Palestinians – the World’s Most Accomplished Victims

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Of all the groups of victims on the planet, the Palestinians have to be considered to be “world class”. Their citizens populate ‘foreign guest worker’ ranks throughout the Middle East and they are servants of the wealthy Arab states.
Palestinian culture is one of victimhood, and they have no one to blame but themselves. The “international community” including the U.N. and dozens of other NGOs that have turned them into a welfare economy and fed their Islamist revenge fantasies of destroying Israel. Of course, that’s what all Muslims would seem to fantasize about — destruction of the US and Israel. (“Big and Little Satan”, respectively)

The bottom line is the well worn statement that if Hamas laid down their arms there would be no more conflict with Israel and if Israel laid down their arms there would be no more Israel.
The present clash of arms is part of a conflict that goes back somewhere on the order of 4,000 years over who owns the land. It didn’t begin today and it will not end today. The next US President is likely to be more pro-israel than Barack Hussein Obama, a closet Muslim. Therefore, the Israelis are unlikely to run out of napalm and bullets anytime soon. 
Rapprochement is the key to success on the West Bank, and in Gaza and that’s precisely what Palestinian leaders are fighting against. War leads to misery on a massive scale and perpetual victimhood — which the Palestinians revel in. War also means that sponsor nations like US ally Qatar, will continue to pump money into the Palestinian state, which fills the Swiss bank accounts of the leadership, the overflow sprinkles out onto the population in the form of payment for gunmen.
A new poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research shows 61% of both West Bank and Gaza Palestinians say they’d vote for the terrorist group Hamas’ leader, Ismail Haniyeh, for president if elections were held today. 79% of those queried said they believe that Hamas won the war which, it clearly lost, and 72% favor exporting Hamas’ terrorist tactics to the West Bank. While stupid is not an excuse for anything, the talent for self-delusion would seem to run deep with the population of Gaza. Maybe they need to be nominated for the first NATIONAL DARWIN AWARD?

The Israelis are tired of peace talks with Hamas, which is by every possible measure and meter, a terrorist organization bent on the destruction of Israel. Israel has been very circumspect during the present armed engagement and careful in its treatment of the Palestinians. I suspect that those days of tender treatment may be coming to an end as Israel’s patience becomes frayed. 

8 thoughts on “Palestinians – the World’s Most Accomplished Victims

  1. There have been problems in Israel for some time now – and no end in sight. Perhaps the "Jewish State" should have been formed in Wales or Southern France.

  2. If Israel had only kicked all those maniacs out in 1967 we'd be discussing discount vacation plans in some beautiful, luxurious beach resort in Gaza. Oh well.

  3. They should have, but didn't. They could have bull-dozed the slum, put up vacation condos and fancy hotels and the Palestinians from the Other Bank could have found employment there without the need to bomb and kill…but what fun is there in that? Better to get free food from the UN and do-gooders (such as the Obama Administration that pumps 100's of millions there every year) and wage war.

    War is far more interesting than honest employment and keeping your family alive — if you're a Palestinian "victim".

  4. A Palestinian once offered me "100 camels for your wife." He was being sassy. I should've shot him.

  5. I'm not sure what a camel is worth, but even one is worth more than a shrew. Therefore, the reaction one would have might depend on the nature of the wife that they want.

    The Farmer's Cursed Wife –

    Well the devil he came to the field one day
    Said it's your old woman I'm a gonna take away

    Oh take her oh take her with all of my heart
    And I hope to my soul that you'll never never part

    Well he took the old lady all up in a sack
    And off to Hell they went clickety clack

    Well they got her on down about half of the road
    Says the Devil, "old lady you're a Hell of a load"

    When he got her on down to the gates of hell
    Says punch up the fire, gonna scorch her well

    Nine little devils come a draggin' a chain
    She took it away and she knocked out their brains

    Ten little devils went a climbin' the wall
    Sayin' take her back Daddy she's a murderin' us all

    Well she found the old man lying late in the bed
    She picked up the butter stick and paddled his head

    Away she went whistilin' over the hill
    If the devil won't have me I wonder who will

    Well that goes to show you what a woman will do
    She's worse than the devil and she's worse than you

  6. Before my daughter joined the Army she spent a year at the American University in Cairo. Her younger sister flew there to visit. Now our younger daughter looks like her mom, a beautiful, swarthy Italian, which could pass for an Egyptian. Some old guy wanted to buy her. He offered camels and goats.

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