned out the Republican opposition because of that genuine appeal. He beat Hillary Clinton because she was not genuine, unless we’re talking about genuinely evil. 
President Bill Clinton has a genuine nature that doesn’t appear to be studied when you meet him. I’ve never met one person who met President Clinton in the flesh who didn’t come away liking him, even if they disagreed with him.
President George W. Bush is another genuine person, and he remains so. Yes, he was a globalist and part of the Bush Dynasty, but to meet George W., everyone I know came away with a feeling for his sincerity. The same was true of President Reagan. 
We can argue Obama’s sincerity but he beat out Hillary (and Biden) because he was able to portray himself in a genuine way, with a desire for hope and change. Yes, he was an incompetent president, but that authenticity that he brought to the stage won him two elections.
The Democrat field, lining up for 2020, and growing daily to 22 or 23 as of this writing, lacks authenticity with the exception of the two people in the lead. Biden and Sanders, the two old white men come across as being authentic. I agree that at this point, a lot of it is name recognition, but there is a sense that they believe what they’re saying. The rest of the field is looking for a gimmick to propel them into a position where they might challenge the front runners. 
In order to beat Donald Trump, the donkeys will need to field somebody who is genuine – authentic. Because the BS detectors out there can tell a fraud a mile away.

What If?

…I became a Walmart greeter?

Yeah, I know, I don’t think that I’d work out. I’m a bit too blunt.


  1. One thing you don't hear from President Trump are focus group tested sound bites. Refreshing.

  2. We know that he watches the polls, but he has exceptionally good political instincts. No need for focus groups.

    There are people – and not just farmers – who feel the bite from tariffs. And Pres. Trump is playing a long game to repair the feckless policies of the past 20 years. Sometimes fixing the problems requires that strength. Focus groups don’t help with those sorts of decisions.

  3. I think the primary good thing about Trump is that he loves America. Obama clearly hates America, and thinks we are the main thing wrong with the world. Most Democrats and many Republicans these days seem to agree, on the national level at least. Most of the rest don't give a damn about anything other than themselves, but they look good in comparison to the anti-Americans.

    As for Walmart… I think the commute might make the ensuing hilarity not worth it.

  4. Everyone said Obama was a great orator. I always thought he sounded scripted and false, like a bad actor. But maybe that's just me.

    And Biden, Joe Biden who really, really cares about transsexual rights. Really?

    What a faked up old fraud.


  5. I've never met WJ Clinton, but from his first appearance on the national stage I've always felt he was rampantly INsincere. He's always projected the persona of a man trying to pull one over on you, sell you damaged goods, get into your pants*, pick your metaphor.

    A colleague works in the Univ Arkansas system. He reports that BJC is widely disliked by many higher-ups in UAR from when he was governor. It seems that BJ projected (and acted out) the need to always "get a little extra" in every interaction. It sounds a bit strange, but the most common story is that BJ would ask to borrow a pen, use the pen, then look the owner of the pen in the eye and say, "You don't mind if I keep this, do you?" as he was in the act of putting the pen into his jacket pocket. Obviously very few people care about a pen**, but the particular behavior was emblematic of BJ's general way of doing things.

    *pants: I've actually not got too much trouble with those who are sincerely lustful, or enjoy the flirting and the chase, so long as they understand "no", but BJ always struck me as someone who was keeping count — for the purpose of keeping count. And supposedly not only did BJ not understand "no" (perhaps not surprising seeing as BJ also seemed to have trouble with the meaning if "is" — but I digress) but was reputed to have used his State Police bodyguards for intimidation from time to time.

    **pen: I'm assuming that no one was dumb enough to hand BJ a really good pen, much less a family heirloom or something; I've gotta assume that you'd only hand BJ a generic pen from Staples.

  6. Wal-Mart, eh LL? Can you handle the 10,000 % pay cut? If so, go for it. If Peter Stryzok hates it there, how bad could it be?

    Bill Clinton was always a bit too smooth for my likes. I like those rough edges on folks, those denote authenticity. Nobody is as polished as Obama or Clinton without consciously trying to be someone who they are not.

    You are right about W and The Donald – they are who they say they are, and ditto with The Gipper.

  7. Sure, why not. I'd vote for ya in any public office for which you ran. And for a prior post you wrote, L.L., I'd think you'd be a fine politician!

  8. Success in politics is almost imposible if you don't have the ability to make voters believe you are "genuine". A handful of politicians are genuine. Most are merely good at pretending they are when in public. Voters are rarely going to vote for the blatant asshole unless said asshole is running against an opponent more disgusting. That phenomenon was seen in 2016. Trump is rude, crude and boorish, NOT "presidential" in any way. But compared to the Hildabeast he was the clear choice for rational people. Biden is affable and likeable. If he is the DNC pick he may well beat Trump if voters can overlook the "Creepy Uncle Joe" label he so clearly has earned.

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