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After the Snow Storm in Arizona


The Progressive Agenda is Expensive

Gasoline prices topped $3 a gallon last Sunday in nine states and the District of Columbia, part of a steady national rise since November that some analysts expect to hit the $4 mark soon. I see it heading to over $5, which will lead to spiraling inflation and much higher interest rates, which will slow the economy, emerging from the plague year. The poor are always damaged the worst by these “social welfare initiatives.”

Politics in Washington and around the globe can move gas and oil prices, but energy analysts say that’s not what is happening. They also warn that President Biden’s climate agenda likely will exacerbate the rise in fuel costs. Biden has signaled a massive tax increase to launch the Green New Deal. Congress is inclined to rubber-stamp anything.

Retail prices for gasoline and diesel have jumped nearly 30% since November, when the average was $2.20 a gallon. It’s the sharpest increase since the late 2000s, when motorists had to pay $4 per gallon on average to fill their tanks.


Antarctic Exploration

(above) HMS’s Terror and Erebus in the Ross Sea, 1841, by Captain John Edward Davis 1841

Davis was Second Master and Commander of Crozier’s Terror and a number of his drawings (the first ever of the Antarctic continent) were used by Ross to illustrate his A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions during the years 1839-43 published in two volumes in London in 1847.

James Clark Ross penetrated the pack-ice in January 1841 sailing into the clear water of the unknown Ross Sea and sighting snow-covered land on 11 January, thereby becoming the first to discover a sea route to the continent. McCormick on the Erebus saw and named an active volcano (Mt Erebus) and Ross was the first to see and chart the South Polar Barrier which he named Victoria Barrier and which was later named the Ross Ice Barrier. He made two further navigations of the Ross Sea and Weddell Sea before returning to England in 1843.


Wisconsin (from the e-mail box)

A blog reader e-mailed me and asked me why I didn’t post anything about Wisconsin. Here you go, mischief managed.


Ah, Back to Normal

In about six weeks, the US is getting back to normal. The price of gasoline is up $1.00, we’re bombing the Middle East, thousands have lost their jobs, borders are open, toy potatoes are offensive, Coca-Cola needs employees to be less white, tax payers are funding foreign abortions and donkeys are working hard to “legally” destroy the Bill of Rights. On the bright side, we have inherited a multi millionaire Prince and Princess who have had a rough time. They have been victimized everywhere they’ve gone.


Navigating a Cruel World

“Bone” is a character that Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) conjured  up as his fake pal from the ’hood. The “Bone” would now and then materialize to prep the yuppie Booker on his street cred. He talked about Bone when he spoke to the inner city. Bone was the umbilical cord of authenticity with the underprivileged black community for Booker—the vegetarian, Rhodes scholar, Stanford- and Yale-educated, privileged child of two IBM executives. Having a fake friend, who you can quote, is very progressive.

Bone is a lot like Jussie (Juicy) Smollett’s alt-white bullies. They were hunting for nonwhite prey with bleach and a noose. Unfortunately, they picked on the wrong guy and met their match in the wee hours of the morning in Chicago’s subzero temperatures.  The diminutive Smollett fought them both off—while still holding his sandwich and using his cell phone.  Yeah, Juicy is that good. He has some moves on him.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, are victims too.  The royal couple’s new $15 million home is not far from Oprah’s $90 million estate. Recently in an interview, the two detailed all the racial slights they suffered from the apparently inveterate racist British royal family.

One royal supposedly even inquired about the possible skin tones of their soon-to-be-born, young son Archie. Such were the Torquemada inflicted pains that the hip young royals had to suffer from these Heart of Darkness imperial leftovers!

Oprah sympathized. She, too, had been a victim of systemic racism when a clueless Swiss clerk once declined to show the world’s most famous celebrity a locked away $38,000 crocodile purse. There may have been a concern that Oprah would steal it.

