Pelosi attacks us as un-American

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Who the heck to do you think you are, Nancy? The last time I looked, you took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Furthermore you are a REPRESENTATIVE (look at the name plate on your desk, perhaps it will refresh your recollection). Who do you think you represent? And since when is making one’s voice heard “un-American”?

I’m one of those who make my voice heard. I am an American. I served my nation under arms during several small and large wars in COMBAT. I was decorated for heroism. I was commissioned an officer by Congress. I worked as a police officer. My ENTIRE LIFE has been devoted to government service, most of it IN HARM’S WAY. I take offense at your characterization of me and people like me who exercise their First Amendment Rights as “un-American”.
The Public pays your salary. They contribute to your retirement. They pay for your executive jet and for all your expenses. They do this so you will REPRESENT THEM and ME. Have you read your job description recently?
Maybe you’ve lived the life of a vainglorious politician long enough. Maybe we need to work to replace you with somebody who won’t be afraid to listen to us. Don’t worry. You’ll still have a job as a talking head on MSNBC or one of the state-run media networks. And you’ll have your Congressional pension to live on.
Representative PelosiI thank you for your service to this country and I think it’s time you find another job.
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