Editorial: Silver or lead…it’s a common question posited by narocos. You either take the silver and play ball or you get the lead. It’s not unlike the pressure brought to bear on anyone who says that President Trump was a brilliant president, or that they are not gay/trans, or whatever woke BS is circulated at the time. Today it’s a test of character.

It’s clear that few people view the test for what it is. I’ve seen a lot of people fold like a piece of paper. It doesn’t mean that you have to be nasty and use the tactics of the left. The question simply put is whether the thirty pieces of silver that swamp will pay buys your obedience, or not.




Grind your axe, express yourself, today it’s an open book here on Virtual Mirage.  One question for possible discussion is whether you think of yourself more as a person of science or as a person of faith.

As a general rule, in the comments here, each person of good will may use both literal and figurative speech, or define their terms for the sake of clarification, each person as they see fit, provided only that political correctness and other forms of deception are not practiced.

It’s April 1, April Fool’s Day, but this open forum is not an April Fool’s joke.


  1. I was elected to our local school board a year ago, maybe not the best decision I’ve ever made, but I think god puts you in places of his choosing to fight the battles that need to be fought. I’ve spent the last year locked in a fight with the teachers union and reluctant administrators afraid to educate our kids in person. We are finally back full time after dragging them kicking and screaming all the way. Now they want to take credit for the decision because it is working. We have a long hard fight in front of all of us!

  2. Surely it is not presumed that science and faith are adversarial?

    I have a degree in Chemistry. I went back for a degree in Geology. Due to several reasons within and without my control, I dropped before getting the degree. One of those reasons, and it was a big one, was because of the massive egos of the practitioners of science.

    I had already worked in several chem labs and let me tell you, even among the shift chemists, there are egos. Now I had entered into the world of research – in Geology – and had already run up against egos which can only be described as massive and unyielding to any thought other than their own. I couldn’t – I wouldn’t! – abide such distasteful behaviors. That the money in geology had dried up at that time made the decision easier.

    I read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring when it came out. Again a few years later. I was disgusted with what she wrote but not nearly as much as seeing how the multitudes fawned over her as a modern day soothsayer.

    Paul Ehrlich is another. As he was lauded and hailed as the prince of Gaia he presented himself as The prophet of the new order. My words but accurate.

  3. The question of whether one is more a person of faith or science is presumptive, demanding one apply an either/or philosophy. To quote a popular meme, “Why not both?” Science does not demand the eradication of one’s belief in the Almighty, indeed, many scientists have a profound belief.

    To quote Chet Richards: ‘Far too many people believe that science is some mysterious entity which speaks in oracles and delivers miraculous new toys for people to marvel at and play with.  This form of Science is a Cargo Cult.  This Science is a kind of benevolent deity to be worshiped without understanding and without questioning. 

    Others have correctly pointed out that science is not a thing.  Science actually is a methodology.  It employs a dialog among competing ideas about the nature of reality.  Intellectual independence and controversy is an essential part of the process. 

    This dialog can only be resolved through experiment.  Only with intellectual freedom can experiments be defined which will show which ideas are correct and which are not.  As Richard Feynman famously said:  “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science.”’


    • Well said, particularly the part about science being a methodology. The silly people saying “I stand with Science!” tend to be ignorant and unscientific, who in another place and time would have said with equal empty-headed smugness, “I stand with Chairman Mao Thought!”

      I’m primarily a medical researcher, and spend a lot of time in the company of the same. Most of us with MDs identify first as physicians and not as “scientists” even though the press (and our professional organizations) likes to talk about our work as “science”. It’s even the case for the PhDs mostly. I’m friends with a number of medical physicists (MRI pulse sequence design, that kind of stuff) and they describe their own work as “mostly engineering with a bit of applied physics”. Not one single person I take seriously IRL has ever said (other than facetiously) “I do Science!”

  4. No axe grinding for me this morning (been doing too much of that lately, to no avail other than purging my spleen).

    More so, I weep for our Nation and fervently pray to God the Almighty – who gave his only begotten Son, who prayed to the anguished point of bleeding, for us – and will focus on His sacrifice in the hopes He will empower someone, anyone, to right the heeled-over ship that is our Constitution Republic.

    It is pure faith at this point. And that’s no April Fools joke.

  5. Raised a Catholic, left the church when I saw it circle the wagons and cover its own ass. Such hypocrisy. I do believe in a higher power; one cannot look at a stunning vista without sensing something larger that ones self.

    I am totally disgusted with the direction of this country. Since when is it required that I bow tothe will of someone who is “offended”? You have the right to be offended, you do not have the right to impress that upon anyone else.
    I think of everything we have lost in the way of rights since I was a kid. How many people want a hand out. When did it become “old fashioned” to pull yourself up by your own boot straps?
    I see how our government has, and still is, reacting to avirus that has a 99.7% survival rate. What the hell is going to happen when something really bad happens? It was just this side of martial law this time…and this wasn’t shit.
    I feel sorry for my children and my grandchildren….we are not handing them the country we grew up in.