It was difficult to determine whether Oprah’s gripe hinged on the alleged race-based arrogance of the minimum wage clerk. Or, as Oprah put it, “Obviously ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ is not shown in Zurich.”

Biden’s Boondoggle Covid relief bill gave billions in aid to farmers, but only negro farmers. Of course.

It’s a cruel damned world.





…If you think they’re using that money all of that money from the US for gender studies (after the kickbacks to US politicians), you are part of the problem.



100 years ago, amidst a world of fire, blood, and slaughter, the Cossacks of the Don under the leadership of Pavel Kudinov rose up in rebellion against the Bolshevik regime in what is known as the Vyoshenskaya Uprising (charge of the Don Cossacks pictured below). The rebellion was to stand as testimony to how the Red Terror of the Bolsheviks could turn the populace against them.

For centuries the Cossacks had loyally lived under Russian rule. In spite of their near savage or barbarian status the Tsars had kept them loyal by allowing them to keep their own leaders, their own traditions, customs, music, language, and for some time even their own uniforms. Over the years they had built up their reputation as the hounds of the Russian Tsars with stories of their brutality and savagery striking fear in the hearts of their enemies long before ever meeting them on the field of battle. When all others had faltered the Tsars had always been able to count on the Cossacks to hold their ground and unleash their wrath upon any rebels or dissenters as they had in 1905. When Tsar Nicholas II had made the call to arms in 1914, the Cossacks had eagerly answered with alacrity, galloping to the front with a zeal for plunder in their hearts. The value placed upon the Cossacks was seen in 1916 when the Russian military was undergoing a mechanization wherein they had many cavalry units dismounted but chose to let the Cossacks keep their horses.

A contract of respect, privilege, and tradition had thus long existed between the Cossacks and their Tsarist masters. This was all thrown into the air with the Revolution of 1917. The newly empowered Bolsheviks had no intention of retaining the privileges of any social group. Their egalitarian agenda called for all subjects to get in line as ‘good Russian sheep’ and in 1918 the Bolsheviks had disbanded the Don Cossack Host on Russian soil. Rather unsurprisingly, the Cossacks did not respond well to this and, with a few exceptions, turned to the Whites.

By early 1919 the Russian Civil War was in full flow and in the south the Whites of the Don Army had suffered a serious setback on the Tsaritsyn Front as many of the people there had defected to the Reds, having grown tired no doubt of the ineptitude and indecisiveness of the Whites. As the Don Army of Ataman Pyotr Krasnov retreated south in defeat many of the Cossacks of the Upper Don simply went home in the hope of coming to a reasonable peace settlement with the Reds. The Bolsheviks however had no respect for the Cossacks and ordered not only that they hand up all their weapons under threat of immediate execution by the Commisars but that all their property be confiscated and any money which was not of the new Soviet currency be banned. As the Red Army marched south through the Cossack villages they looted and robbed as they pleased, stealing bread and horses at will. 300 Cossacks were shot by the Reds, adding fuel to spreading rumors of execution lists being distributed among the Chekists that had earmarked hundreds of Cossacks from almost every village for death.

Unwilling to tolerate such disrespect and humiliation, the entire district almost spontaneously erupted into open rebellion against the Bolsheviks with the Cossacks rallying around Pavel Nazarovich Kudinov and Kharlampii Yermakov – both of whom were to make appearances in Mikhail Sholokov’s civil war epic entitled “And Quiet Flows the Don.” The Reds were caught completely off guard by this. At a time when Kolchak’s armies were pressing them from the East, the Allies were attacking from the north and south, and the renegade German units and national independence movements were thwarting them in the West, it seemed as though they had pushed things too far and that they might actually lose the war. Fearing that a precedent might be set for other portions of the Russian people to rise up against them, they diverted 14,000 soldiers from the front to try and repress the Cossacks. Their efforts however could not extinguish the fury of the Cossacks and before long the Don Army, now regrouped under the command of Ataman Afrikan Petrovich Bogaewsky, took advantage of the situation and rode to the aid of their Cossack brethren. Within a couple of months the Cossack insurrectionists fighting side by side with the Don Army had pushed the Reds out and had regained control of Millerovo and Lugansk.

