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Finland 1944

Sisu – is now in theaters

In late 1944, during the Lapland War, prospector Aatami Korpi lives alone with only his horse and his faithful dog in the remote wilderness of Lapland. Aatami spends his days panning and mining in search of gold. After uncovering a rich deposit, he collects a hefty amount of gold nuggets and mounts his horse, heading for the nearest town with his dog in tow.

The movie provides an object lesson. Leave old men alone. The lesson is usually ignored…

Bullet Points:

** I’m being ostracised for nonconsensual mindreading.  What is the world coming to?

** A Woke Pest –  Seven University of Wyoming sorority sisters publicly revealed in an exclusive interview Monday a giant transgender student is sexually preying on them and making their lives a nightmare. Artemis Langford, who is referred to under the male pseudonym Terry Smith in the suit according to the New York Post, has been living outside the women’s sorority house.

** LGBTQIA2SC+  Observers and conservative voices in Japan are increasingly uncomfortable with President Joe Biden’s ambassador to the country, Rahm Emanuel, inserting himself in domestic politics, particularly pressuring Japan’s legislature to pass a law against LGBT discrimination. The Japanese understand what a sexual degenerate is.

** London – Before Covid arrived on the scene, there were four types of pneumonia which when added together amounted to the highest cause of death in the UK.  And according to a Director of End-of-Life Care, the newly implemented Medical Examiner System to certify deaths during the alleged pandemic meant Medical Examiners were falsely certifying these pneumonia deaths as Covid-19 deaths. And by doing so they were creating the illusion of a deadly pandemic in the public eye.  – shocking. Where are the public floggings, the hangings, the deaths by slow torture to explain to all that this bullshit shouldn’t happen ever again?

** In Arizona – Lake’s legal counsel said that there were more than 274,000 ballots that were approved in less than three seconds apiece.

** Prince Harry Car Chase – Meghan probably was banking on a “crash” that killed off Harry so she could spend the rest of her life as a Professional Widow to fund her flamboyant Hollywood lifestyle and affairs.

** SiG discusses Artemis – It’s expensive, but the Swamp kicks back to politicians so nothing is TOO expensive. “The most recent Federal budget I found a record of (article from 2012) was in 2009.”

** Nothing to see here…  A railcar loaded with 30 tons of ammonium nitrate (fertilizer/explosive) left Cheyenne, Wyoming, on April 12. The car was found to be empty after it arrived two weeks later at a rail stop in the Mojave Desert, according to a short incident report from the explosives firm that made the shipment.

** Adidas has launched a new women’s swimwear range for the brand’s ‘Pride Collection’ featuring male models wearing sports bras and women’s swimsuits. Here is a video advertising their new women’s collection 👙⬇️💬 pic.twitter.com/3tKgNbwDKP


Identify the Aircraft



49 thoughts on “A Frank Exchange of Views

    1. IDK what #1 is, except some sort of liaison machine. Looks like a mashup of Grumman / Vought / maybe Brewster, but I don’t think it’s any of them.


      1. I think O-52 Owl Reconnaissance aircraft was used during Vietnam War in the early years. I’d have to look it up. What made you think Grumman?

        1. Probably the shape of the fuselage and the landing gear being very reminiscent of the F2F, F3F, F4F and F6F.

          I assumed it was a Grumman product also due to it looking like a Grumman.

  1. Identify the aircraft:
    1-Curtis O-52 Owl Reconnaissance aircraft USAF.
    2-Martin PMB Mariner seaplane.

      1. Thank you Sir. Sent last post a little too early but floggings would be acceptable along with hangings and death by firing squad which correct me if I’m wrong but two of those punishments are in the constitution. Used for “traitors.” I say Atilla the Hun for President 2024.;)

        1. Atilla was a politician as were the Caesars. Julius did well until he decided to pack the Senate with Barbarians, eroding the old Roman control of that institution. Then things went sideways for him. Sic semper tiranus and all that.

          Octavian’s rule as essentially a tyrant brought about pax Romana but he didn’t do good succession planning. It’s a tricky business.

