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Muslims feel unfairly targeted following the recent Islamic Terrorist attack in Belgium. The people of Belgium are expressing interesting opinions on the matter that range from a species of outrage to outreach for peace.
Contrast that to the American attitude following September 11, 2001, when Saudi Arabian terrorists perpetrated an attack on the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and the White House (thwarted by heroic passengers on an airplane).
And a few years later, Muslims wanted to build a victory mosque across the street from the hole in the ground that had been the World Trade Center. Patriots managed to halt that construction project but the American progressive left excoriated them for “Islamophobia”.
Nobody is more culpable in the promotion of the “humanity” of Islamic savages than the mainstream media, which rides close herd on its reporters.
The mainstream has an uncomfortable and depressing view of the truth. The attacks that we’ve seen in Europe may or may not change the hospitable environment for Muslims, who have not joined the culture, who largely do not work (other than in the black market or in organized crime), and harbor terrorists.
I’m sure that some of you will think that I’m being overly broad in my condemnation of a faith. The freedom of religion is guaranteed in America. That is a pillar of our society. However brutish, crude and criminal behavior by members of a faith (to include ritual genital mutilation of women, honor killings/murder, systemic rape of women,  terrorism and murder, etc.) are not protected by law even if they are tenants of a savage faith.
Barack says that we will not discriminate based on faith when it comes to allowing immigration to the US. I say that we should look at Muslims very closely before even granting a visa. I’m guessing that there are passengers on those airliners that crashed into the World Trade Center, in that field in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon would agree with me.
Let Europe do what Europe does, but we need to take a firm stand.

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  1. "Barack says that we will not discriminate based on faith when it comes to allowing immigration to the US"

    Yet it is fact that while this administration allows 1000's of un-vetted Muslims in, they have effectively closed the borders to Christians seeking refuge from the Mid East. And somehow, his cohorts in the media and his "party" faithful refuse to see the hypocrisy of this so called Presiden. Amazing!

  2. Christians mess up by not following the example of Christ. Muslims mess up by not following the example of Mohammed. Both are sins according to their respective religions, but the one "sin" leads to peace.

    There can be no peace with real Islam.

  3. I think that you meant to say that Muslims mess up when they follow the example of Mohammed, a murderer and pedophile.

  4. Not doing that, following the example of Mohammed, is sinful for them, or "messing up"… The point being that Islam's an inherently violent/war ideology. Cf "House of War" etc.

  5. Here's my bit of professional journalism: Islamic faith should be wiped out.

  6. Clash of cultures, yes, I'll give you that, but, as Americans, I think we want to keep ours. If they don't approve, then they need to be stopped by whatever means possible. Do they give us a choice between us or them?

  7. Neal Boortz used to joke that America will reach it's pinnacle of diversity when our money will state 'In Allah we Trust'. But you will be able to use that same money to purchase a juicy PORK sandwich on any street in the land…

  8. We need to eat more pork. BACON for the masses. In fact the only thing that food stamps should buy is BACON.

  9. It's no longer a "faith" or a "religion".

    It's a terror-based political system masquerading as a faith or religion….

  10. And the Aussie journalists aren't immune to the urge.
    Because 3000 murders is just an asterisk.

    I owe you an apology, LL. I never realized this was your site! And an outstanding source it is! Congrats for the Doug Ross link this week, BTW. Like Arnold says, I'll be back!

  11. Islam has always been a political system first and a faith second. As such the terror component fits into it nicely. Mohammed based everything on conquest of infidels and the system of belief remains the same.

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