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“The Biden lie has been the crown jewel of many other left-wing/media fabrications.

The more they spread, the more absurd they seemed, and the more they were refuted—so others took their place, and their promulgators never apologized but simply moved on to their next one.

The common denominator was that all the lies, during their existence, were useful to the progressive project.

The Russian collusion hoax helped Trump lose the 2016 popular vote.

Its resumption during his presidency comprised 22 months of his administration during the Special Counsel Robert Mueller farce.

The October surprise laptop disinformation lie may have cost Trump the 2020 election.

But it was concocted so that Joe Biden could stare at the debate camera and swear to the American people that Trump was a liar, citing “51 intelligence authorities” who insisted Hunter Biden’s laptop was a likely hallmark of Russian disinformation.

We were asked to believe that clever Russian disinformationists fabricated all the sick photos and selfies of poor Hunter, knew the Biden family’s intimate tensions and fault lines as evidenced in the computer’s texts and emails, and were able to package and deposit the computer to either a Russian operative masquerading as a computer repairment or have it delivered to the supposedly useful idiot.

The truth was, the FBI had the laptop during the debate and had long verified its authenticity—and thus kept mum as its brethren intelligence apparatchiks lied to the nation.

The untruth did not fully reveal that Biden’s campaign foreign policy guru, Anthony Blinken (the current Secretary of State), cooked up the entire ruse.

He enlisted former CIA grandee Mike Morell, who then rounded up on spec the confessed lying duo of John Brennan and James Clapper, who in turn drafted still more deceivers, among them the once esteemed Leon Panetta.

And the lie worked perfectly as envisioned, far better than even Russian “collusion.”

The nation was deceived into believing that the “asset” Trump was reduced once again to colluding with Putin to enlist his former KGB soldiers to smear the upright Biden family and thus warp yet another election.

Note that all these lies were never retracted.

No one ever apologizes.

No one is ever punished, even when the lie is given under oath.

No one ever has any regrets.

And no one ever hesitates to lie again, given the utility of the prior untruth.”


Bullet Points:

** A slightly different take on the Jewish Shabbat. I suspect that this is what goes on in the Boron בית.

** IRS focus would seem to prioritize training up an army of SWAT-style enforcement agents; over taking phone calls. 35% of phone calls are answered.

** Titan’s lakes, comprised of complex hydrocarbons, have waves, meaning, if I say it’s safe to surf that beach, PaulM, it’s safe to surf that beach! This means that Asian astronauts shouldn’t bother to apply for the mission to Titan because Charlie don’t surf! (h/t Claudio) I’ve seen the picture; there’s a great bowl section with a long right and left slide; it’s Tube City. (Don’t bother arguing with me, Ed. What do you know about surfing, EdB? You’re from Michigan.)  A six-foot peak, I didn’t know there was a six-foot peak anywhere on the entire moon!

** Summer book recommendation: The Cold Six Thousand, James Elroy. Blurb: In this savagely audacious novel, James Ellroy plants a pipe bomb under America in the 1960s, lights the fuse, and watches the shrapnel fly. On November 22, 1963, three men converged in Dallas. Their job: to clean up the JFK hit’s loose ends and inconvenient witnesses. They are Wayne Tedrow, Jr., a Las Vegas cop with family ties to the lunatic right; Ward J. Littell, a defrocked FBI man turned underworld mouthpiece; and Pete Bondurant, a dope-runner and hit-man who serves as the mob’s emissary to the anti-Castro underground.

** Tip of the day: Always make sure that you hang up the phone before you call someone an asshole in a parting shot…unless that’s your plan (WSF).

** When your wife asks you how much you just spent on fishing equipment…It’s a universal response to any question, and it’s now both woke and politically correct!

** More boating with EdB…Here he is on the way to the lake.

** (h/t Claudio) – Quoting Forbes, Claudio mentioned that the Russians may have lost another complete airborne brigade in Vovchansk. This video discusses the loss of the Russian 83 Airborne Brigade (mechanized). The term “elite” might have been accurate at the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War, but today, they’re mostly conscripts with marginal equipment, food a maggot would refuse, and low morale, just like the rest of the Russian Army. It doesn’t mean that the Russians won’t fight. They’re Russians. The prediction of the Ukraine Front collapsing may be wishful thinking by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

** Biden’s Dementia from 10000 miles away. (Tucker Carlson)

** LSP and his Dallas Light Cavalry Regiment are working as extras in a Hollywood film.


Global Warming


Way-Back Machine – Historical Review

In October of 1531, a ship arrived at London docks from Cologne, aboard which was a shipment of 366 gold crowns destined for the coffers of King Henry VIII. The coins were in an iron box chained to the ship’s floor and under armed guard. But when the time came to turn the precious cargo over, the box was found to be empty.