          1. Yes Sir I did know that he was a politician. Attila’s sons ultimately squandered the empire he built. I often forget that the Hun’s empire was as big or bigger than roman’s, Greeks, or any other empires of that region… besides the Chinese now.

  2. With all of the Chinese immigrants (all male and of military age) penetrating all of our borders the past 2-3 years and settling all over the US typically near parts of the country that hold our critical infrastructure I’ve got a pretty good idea who might be responsible. Look at the uptick in train derailments alone this year or past 3 years. It’s only a matter of time before that 30 tons of ammonium nitrite residue shows up on PLC’s to trains, electrical substation grids and all other parts of our critical infrastructure that are wide open. These sleepers are just waiting for a green light from Beijing to execute their objectives on our command and control and ever weak and crumbling infrastructure. They know our administration is compromised and are watching the RATS jump ship i.e. Susan Rice, that pos Miley, Pelosi, Clappers, Brennan’s, Obama’s, a Biden appointed pentagon policy chief just yesterday(see link below) and the list goes on and on. The Chinese know this and may not get a chance like this again. I agree completely with you LL that there is no accountability for these evil people who commit crimes against the constitution w/ impunity and answer to no one when they tuck tail and run. However God says in Romans 12:19-21 “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,”says the Lord. As much as I want to see these people be Keel Hauled, disemboweled, draw and quartered or all the above I just have to trust in that scripture. It’s the only thing that gives me some peace.


    1. The FBI lost 500 pounds of C-4 that they were tracking in the vicinity of Los Angeles International Airport some years ago. It was in the hands of Middle Easterners and had been smuggled up through Mexico along with proximity detonators. I fully expected to hear of it but for whatever reason, the terrorists didn’t use it. But it’s still around – somewhere. The detonators were hidden in toys that originated in Lebanon.

      The Bureau classified the whole mess, but I didn’t obtain the information in a classified format so I can discuss it. The odd thing is that these sorts of things surface all the time and usually don’t result in a 9/11 result.

      1. Yeah it happens all the time. I and put some guys from Dep.of Energy through a shooting package many moons ago. They told me what they could but you know how that is. These guys were all business and had no time for stories but some of them sounded straight out of a Clacy novel. I remember when that 500lbs went missing. Can’t say much about it but yeah it makes you think. Cartel bubba’s know how to smuggle as you know all to well (hence the toys) but the Kurds are right up there in my book. Kurds or Cartels??? as far as being the best smugglers.??? I’ll say the Kurds.

        1. It was my people who were first contacted by the mule who moved the 500. He knew that it was’t dope. It first went to an apartment owned by a terrorist family in San Diego and then went to an apartment in Orange, CA, rented by a Yemeni Navy officer. He’d moved on but we sent a dog in who hit on a spot, cut the carpet and sent it to a lab where it tested positive. Then moved to LA. At that point I was ordered to turn it over to FBI, who lost it.

          That’s the Reader’s Digest version. My equipment was far superior to that used by the FBI at the time. Oh, well.

    2. x2 “Vengeance is mine”. Time for Him to raise up a few “administrators” to effect some real change. They come for me and mine, I am willing and ready to make the stand. “Life is too short, eat dessert first” is my new program as one never knows when the bell tolls for thee, might as well go out defending truth and righteousness.

      It would be nice if I could finish a few projects first…leave in a good way.

      1. Yes Sir. Have a little experience with life being too short. At the end of the day I have to live with myself and answer to the man upstairs whenever he decides to punch my ticket.

        1. Exactly. That absolutely brilliant line given by King Baldwin IV in Kingdom of Heaven always comes to mind:

          “A king may move a man, a father may claim a son, but remember that even when those who move you be kings, or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before God, you cannot say, “But I was told by others to do thus.” Or that, “Virtue was not convenient at the time.”

          This will not suffice. Remember that.”

  3. A two-hour car chase? In NYC? Has anyone ever seen traffic in NYC? There is no such thing as “near catastrophic”; it’s either catastrophic or not.

    This happened less than a week since Charles’ coronation. What a coinkidink! Hmmm, looks like the Harkles are playing the Diana card – they seem pretty thirsty for publicity.

