Captioned Photo: Coming article on China – partially plagiarised, I think. It’s difficult for me to recall who told me what, when, and under what circumstances over the past twenty years.  Coming Sunday, instead of the sermonette.  Ok, it’s a sermonette (but not really a polemic). Yes, the photo is from Blade Runner.


Photo – Memory – Response

I was not born in Edinburgh, Scotland, but I grew up there in many ways. So when I view this photo, my immediate reaction is “home”. The castle dominates the city. I lived on the other (west) side of the castle. A friend from those days (his big sister was my girlfriend) called me on July 4 to wish me a happy Independence Day. Other friends from Scotland and England also called. It was nice and made a good day even better.

I moved around a lot in those days. Eventually returning to the US was not an easy thing for me because it meant being more responsible.



If you do her wrong, you’ll wear the ax…



Thank you, President Trump.


Australia’s Highway 1 – the longest highway in the world.


2019 numbers




Quotes for our Time



  1. I love Edinburgh, and stayed, for a short while, on the other side of the castle. Bladreunner’s awesome too, unlike our Globalist Elite Overlords.

  2. or wake up missing an appendage….sad map re:births to unwed mothers….exactly why were we trying to overthrow syria again? oh yeah, russian pipeline….funny, while reading this, the idiot box featured zealots screaming for mandating the vax. what happened to “my body, my choice.”? they can vax my dead body. i’m beginning to think gates et al have been using a fountain of youth drug, perhaps the fabled adrenochrome….never been to scotland, though my dna says i come from there.

  3. I never threw an ax, but years ago I was pretty decent at tossing tomahawks. A photographer from a local paper once took an action shot of me throwing a double. I’m in the background in my followthrough and the two hawks are parallel in mid flight. A cool picture that I wish I had a copy of.

  4. THAT photo…yeah…and the stonework, still sound after all those years.

    Ms. Axe-Thrower can take care of herself, the boots are a dead giveaway, had a pair for years, hated them, clomping around, heel to high…but props to her.

    When the wealthy get bored they become dangerous. Linda needs to be careful, he may look like an old nerd but what lies beneath isn’t pretty. Special place in Hell for those cretins.

    Aussie Hwy- Would it be better to start at Darwin, or end there??

    • Start and finish in Darwin. Sydney (I live in Sydney when not overseas) and Melbourne, whilst great cities, are just that. Cities. In my opinion Darwin is a great town. Not too big and not too small. In fact, it is my favourite city. The locals are what you would expect the typical, laidback, Australian to be. A great variety of people, from all over the world, so there is a wide variety of food. Best to go either at the beginning or end of the dry season. Weather is usually good, not too many thunderstorms. When they do come then they are usually in the late afternoon/early evening. Unfortunately, in the middle of the dry season, the place fills up with tourists and backpackers. Best to avoid the wet season. A lot of the bush roads become impassable and large areas. particularly in Arnhem Land, are inaccessible. Rain, lots of rain, high humidity, and the locals have a tendency to go what, in local slang, is called troppo. The violence rates spike up then, as well as the suicide rates.

      • Paul M. I have just realised, after sending you the above short piece on Darwin, that it is just over ten years since I was last there. Probably changed a bit but, probably not as much as the rest of the country.

        • Things are very different everywhere as officials run open loop, an underlying oppression and the aware are in suspicious mode 24/7. I liked your commentary on Darwin, sounds like a neat place. On the more tongue in cheek in my question, would I get a Darwin award for starting or ending there? Hehe

          There are so many great places in the world to visit, many off the beaten track, like Darwin. I do need to get to Scotland, in my heritage, and LL’s picture simply invokes a sense of oldness that invites a stroll thru.

  5. Been to Edinburgh a couple of times when I was stationed in England. Great town. We stayed in Ministry of Defence (spelling the Brit way intentional) housing outside of Glasgow. It was only a forty five minute run from one side of the country to another. Also took a couple of trips on the Whiskey Trail. The stories those blokes would tell you once they knew you were military were fantastic.

    Unwed mothers…the US has spent the last 50-60 years pushing the idea that promiscuity is okay and then incentivizing it by Welfare; more kids more money. It will take just as long to instill a new mindset as it took to instill the first one.

    Axe throwing, hmm, may have to set something up behind the barn.

  6. Hah. I love it that Darwin is so far out of the way of the rest of the country that the highway doesn’t go through there, it’s on a spur.


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