Examining the ISIS Attack in Brussels

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The Islamic State (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the bombings in Brussels that killed more than 30 people and injured 140. ISIL claimed more than 40 people died and 210 were injured.

ISIS claimed responsibility: “We promise to bring the Crusader nations in the coalition against the Islamic State black days in response to their aggression against the Islamic State. What is yet to come will be far worse, God willing. Thanks be to God for His guidance and supervision. We pray to Him to accept our brothers among the martyrs.”

Another (counting up) two hundred and ten black-eye’d virgins were claimed. One American goal should be to use up all of the virgins waiting for martyrs and leave the dead military age Muslim men discontent and standing in line. Is it ‘Islamophobic’ for me to write that? Too late, I just did. In England, I’d be guilty of a crime for writing that. I’d do a lot of time in Ye Old Bailey if I lived there.
ISIS did an effective job. Their operation was well-planned and executed, and it reveals the extent of the support system that they have in place in Belgium (and France) and one can extrapolate that it’s also present throughout Europe.

Salah Abdeslam’s arrest is said to have triggered these attacks by ISIS. You remember Salah (pictured right)? He was a shot caller during the most recent attacks in Paris. In the five months since those attacks he lived with his family, in the open, in his home neighborhood in Brussels. The Belgian Police didn’t observe him because they avoid going into the Muslim neighborhoods. It takes many people and many locations to execute successfully a complex bombing attack, as occurred in Brussels and Paris. What have we learned so far?

Lessons Learned

The terrorists and their support systems are not emerging from refugee camps, as they do in Kenya or Nigeria, or from Muslim ghettos. They live in or use respectable neighborhoods. That affords them easy access to the materials for bomb making and to private vehicles. They appear respectable. The leaders and bombers seem to be naturalized citizens more often than one might expect. That is the sign of a sophisticated sleeper agent program.

The Belgians and other tolerant, liberal, generous European welfare states have often made it a crime to criticize Islam. Their security forces appear to be unaware of how deeply they have been penetrated by terrorist cells and the border-free European Union only exacerbates a serious problem. ISIS trains its people and sends in professionals to do its dirty work. Their operations are complex, well funded and well supported locally (as we’ve seen in Paris and Belgium recently).

There will be more of these attacks until somebody somewhere decides that the savages need to be dealt with harshly.

Update: From Fox News

Belgium declares a day of peace and love with an outreach of understanding and caring to Muslims worldwide in response.

26 thoughts on “Examining the ISIS Attack in Brussels

  1. Yes, harshly. I recommend a sonic attack. Simply fly helicopters equipped with loudspeakers over Muslim homes and turn on Yoko — LOUD. That'll neutralize the target and please the libleft Europeans.

  2. The moon-bats are organizing a Day of Peace and Love, or some such thing. Yeah – that will make everything better.

  3. There will be much more of this, until we understand that winning a war cannot be accomplished by any consideration whatsoever to 'collateral damage.'

    We are at war. To win it, we must give it all we got. To include putting aside any concern whatsoever about civilian casualties. Terrorists understand that they can mingle within civilian populations, and are therefore immune from attack.

    That immunity must end. No other way to win. This fact is not even arguable. War is hell.

  4. Historically there were things that worked and there were things that didn't work. Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended WW2. — to your point.

  5. Perhaps it's time to test some advanced targeting systems with low-yield weapons.

    I suggest Mecca and Medina to start…..

  6. I didn't offer a veto on driving them from the west with the melodic screeching of Yoko Ono (human version of fingernails on a chalkboard). I'm suggesting that it could be a multi-pronged approach.

  7. Apparently the only ones with balls enough to do the job are the Rooskies and the Israelis. We'll see.

  8. We need to stop worrying about collateral damage on their side because the collateral damage is adding up disproportionately on our side. Just taking the Brussels incident, three or possibly four took out ~30 innocent lives and injured 230. I don't think those are favorable odds.

  9. It's not Islamophobic if they murder innocent people. They contend that it's unfair when we drop bombs. You have to understand the metric that they work with and that the progressive left has swallowed.

  10. The Hungarian President came out today saying they too are on a war footing… Those are NOT people the jihadist want to mess with!

  11. I don't see as Europe has much choice.

    Naturally the progressives will brand it Islamophobia.

  12. In the aftermath, the bleeding-heart progressives are all crying that we shouldn't judge the whole because of the actions of a few and condemning the world for racism.

    Except…blaming others for their problems is exactly what progressives do and Islam is not a race.

    The ignorance of the people in the West astounds me.

  13. I think that if you walked around any campus and took a survey at random from the inteligencia present, they would overwhelmingly affirm that Islam is a race, not a religion.

  14. I can assure you that the level of unrest in England is bubbling. Despite our liberal nature and acceptance of all, opinions are changing. I find it interesting to see a lot young people having a very different take on the matter and being far less tolerant. Somebody from my neighbourhood was on the Brussels metro and leaves behind a wife and young child. Horrific. I don't know how you can stop these attacks coming because they live among us now.
    Anyway, let me tell you this: Last night I went out for a couple of drinks with my friends to raise a toast to a departed loved one. We walked outside to a table and as I came out, a Muslim guy was on his phone and he looked me up and down as I passed. He then came up to me and said "I want to F***K you." Nice eh? I said "I beg your pardon? What did you just say to me?' He said it again and asked me if he could. "No you can't you muppet," I replied, "And what makes you think you can talk to me like that?" "Because you're a white girl," he said, "How much to F**k you?" How much, really, he asked me how much. "I'll give you twenty quid" he said. I didn't know whether to be more pissed off with his comment or that I was only worth £20! I've met some arseholes in my time, I really have but I have never had an English bloke speak to me like that.

  15. Jules: your encounter with that muslim scum is indicative of the problem we all have with muslims. They bring their low life culture with them wherever they go, and muslims are not what any other culture would call civilized.

    Uncivil behavior needs to be sanctioned severely at every level. Muslims seem to think it ok to throw acid in women's faces of whom they consider in the wrong (on any topic). They consider it just fine and dandy to murder someone because their honor has been questioned (honor killings).

    We can certainly accommodate people who come from foreign cultures here in the US, and the UK as well; IF they embrace the local cultural norms, and leave behind their fetid, putrid culture where it belongs – in the toilet that is the Middle East.

  16. The rag head would have his head stove in if I heard that here. But it's certainly part of their culture. I think that the nature of America and Americans make that sort of conduct less likely. I realize that it's common in Europe, but I couldn't imagine that in Texas, Utah, Wyoming or Oklahoma, for example. Not even in tolerant and liberal California.

    Better that they are removed to their own fetid desert to live among their own. It's interesting to see that both Poland and Hungary no longer accept these human lice, fleeing from what they created for themselves.

  17. The US has been a welcoming place for people of all races, faiths and cultures. With Islam, we have taken in enough. Trump is absolutely correct. I realize that the US has allies who are Muslims and they should be welcomed to VISIT, but all of them must be scrutinized with a tight lens simply because of the crude and savage nature of their faith.

  18. Poland has refused to take 7,500 Muslim refugees. Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said she did not see “any possibility for refugees to come to Poland after the Brussels attack.”

    How else can rational, civilized nations view these people?

    I'm just pleased that there is an ocean between us and them (by in large).

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