Though the rebellion was in this sense a success it was not enough to turn the tide of the war. The Whites were to remain as indecisive and uncoordinated as ever and within a few years the same Cossacks would be forced either to emigrate with the rest of the Whites and live in exile patiently hoping to some day return, or grimmer still, stay in the new Soviet Russia where they were subjected to decossackization (Raskazachivaniye) and to collectivization. More than half of all Cossacks were either killed or deported between 1917 and 1941, though they enjoyed a brief restoration of their glory days with the ban on their service in the army being lifted so that their fury could be unleashed upon the Wehrmacht. The Don Cossack Host was resurrected in the early years of the Russian Federation.

28 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. Hopefully, this blog can serve as a library where all the political changes can be listed until the next Presidential election. It is always helpful to have a list of what changed. They built a barbed-wire wall around the Capitol building while they opened the borders to Mexico and millions of illegal immigrants arrived. They shut down jobs in the oil industry. They increased taxes and so on… The middle class continued the decline in purchasing power. They started to support the Chinese industry… they started new conflicts and wars….. Crime increased…. Millions of people moved out of states where the Dems governed….

    What about a new Ice age? Biden can save money and speed up the process by increasing nutrition to algae in the ocean. They produce something like 50 to 80% of Oxygen. Read more about the Iron hypothesis in Nature, or now a paradigm and one of the major discoveries in oceanography.

      1. The blog could then write ” in 2022 The Democrats found millions of lost votes from the election 2020, all in favor of Joe Biden and the current Congress after the new figures were accepted by Biden gave the Democrats 92% of the member of Congress” Since the numbers of Democrats are so overwhelming Joe Biden decided it is not necessary with more elections. AOC agreed and Nancy Pelocy was elected for a lifetime. The Big tech companies running the state and media together with a few billionaires made sure there was no discussion.

        1. The blog could write that, but the blog will likely be wiped out by the government as it spreads its bat-like wings and devours everything. Big tech will only want its narrative to be heard.

      2. There will probably be continued “elections” for the White House…and other offices. The difference of course being now the outcomes of all such elections will be PREDETERMINED.

  2. Yep, gas here is up 55 cents a gallon as of last Friday (I’m sure it’s higher now). Super (all our cars use it, so IDK the price of regular) was $2.49 circa the inauguration (and most of last year), now it was $3.04 when I last filled something up.

    Five+ bucks a gallon by Summer, for sure. No Dem will care though, they all know the Peasants shouldn’t have cars anyway – those are for Their Masters.


    1. The donkeys will remind you that you should have bought an electric car. Up here where it’s a long drive to anywhere, electric cars don’t work. A recent arrival from Seattle bought a place about ten miles from me. He had a Nissan Leaf. He said that it didn’t have the power to climb the mountain or the legs to go anywhere and back. He used it as a commuter in Seattle. Now it’s for sale. Gas or diesel here. Or an expensive hybrid.

      1. I’ll start taking electric cars seriously if they can ever get me from Kansas City back home to RI in 21.5 hours, keeping ahead of a big snowstorm in February. Like I did easily with a 10-year-old used gasoline car, back in 2015.

        Until then, they are just double-plus Conspicuous Consumption.


  3. All the Cossacks, as pictured, are right-handed.
    I wonder if they were forced to be for effective close fighting, despite some undoubtedly being left-handed.
    Violinists suffer that restriction (as otherwise bows would clash in a tightly-spaced orchestra).

    1. You don’t want a leftie swinging his saber and taking your ear off in a close packed formation. The same with a shield wall. History records that they fought right handed even if otherwise inclined.

  4. Speaking of “Bone”, second cousin to a black Harvey the Rabbit, was the alleged Corn Pop ever found? Proof of life, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    To me, one of the big mysteries of the late campaign is why this obviously bullshit story wasn’t investigated thoroughly.