    I’m calling “bullshit” on this.

    1. Wow, bullshit — they’re royal, you know. At least formerly royal. The harpy’s part negro status (poor little rich girl) has made her a victim and naturally, poor old cuckolded Harry goes along with “I’m a victim too”. Nobody cares about them so they need to stage this sort of publicity hunt, to reaffirm to all that they’re important and victims.

      I’m thinking of collecting canned food and old clothes to deliver to their Malibu mansion so that they can keep going for a few more months.

  4. How many times did Rahm visit Epstein island? Somebody should ask the FBI.

    “IA2sc+” We’ve still got some letters available; I wonder what it will look like before the election?
    Ballot verification is less than 3 seconds. They will need faster computers this time around.

    1. The flight logs (providing you flew on the Lolita Express) to Fantasy Island are out there, but there is no record of the private jets that landed there and disgorged revelers. The FBI has the library of digital video from those romps of the rich and famous and likely some record of the fate of the sex puppets/children who were used.

      SPQR – the praetorians gained a lot of power such that they eventually became Caesars in their own right. That could happen here but would need to happen while all of the swamp creatures who partook are still alive.

      1. I think they have already taken over. What’s left of the Senate is either to corrupted or to cowardly to take any action.

        1. Director Wray feels that it’s better to own a president than to be one…

  5. UW, Laramie- A few years back the university geniuses came out with their new slogan: “The World Needs More Cowboys”. Agreed wholeheartedly….except there were zero cowboys/cowgirls in the marketing program. Instead “cowboys’ was supplanted by empowered females, none in a proper Stetson.

    Laramie is now a town partially overrun by Lefty’s that went to school and stayed. Their warped mentality was/is showcased by the Matthew Shepard false narrative homosexual hate crime…it was a drug deal gone bad with a former ‘lover’. Laramie is an I-25/I-80 drug conduit, Shepard was a mule and male prostitute. (But you won’t hear that in the “news”. Want truth? Read Stephen Jimenez’, “The Book of Matt”…and why The Homosexual Community Shills worked overtime to silence and discredit – to the point of direct threats against him and his family – the honorable DA who had ALL the facts. In their demand to keep the lie alive each year “The Town” has a “day of remembrance”.

    “Truth is not a left-wing value, they lie with the ease in which we breath.” (h/t Prager)

    1. we”re dealing with overt mental illness lauded in/by the media
      and it appears no one has come up with a workable solution
      (even the churches appear to have begun to praise the works of man)

      1. It is rampant, seemingly without end as they come up with new Satan-driven insanity each day.

        Twisting/torturing the Gospel to meet secular thought is an abomination…they “will not be known” to God.

    2. ” In their demand to keep the lie alive each year “The Town” has a “day of remembrance”.”
      Just like Orlando and the rainbow flag celebrations around Pulse. No mention of the terrorists actual motives.

      1. The deranged employ a push narrative at any cost, truth or facts be damned…it’s all about the symbolic visual aspect for them.

  6. Watching the teaser/trailer and comparing the war movies of the 40s/50s with the gore movies of today…
    Weellll… the older movies instilled a patriotiuc fervor (and I say it without embarrassment; the United States of America as it was at that time was very important to me, the son of immigrant parents – with papers).
    Sisu: weellll… not so much

  7. Sisu- Yeah, don’t assume an old guy will take your injustice laying down or assume he’s an easy target. A more modern era “Gladiator”. The soundtrack sounds a lot like something from The Hu but was all original by Finnish composer Juri Seppä and guitarist/composer Tuomas Wäinölä.

    On the Watch List.

    1. On an associational side note, “Sisu” was the name of Captain Krausa’s starship in Heinlein’s “Citizen of the Galaxy.”

  8. totally off-topic:
    I’m making book on how soon Japan will join BRICS
    Rahm Emanuel appointed ambassador to Japan was a mistake/slap in the face

  9. If the Feds are reducing the amount of fertilizer going to farmers one could almost suspect that the Feds made the fertilizer disappear. Except this appears to have been accomplished with more finesse and ability than the Feds have demonstrated in recent years.