An investigation into the missing coins was launched, and after two years of gathering evidence, a local petty thief and thug named John Wolfe was implicated. Wolfe had been part of the crew on board the ship, and circumstantial evidence pointed to him being involved. He was taken to the Tower of London in 1533 for the theft. During his time there, he was often visited by his common-law wife, Alice Tankerville, a woman of questionable morals rumored to be involved in theft and piracy. As the investigation continued, the case against Wolfe fell apart, and six months after his arrest, he was released and immediately left for Ireland.

He returned a year or so later, and along with Alice and several accomplices, they robbed and murdered two wealthy merchants from Italy. He was returned to the Tower, but this time Alice was taken too. She was shackled to the walls in a tiny cell with a small, high window that only let in the tiniest slither of light. She was charged with piracy, murder, and theft, and the case against her stated that “there was no remedy for her but death.”

When she had been visiting Wolfe on his first stay at the Tower, she had befriended two guards, William Denys and John Bawde, and she now rekindled that friendship. Bawde was especially taken with Alice, and whether she felt the same or was using him is unknown. But by planning a life together, she convinced the men to help her escape. A copy of the key for her restraints was smuggled into her on the night of March 23, 1534; Bawde and Alice escaped, first rappelling down a rope to a small boat waiting for them, and they crossed the moat. Once across the moat, they hid in the shadows, waiting for the night watch to pass before making their way up the cottage-lined road to where Bawde had tied two horses for their getaway.

Just as they were about to reach the horses, they encountered some night guards with lanterns. Huddling together, pretending to be lovers on a tryst, Alice and Bawde tried to avoid detection. Still, he was recognized by his fellow guardsman, and Alice, who was in disguise, raised their suspicions and was eventually identified, and both were arrested. The official account of the night’s escape attempt reads: “On Friday, about (two) of the clock in the morning, one Bawde, the Lord Lieutenant’s servant, came with counterfeit keys and opened the prison door, where Wolfe’s wife was, and conveyed her out of the Tower with ropes tied to the embattlements; and after he had conveyed her down, he went down himself.” On the wharf below, they hid for an hour. Then Bawde found a boat and rowed them to the water stairs at the end of the Tower causeway. When they encountered the Watch, they walked up Tower Hill toward Mrs. Jenyn’s house, where Bawde had left two horses.

By Grenville’s account, Alice was “apparelled like a man,” so The Watch was suspicious. It took Alice and Bawde into custody and took them to the Lord Lieutenant.” “Wolfe and his wife shall hang in chains upon the Thames at low water mark. And Bawde is in Little Ease, and after he hath been in the rack, he shall be hanged.”Alice Tankerville and John Wolfe were shackled to a wall at low tide on the Thames on March 31st, 1534, where they were left until the rising tide drowned them both. After spending an unknown amount of time in a cramped, tortuous cell known as “Little Ease,” John Bawde was hanged and left to rot. The gold crowns were never recovered.

Sources: The Tower: 1078-1978, Derek Wilson, The Tower of London: Its Buildings and Institutions, John Charlton, The Five Most Daring Escapes from the Tower of London, article by John Paul Davis, The Tale of Alice Tankerville, article by Adam Grey.


Read the Democrat Playbook…


Identify the Aircraft



Identify the aircraft and the drones.


From the Interwar Period



Identify the Armor


Five of these were made.


Not an M-551


Parting Shot


At the Biden Rally

Yes, they all vote democrat

43 thoughts on “Consider That

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. A-90 Orlyonok
    2. Avro Lancaster
    3. Ryan Firebee drones
    4. TBD
    5. Grumman TBF Avenger, in French colors
    Identify the Armor:
    6. Neubaufahrzeug
    7. T49, prototype Sheridan turret mounted on M41 hull.

    1. #5 – The TBF/TBM was given a different name by the French (likely just because they’re French), who used them after WW2 in a utility role, and as I sit here at the computer, I can’t recall what it was, and thus can’t expect you to quote it.

