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This is a rant – be warned.

Illegal Aliens Fox News – Illegal immigrant students could cost the US $761 million. Sep. 02, 2014 – 2:18 – Dan Springer reports from Seattle. If we have $761 million (nearly a billion) just laying around, why do we want to use it to educate illegal alien children? I know — because they’re victims. Victims of the circumstances of birth? Because they were born in the Third World. There are more children born in the third world than in the developed nations. I have no problem doing what we can to help raise the living standards of people living in the third and fourth world nations. But why are we spending $761 million on FELONS who are here ILLEGALLY.  Right, because they’re victims?

Inner City People: Ferguson Missouri –  If Michael Brown had been killed by a gang-banger or from “beefin'” with some hoodrat, all would be normal in the black ghetto where he lived. No headlines, no mention, no cares or worries. If he’d been high on whatever and staggered into the street to be hid by a passing bus, it would have been entered onto the police blotter – nothing more. It only became an issue because he was killed by a police officer following his participation in a robbery. Nowhere does that victim mentality run deeper than in the ranks of the New Black Panther Party.
How many black children have members of the New Black Panther Party adopted, how many youth do they sponsor with scholarships? Do you see them scrubbing graffiti off walls or opening stores in the ghetto where nobody else wants to? Are they helping to reclaim homes by painting and repairing wrecked dwellings in predominantly black neighborhoods?
Indians – Life tends to dump on everyone irrespective of special circumstances. I’m part American Indian. The US Government shot down unarmed Indians at Wounded Knee (after the Indians were dumb enough to hand over their firearms to the army). Does that make me a victim? No, but it means that there were some naive Indians back in the 1800’s who believed that treaties meant something other than a license to steal.

Jews – A lot of people don’t like Jews. The photo (right) shows what happened to Jews who decided to disarm.  Victims? Sure, but wouldn’t it have been better to die free and fighting than with a bullet in the back of your head in a ditch? In way too many situations, victimhood is a choice. If 6 million Jews had fought the Nazis instead of marching passively to gas chambers or to their demise, I’m guessing that even if each Jew had only killed one Nazi (taken one with him/her), Hitler’s ambitions would not have gone anywhere…and a lot of those 6 million dead would have not died under those circumstances.

Women – Women comprise more than half the population of the planet. In democratically elected governments, they have the option to control more than half of all of the votes cast. And they elect men by in large…while many women are unhappy that men are in charge. Universal suffrage has been in play for a very long time in most countries (except Muslim nations) on the planet.

Enabling victimhood is to deny the ability of a person to take charge of their own destiny. I’m not saying that some people aren’t screwed by the circumstances of their birth (disabled, born stupid, born in Bangladesh, etc), but most of us have it within ourselves to improve our situation. We simply have to be willing to do it. 

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  1. Problem is, MANY don't want to improve their situation because that would require real work… sigh… Free cheese and all that…

  2. By way of summary (commenting on my own blog), people should not be upset by the results they got from the work that they didn't do.

  3. There is an ol cowgirl saying that pretty much covers it: "I'm awake, if you want bright eyed and bushy tailed go find a squirrel."

  4. If you meet the squirrel on the road, shoot it. Before it starts claiming "victim benefits" in our bold new socialist utopia.

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