    • They count people who died in auto accidents…so I think that the actual survival rate is higher

    • “bootstraps”.
      When they were rolling out the zerocare, I went to a townhall with my local dem rep.
      As the numbers showed, my insurance costs were doubling, the out of pocket costs were doubling, and the plan coverage was filled with useless twaddle-I wanted a plan to cover the cost if I get in a bad wreck, get cancer, or cut my hand off in a saw.

      After expressing my concerns, and illustrating that if my wife and I both got sick we would be out $22,000 before the “insurance” paid a dime, someone said, “can’t you just take the subsidy?”. My reply was that we were taught that a man took pride in being able to take care of his family ,look out for his own, and it was degrading to have to accept help from the state.
      They looked at me like I had two heads, or was speaking some arcane jargon.

  6. My view of my fellow humans is jaded from my years in the car biz. One takeaway is ongoing surprise as to how decent many people are even in a stressful situation like buying a car. One memory stands out. My manager had me take a “turn” as the salesman wasn’t getting anywhere. In short order I ascertained the couple were being completely truthful about everything. No subterfuge and no gamesmanship. Five minutes later the deal was done.

    My opinion, with no “facts” to back it, is the 80-20 percentage rule applies. 80% will take the pieces of silver. Continuing the rule, of the people taking the silver, 80% will feel guilty for doing so.
    If offered the silver, would I take it? I would like to think I wouldn’t but it might depend on the circumstances.

    • “My view of my fellow humans is jaded from my years in the car biz […] 80% will take the pieces of silver.”

      Yeah, well my view is jaded from medical school and Residency, and I agree with you. You know those TV shows where the good doctor defies authority because “I want what is best for my patient! Damn your stupid regulations!”? Not exactly unicorns, but rare. The medical training process rewards conformity and sucking up within hierarchy. The proportion of unprincipled suck ups is probably 10-20%, and another 20-30% are go along to get along types. Worse, the training pipelines are full of people from South Asia and the Middle East (I don’t mean descended from but American born, I mean direct immigrants from said places), where this sort of behavior is even more prevalent. There is obsession about titles and perks, but not about doing the job right. There is sucking up and shitting down. Of course, usual disclaimers (NAXALT) apply, but the patterns are clear.

  7. My first thought when I read “silver and lead” was “bullets.” Yes, SILVER BULLETS.

    These are well known for their impact on the forces of evil and we clearly need them in our arsenal right about now.

    Look at the ballistic gel and follow the science.

    • I looked into silver bullets a few years ago as a lark. Silver shrinks differently than lead, so if you cast silver bullets, they come out a slightly different size and shoot differently.

      Turns out you can buy premade balls of silver (used for jewelery making) in various sizes, some of which are suitable for shotgun shells.

      Double Aught silver buck, anyone?

  8. Today is April fools day, don’t believe anyone, or anything they say.
    Much like every other day.

  9. Facebook has banned “the voice of Trump” from its platform. This includes interviews of him, not just statements he makes sua sponte. This all sounds very: Trumpenschwein raus aus Borgland!

    There are probably more layers of irony in this situation than I can even count (Cantor might have to be evoked), but then, what do I know? What I do know, however, is that the masters of Big Tech are the real victims here. Då Som Nu För Alltid

    Word for the day: TRUMPENSCHWEIN.

    Discuss. I’ll get the ball rolling by noting it would make a good T-shirt. Also would be a good name for a band.

  10. Took lunch outside in the somewhat hazy sun, thinking, it will only be a little longer till we get some really glorious clear warm days—–

    And then I remembered the Worlds Most Irresponsible Man is intent on blasting reflective dust into the high atmosphere to block the sun and “cool down” the earth from global warming, never mind we are in the middle period between ice ages. The first thing they stress when doing restoration work on valuable antiquities is “do nothing that is not reversible”.

    Unproven gene manipulation for a piss-ant virus. Not one out of a thousand taking it knows what ADE stands for.
    Cloud over the earth because of a eco-fantasy. Does a one of them know we are in a cooling cycle?
    Using the planet for irreversible experiments is a BAD idea.
    Political correctness KILLS.

    We are close to reaching a technical development stage where a single person can destroy the earth.
    Particularly if they are ultra wealthy, less intelligent than they think, with arrogance to suit.
    It has been said about the effort to build self esteem in students sans actual achievement, that it results in those who have an unfailing belief in their own superiority, and an utter blindness to their failings.
    What was the quote? ” the worst are full of passionate intensity?”

  11. Mrs. and I took a turn thru New England in September 2019, and found my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather’s grave in a village in northern New Hampshire. He had migrated there from Massachusetts, and his head stone reads “A Revolutionary Soldier.” He was present and accounted for the morning of 19 April, 1775, and presumably effective.

    Of late I’ve had occasion to wonder what he might think of current events, and if he’d still have loaded his musket that morning if he would have known how things turned out. I think he might have. The issue was uncertain that morning, and it still is today, as it has been all along. Nothing new, is it?

  12. I don’t see faith and science as being mutually exclusive. They both go off the rails when they get out of their own lane and into the other.

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