  2. The money shot in Tucker’s speech starts at 5:40. Good stuff.
    You look at all that stuff that Comey and Hilary and Clapper (seldom do you find anyone more aptly named than he) and Schiff and Cheney and all those other azz-holes of the Oligarchy did to subvert/pervert those two presidential elections, and now a third, and you very quickly understand the thought behind “none dare call it treason” quote.

    1. I met both General Clapper (DNI) and Director Brennan (DCI) on more than one occasion. General Clapper struck me as a USAF officer, who was likely Peter Principled as a captain. Maybe as a major? The word “toady” came to mind when I was in his presence and remained my impression of the man. Dir. Brennon is a smug, ambitious man with eyes that can best be described as cunning or perhaps greedy. The Obamas (Barack and Big Mike) are the type of people who would steal the silverware if invited to a party. In each case, small, ambitious people were placed in positions where they would be the useful tools of others.

      Survival in the beltway requires that you become parasitic if you’re to prosper and float higher in the tide than other turds.

      1. unforturately wishful thinking:
        “Those who float higher on the tide tend to get stranded on the beach.”

      2. Did you meet Kamala Harris in the past? She (and Biden) are popping up, like an unpleasant reactivation outbreak of genital herpes, in my YouTube feed, and she comes across as a fundamentally unserious and also not very intelligent person. (By which I mean, some people are habitually jokesters, project an irreverent persona, or some other “nonstandard” behavior in the business setting, but they are actually really smart, and you can tell by the questions they ask, for example. She just comes across as kind of stupid.) What was she like off camera?

        1. I’ve met Willy Brown both in my official capacity as he was under investigation in Orange County at one point, and I’ve met him socially at Frank Fats, where he held court most evenings. The Infamous Person X had Willy marry him at City Hall in SF when he was the mayor. I never met Kamala, but Person X said that Willy referred to the current Vice President as a “self-propelled semen receptacle.” She was a pass-around girl among black politicians, having grown too long in the tooth to run around with the Hollywood set. It was a pump and dump situation. I think she’s even more stupid when she’s not working to look smart.

  3. I had always been of the belief that Jimmy Carter was the worst, anti-American President in history; I’m not certain I have since changed my mind even though the current holder of the office hasnt yet finished shredding the documents establishing the founding of our country.
    Carter’s pardon (I don’t care what excuses/reasons they’ve given for this action) was an outright affront to those of us who volunteered/enlisted during the period ’60-’75, as well as those of us who lost family and friends in SE Asia

    In re שַׁבָּת:
    I’d always felt that my first duty was to my fellow man/patient (have you ever had an unrelenting toothache, usually beginning very late Friday afternoon), besides which (as the old joke goes: “… if it was work, the sergeant would have me doin’ it!”), since when is perfoming root canals work? I’ve never met an endodontist who isn’t smiling.

    reports of Vladimir Vladimirovich losing the internecine border dispute:
    why am I reminded of the media reports of “the horrible losses” our troops were suffering in SE during the 70s and the terrible mismanagement by the upper echelons – did somebody/some country purchase our media to drive public opinion at home (the sheep)?

    1. Just got home from having couple crowns prepped.
      My dentist of 40 years just hums away while he’s “working”. I got him to admit that he admires the “work” he does sometimes.
      Today he said he’s going to get an impression from me. I asked if he wanted Nixon, Reagan, my mouth was all numb so I could do a great Biden.
      He suggested Marcel Marceau .

      1. Hahaha…good one….about spit out my non-gmo free-range organic-sustainably grown Doritos. (They’re new…might include too much Estrogen tho, so if I start sporting one of those weird mop top/side cut hairdo’s with the 3-day no shave look MrsPaulM will toss the remainder thus saving me from becoming a wussy he/him Democrat.)

    2. Carter was the worst post-Nixon president, until Obama came along, and then Biden floated up to the top.

      Before? Worse president post WWII to Nixon is LBJ. Who was as bad as Carter, but without the press.

      Starting in 1900, FDR far exceeded Woodrow Wilson as crappiest president ever. Though Wilson was close, he just only had 7 years to do evil while FDR had a few more.

      Here’s the thing, the only real issues we have with Carter are giving the Panama Canal back early and the Department of Education.

      LBJ totally screwed over the blacks, screwed over NASA and the Air Force regarding space exploration, screwed the military under Bobby “Strange” McNamara, screwed over 2nd Amendment followers with the 1968 GCA, screwed over Social Security, screwed over medical bills due to Medicare and Medicaid, screwed over what could have been a big win in Vietnam by restricting military action. All of those we’re still having issues with.

