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I heard somebody call Gov. John Kasich a “dweeb” the other day. Dweeb means, “Dick with eyebrows.” I don’t think that’s true. He’s not a walking penis. The other word used in association with Gov. Kasich is “wonk”. The definition of that word is, “A person preoccupied with arcane details or procedures in a specialized field.” He’s definitely a wonk.
Some uncharitable people suggest that Kasich might be a secret member of the Trump team. The Ohio governor has been mathematically eliminated from contention for 1,237 delegates, but, after spending the early part of the primaries as an anti-Rubio spoiler, is now set to be the anti-Cruz spoiler. With Kasich in the race, Trump gets to 1,237 and without Kasich in the race, Trump falls short. Since Kasich’s only path is a contested convention, this makes his campaign, on top of everything else, a massive self-contradiction.
In other times, he would have obtained the mantle of “favored son of the GOP elite” and money would have poured into his campaign, but he has a track record of finishing fourth in a field of four. He even finished fourth in Arizona behind Rubio, who had dropped from the race a week earlier.
But Kasich soldiers on, giving hugs and suggesting that everyone get along and get behind the Washington Cartel (as Ted Cruz calls it – he may not be calling it that anymore because he’s now the anointed party favorite because as much as the elite GOP hate him, he can be bought and Trump is not a reliable purchase).

Kasich reminds me of a talkative and somewhat boring neighbor, prone to self-righteous rants. While it is true that if experience mattered, he’d be the front-runner, nobody cares about that this election cycle. Maybe the country doesn’t want the barber who rants while cutting your hair running the country? Even if he gives you a hug.

In other times, John Kasich would be a Democrat. It’s in his DNA, it’s his platform. Read it. He’d be slightly left of John F. Kennedy. Today with a 74 year-old communist and the Bitch of Benghazi leading the Democrats, he’s a Republican. But not a loved or even desired Republican outside his home state of Ohio. And while he considers himself America’s hope, Kasich advocates taking in Syrian and North African refugees. Maybe the recent terror attacks in Belgium changed his mind but he seems to think of himself as being too cool to do that.

The question that I have for you Kasich fans is whether a delusional candidate whose hubris extends way beyond profound obsession is better than a conservative nationalist like Trump or a  conservative preacher (and husband to a Goldman Sachs executive) like Cruz?

14 thoughts on “Kasich – Delusional Hubris

  1. People give him millions of dollars to be a wonk and run around hugging them. — interesting.

  2. I guess it beats working for a living. It clearly pays better.

    And while we're talking about money for nothing and chicks for free, a lot of inconvenient information about Ted Cruz's affairs with five women (somewhat recently), one of whom is a Carly Fiorina staffer, is becoming public. Lying Ted should have kept Mrs. Trump out of the race. Oh well, he can 'do a Swaggart' and say, "I have sinned".

  3. With the newest news about Cruz (awaiting proof myself) and trump being a mouthy asshole, Kasich is looking pretty good. As a thinking American, I really miss Rick Perry!

  4. After 7+ years of an America hating mouthy asshole, I'd choose an America loving mouthy asshole any day of the week, especially in November.

  5. This is the thing. Even DEMOCRATS (Gary Hart & John Edwards) went down behind illicit relationships, and usually they can get away with sex with farm animals or same-gender partners.

    Cruz is supposed to be a man of unimpeachable reputation but if the stories are to be believed, he paid $500K from campaign funds to shut up Carly's aid. Details will be forthcoming. There is blood in the water and while the MSM would give a man of color (Obama) a pass, they won't cut Lying Ted one inch of slack.

  6. I'm awaiting proof myself. And while Trump is clearly a mouthy, asshole, billionaire (with a Rule 5 trophy wife), he has a following that Kasich lacks. Rick Perry doesn't seem to catch on. I'm not sure why that is.

  7. The Hillary indictment is coming and the Kerry move to 'save the party' from Bernie is coming as well. I think that Trump is the logical choice because he does love America, he will pull voters (Reagan Democrats) from both sides and he will put America ahead of special interests.

  8. Hillary may be indicted, but I'm old enough to remember the run to indict Bill Clinton. The Senators spat out adjectives of his actions, vile, despicable, dishonorable, etc., but, and this is a big but, they didn't rise to the level of indictment. I fear that there is no way Hillary will pay for her many crimes.

  9. She won't pay for all of them, but I have a feeling that she will soon be paying for this one.

  10. I have heard that. The people who I work with in TX are none too fond of him. I don't have any personal experience with the former gov to say one way or the other. He's a politician…and my view of career politicians is generally negative.

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