    1. Corn Pop is apparently alive and was interviewed. His recounting events was slightly different than Biden’s. He did say that he was a gangster as a young man.

  5. The price of gasoline is way up, $2.65 where it was under $2.00 not too long ago. Thanks go out to whoever’s running things. I see that they want a large tax increase. That’s always worked well if you want to hurt an economy. Now another “assault weapons” bill is in the works with the same idiotic definitions. No more of that shoulder thing that goes up if they have their way.

    1. Defund the police and disarm the public… yeah, that will work. Very progressive.

  6. Booker is a scumbag and moron. Nuf said on Mr. Spartacus. The eventual plan is to make everyone a ward of the state, and right now half the population loves getting “free” checks every month instead of working, it’s like eating Lays potato chips…can’t ever stop.

    Fuel is usually a good economic indicator; energy independent = lower prices, a Biden presidency that is beholding to foreign powers (aka payback) = screw every American citizen at the pump.

    1. Biden has vowed a massive tax increase for everyone making over $40K per year. Of course that will rest on top of the fuel price increase that increases everything that comes by truck. One of the joys of a democrat administration is that painful refrain.

      1. “You get more of what you subsidize, less of what you tax.”

        Then we have more “symbolism over substance” BS…and like clockwork the Dem’s bring race into this appointment regardless of merit:

        “Representative Deb Haaland made history on Monday when the Senate confirmed her as President Biden’s secretary of the Interior, making her the first Native American to lead a cabinet agency.”

        Per Wiki she’s half Norwegian half “Native American” (not sure why that’s in quotes), and identifies as a 35th-generation Laguna Pueblo New Mexican. She attended 13 public schools across the United States before the family settled in NM (military brat, h/t to her parents service.)

        The adults left the room the morning of January 20th, turned the place over to the imbeciles, grifters, and feel-goods who are wrecking our country from the inside out.

  7. Great bit of Cossack history. I liked the way they dealt with P Riot, but that’s just me. And lucky Zurich, no Oprah!

  8. I’m still trying to grasp (P)regressive thinking. Gasoline is heavily taxed, by the gallon. Less consumption, less tax revenue. Higher prices lowers consumption. Less use of streets and highways means you don’t need as much revenue to maintain the infrastructure. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

    As a bonus, fight man made climate change.

    1. The progs want us all to live in hive cities, where we walk everywhere. No more cars ruining the planet.

  9. Our preferred gas station, Hico, locally owned and now a 76 station has been triggered by a big brand new Maverick station kitty corner. It’s fun to watch the gas war going on between the two. Surprisingly, Wallyworld’s pumps, just spitting distance down the road are higher by a dime (at least they were a few days ago.) The gals at Hico told me there have been days Wallyworld has changed their price three times in one day.

    That being said, people have no idea of what’s coming. As gas goes up, so does the price of groceries and all the other stuff which is trucked in – can you say all of it? I’ve already noticed grocery prices going up quite a bit. Add to that the lock downs and loss of jobs and we may be seeing depression era soup lines soon.

    It’s all depressing as hell!

  10. ” They have been victimized everywhere they’ve gone.”

    The psychology is fascinating, isn’t it? I don’t know about Hewitt and Markle specifically, but there are definitely people who go through life convinced that they’re always victimized for absolutely no reason at all. At some point a normal person would think, “Hmmm. The only common factor in all those incidents was me. Am *I* the problem?” But not those people.

    1. Introspection is not in the nature of royals, or so it appears, with the actress wife.

  11. Gah. We will all be Cossacks under the new Progressive regime, disarmed, taxed, property seized or hunted like wild animals, even if we rise up against our new masters.

    1. Inspiring tales though of the entire pot of water spontaneously reaching the boiling point at the same, unpredictable time!
      Supposedly even Caesar needed the consent of the govern, to rule.

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