    1. While in the fertilizer shipping end of the ammonium nitrate manufacturing process, I’ve seen some interesting things happen with bulk and bagged ammonium nitrate shipments via truck and/or rail car. Unusual, but not impossible, for a rail car to arrive at a destination completely empty, or a hopper car having the remains of a fire built on top of the load of ammonium nitrate. Several ingredients necessary to create a rapid disassociation of the material inside that particular hopper car were missing, so the assumption made was a hobo trying to keep warm.
      Cletus Valvecore

      1. Sometimes interesting things are very obvious. My dad told of a time when a truck got a load from NAD Hastings and headed west. At some point (maybe a bit west of Minden, NE???) the truck went boom. For a while that stretch of highway was unusable until they filled in the crater and resurfaced the highway.

      2. Hell brother you can get some cold packs from CVS and…well you can figure out the rest.
        sta safe-

  10. My one experience with New York traffic makes me call into question the veracity of the whole car chase thing. It is too bad they are both addicted to attention and will seek it out by any means.

    Adidas. Darn I liked their shoes. Oh well their are other brands and I don’t run anymore anyway.

    A Woke Pest. Don’t these young ladies have older brothers or fathers? I believe that would handle the problem pretty well. Not even a need to get the authorities involved. And yes, that is vigilantism but when nothing else works that’s what society will devolve to since the other option is anarchy.

    Ammonium Nitrate. I have this mental image of a trail of little white pellets leading from where the stuff was loaded most of the way to that siding where the loss was “discovered” Somebody forgot to latch the hopper shut and every time the car went over any kind of jolt a little more ammonium nitrate jiggled out. If it actually was stolen you have to admire the logistics ability of whomever took it.

    SISU may have to go on the “buy the DVD list.

  11. Discussion of explosives does bring back some memories for me.

    In April of 1973, a west bound Southern Pacific freight train pulled into the Roseville, CA rail yard. Several box cars were loaded with MK 81 bombs bound for Vietnam. One of the box cars developed a “hot box” coming down hill and began to burn in the yard. The train on an adjacent track had tank cars full of LNG. The narration of the video below is a bit cheesy, but I chose it because it shows a tank car exploding at the 3:21 mark–


    I was attending Sierra Junior College at the time, and sleeping late in my dorm room, roughly five miles from the rail yard. It was one of these blasts that sat me bolt upright out of a dead sleep. Later in the day, some friends and I drove up Sierra College Blvd to the top of the ridge. We had line of sight to the rail yard, and could see the bomb explosions. It was surreal, as the sound would be picked up first by a reporter’s microphone somewhere in the area, and we would hear it first on the car AM radio, then about five seconds later the sound would reach us.

    1. I was in Davis, about 30 miles away and it woke me up. In 1980 I was up at the train yards in Roseville and talked to a guy who’d been there the day it all blew up, he kicked gravel and pulled out bomb fragments. I used to keep them on my desk… been years since I’ve seen them.

      1. The video says “originated in Hawthorne, Nevada” and if you’ll pull up that town on Google Earth/Maps, you’ll find a ginormous ammo dump, beaucoup bunkers everywhere.

  12. Looking forward to Sisu, might get an idea or three… Re the ‘missing’ C-4, we got an ‘alert’ on it at certain bases. And that whole mess in NYC is bullshit. There is no way that happened like they said.

    1. Planning to re-watch Angel Has Fallen, the cabin in the woods scene (Nolte’s place)…lot’s of perimeter defense ideas.

  13. Rahm Emanuel: don’t hate him, he’s just doing what nine-fingered tiny dancers do. That said, instead of Japan, can’t we send him to the Democratic Republic of the Congo or some similar place where there’s a nonzero probability that he might be killed and eaten?

    AZ: I read that a handwriting expert witness FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY testified that the number of incorrectly “verified” ballots was certainly greater than Hobbs’ “victory” margin. (This doesn’t mean automatically that Lake was the winner, only that lots of ballots that should have been rejected were counted.)

    1. Rahm being eaten by non-whites would somehow satisfy the demands of equity and inclusion.

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