      FDR? That any people of Jewish origin ever voted for this anti-Jewish asswipe still weirds me out. And we’re still dealing with that deviant scum’s fallout. But most of his truly onerous acts were based on and expanded on actions taken by Woodrow Wilson. FDR just did it bigger, larger, more expensive.

      Wilson, his legacy of what to do to political opponents was the playbook for what the NAZIs did in Europe, including sterilization of undesirables, concentration camps for undesirables, Stasi-level spying by citizens against other citizens, seizure of property of undesirables, yada yada yada.

      Carter, in comparison to Obama, FJB, LBJ, FDR, WW, was a lightweight. Most of the evils perpetuated during his 4 years of Hell-on-this-Earth were due to Congress and the Deep State bureaucrats. His main failing was that he was a walking puss-bag with no real governing ability.

      1. So the American public of many era’s have no clue what a proper Statesman is supposed to be – or thsse you outline are total liars and poseurs. Could be both I suppose.

      2. FDR was such a hater of Jews that he appointed Henry Morgenthau Jr to multiple political posts, culminating in Secretary of Treasury, and backed his “Morgenthau Plan” for wrecking Germany.

        There are many many things wrong with Frank the Cripple. “Hatred of Jews” is nowhere near the top of that extensive list.

  4. I intend to vote for the Donald; I’m hoping he’ll pick Tucker Carlson as his VP
    the man is a brilliant speaker, great repartee, understands world politics, an excellent sense of humor –
    and laughs like Kamala Harris.

  5. Been surfing. Not in Michigan, Not a lot.
    Been out on the lake a few times when someone is wake surfing (big boat, throttles up and trims in a manner to throw a huge wake going slow).
    Fun to watch.

    1. I don’t surf either…skimboarding on the Jersey Shore in my [much] younger days. But even if I chose to take The Amazon…uuhmmm…blue rocket to Saturn to give it a go there’s no Shake Shack and board shorts won’t protect you from imploding into a bazillion vapor particles.

  6. >>Note that all these lies were never retracted.
    No one ever apologizes.
    No one is ever punished, even when the lie is given under oath.<<

    We now live in a time with different rules for different classes.

  7. VDH – (Warning, going to commit a major blog Seppuku faux pas by repeating a comment)…He lays this out perfectly (of course), irrefutable. Posted this earlier on your Extra post from yesterday:
    …and EXACTLY why The Founders drafted what they did…they knew the heart of man and knew that without a solid set of documents outlining the specific tenets that a micron number of morons, thieves, neer-do-well’s, and self-important idiots among the populace would ruin it for the 99.9%…altho, seems the stupid disease has reached out and touched at least 20% now, who relish screwing with the other 80% (Why is it the 80/20 rules applies so universally?)

    YET, despite that unassailable set of governing documents – designed specifically to keep us from returning to the King George England overlord crap – we find ourselves – at the hands of these cretins and power mongers – right back there (or very close).

    NO ONE will go to prison or be shot at dawn for treason…and there are plenty of freporbate cretins who have been identified who need that result. Those “people” suck royally, yet what can a simple man do? PDJT somehow manages to get back in the Set-O-Power ( as he should) and yes, success is the best revenge, but some (at minimum) heads should roll for this garbage. By the way, Putin is laughing at us while The Husk tries to walk and eat ice cream at the same time. Not good.
    (Angst-driven mini-rant over. Appreciate the deference to the repeat comment, I look to those men who knew what they were doing, not these grifters and amateurs who believe they are God’s gift to America. They are not, none of them could find the working end of a shovel if it hit them over the head — now, there’s a thought.)

    1. Hmm, in the vein of Mike_C it appears I created a Covfefe style new word: freporbate…aka reprobate only in NSA code.

  8. KJP is getting smoked by WH reporters right now. Loving this! Lying Carpet Munching shit bag!

  9. Serious stuff aside (and there’s plenty there) that Way Back machine is really cool. I assume it’s your creation.

    A Victorian vibe, with chicken-like legs to walk on, doesn’t quite look like the woman beside it could sit in it and go back in time – no seat or anything like one appears to be there – and what’s the sense of a time machine if you can’t go for a ride? Just don’t touch anything that might change the timeline!

    1. “ chicken-like legs to walk on”
      It’s Baba Yaga’s time machine.

      (Spelxhuk changed “Yaga” to “Gaga”. No doubt in honor of that Stefani Germanotta person. Cripes. More evidence that everything is a cesspool.)

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