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There are things to consider

Plague Vax

Studies published to AAHA have suggested that mRNA vaccines increase inflammatory markers in patients. The CDC announced that 80 percent of COVID-19 Omicron “variant” cases were found in “fully-vaccinated” individuals.

Forty-seven percent of Omicron cases have been found in those individuals who’ve only received the first vaccination, with 33 percent of cases identified in people with both vaccinations and boosters.

There is no indication vaxes and masks don’t stop you from contracting or spreading the plague. If you’re otherwise healthy, they can harm you.

Hillary (It’s My Turn-Again) & Back Door Pete

With the abject failure of Jo/Ho in the Executive office, the Democrats are offering a reprise for that team with Hillary and Mayor Pete.  An old woman & notorious crook and a former mayor of a lackluster city, famous for being homosexual.  Hillary’s tagline would seem to be “I won’t be as bad as Pres. Brandon”. She may fizzle out before 2024, but right now she’s more or less all the Democrats have.

The Swinging Pendulum

(Gateway Pundit) Virginia – way to go!

Virginia’s new Attorney General Jason Miyares fired 30 staff members and announced investigations into the Virginia Parole Board and Loudoun County Schools within hours of being sworn into office.

Governor Youngkin banned divisive Critical Race Theory, mask mandates at schools, vaccine mandates for state employees, and withdrew from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).


Identify the Tanks

What was right with it and what was wrong with it?

Some of you might get this one (below) off the bat, and I don’t know if they ever actually saw combat, but they were production tanks (limited run)


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  1. Italy’s Ariete MBT, very much a Cold War national beauty project. All of 200 were made, though the plan was for 600 + to replace all our Leopard 1. These went unreplaced, period, and the Ariete replaced the M-60 in Italian Service.

    Issues? Too light and insufficient protection, event though it will eat Leo 1 and early model T-72. To undeerstand this, do note that the M-60 was deemed too heavy for most Italian road bridges. The Ariete is still heavier and better protected than the M-60.

    The main beef is the end of the Cold War, curtailed production, major cuts in Armored forces, low in service numbers, and no serious upgrades since. They are being upgraded now, as the engine, transmission, and sights are obsolete. It can still give good service. I’m not sure it has enough weight reserve to install Trophy or other APS system, but I’ve noticed no requirement so far. I’m sure it will come.

    The other limitation is, of course, numbers. The italian Army can field only three, three-company battalions (armor is very much a branch of the infantry, no cavalry panache allowed), and only one Battalion was set to be fully modernized. This may change, as Army leadership realized heavy armor is essential.

    Future plans are quite clear: we’re set to purchase sone 250/270 MBTs, most likely whatever France and Germany come up with, enough for four battalions. One of the major items on the Army’s wish llist is to set up a second mechanized brigade alongside its lone armored unit, hence the fourth Bn. The real project, however, if ffor an MICV: the Army favours the Lynx (our German Armor expert will rejoice), but IVECO has put together a national contender based on its Freccia and CentauroII work, in order to keep the company alive.

    I’m confient the Italian Army’s armor branch will have a renaissance of sorts. But the real money is spent on the nay and Air Force.

  2. Ah the Mickey Mouse watch. Got in trouble with the XO for wearing one of them during an ORSE review. So much for that NAM; though the inspector laughed his ass off though. C’est la vie.

    1. You should be allowed to wear the Mickey Mouse (Miguelito Raton) just to remind yourself of how Mickey Mouse the military can be, and that it can’t help itself.

      1. I’m looking for a Biden version, but it would never be right. Maybe a Fauci? It’s always right.

  3. I just talked to a guy I know. He asked how I was doing with the covid and I told him about the night sweats and he said he’d gotten them to.
    Then I told him about the hallucinogenic dreams during the night sweats and he was amazed because he had them too.
    And he had had the shots.
    And he had previously had covid.
    He didn’t think he had it this time.
    Until he talked to me.

    1. I had the original Covid strain in January 2020, Delta strain (caught from a double vaxed and boosted person) early last month. Both were miserable, but I’m typing this so I survived. Are our friends in China prepping for the release of a new virus? Stay tuned for Thursday’s blog.

      One of the problems with Covid 19, both strains, is that the symptoms remain to some degree for months after you’re no longer positive.

      The Americans (Fauci and friends) who participated in the creation of this frigging bioweapon that crippled the world need to be tried, taken out into a public area – maybe in front of the White House, stripped and flogged, then imprisoned for life. No quick death allowed. As to China, we need to boycott all goods and services that ever touch the PRC. But that’s just me.

      1. I am 85 years old but hope to live enough longer to see our own Dr. Mengle hanged. Dr. Fauci almost puts Dr. Mengle to shame.

  4. First tank looks like a model, too tidy, and that little stabilizer castor on the roll-y “tank” sure would take a lot of stress.

    The watches don’t truly showcase the Dumbo-level of ineptitude and asinine from those two morons in the WH, EVERYTHING they touch turns to crapola. ‘Course, maybe that’s on purpose to make HRC (Gag me with a pitchfork!) look moderate by comparison, and Pete-Weeee is an absolute Manure Burger that makes the Impossible fare look downright substantial. I say let the Dem’s continue on their delusion tour, it might just be their undoing.

    Virginia…there is hope when the amateurs and grfiter’s get taken to the woodshed by the adults in the room. Desantis/Sears 2024 — let the games begin.

    Invasion of the Urbanite’s: Adjacent property came up for sale (rare), made an offer to maintain the status quo. Nothing. Then – despite “appointment only” and private road/property signage – we had the realtor invasion coming in unannounced or escorted as if they were entitled (said as much). All realtors looking for a steal to turn for a profit while the general public never saw the listing. Listing agent lied straight to us, sat in town for his 6%. Realty has become a grift that drives prices up on the locals, with higher valuations/taxes. Modern locusts.

    1. I’m sorry that you’re being invaded by people who are likely more woke than you are. We had that happen to a very small degree. There is very limited land around me for sale because it’s all national forest.

      1. They proved everything about the last two-plus years. One woman was in sneakers asking what trash and cable service we use. Thought MrsPaulM was gonna launch on her, but she contained her contempt, told her “It’s 28 miles up the road.”

        1. Hahaha

          Some very self-contained preppers moved here from Oregon about 18 months ago, very nice people. They live about 5 miles from me. He was a professor from Univ. Washington and they lived somewhat remotely in WA and he commented. The woke drove him and his family of four (wife a nurse – 3 grad degrees) from Washington. They are serious preppers, and even they had to make adjustments to their new circumstances.

          1. It’s harder to live where we do, and many are disillusioned to what it takes. It’s a lifestyle, and has to be purposeful with preparation. Eventually they want pizza delivery, and the tougher weather forces them out, with For Sale signs popping up at feeder roads in Spring, ready for the next batch.

          2. Prepping has to be localized. A lot of what we had in Kommiefornia is usuable here, but we had to add localized items because the weather is much different here.

        2. Money talks. As a debt collector (mortgages) I get paid even if I can’t get access. A couple of pictures of the No entry/private road/no trespassing signs is all I need. Works for me! Saves time and I don’t risk getting shot.

          1. You’re smarter than the average bear, a locked entry and signage is not a deterrent for a growing segment of the general public. The last two years has emboldened the entitled, tell them “No” and they get indignant. Very difficult maintaining a Godly approach, but it’s acceptable invoking some table turning righteous anger.

          2. Pizza Delivery – That’s funny. Or a pub where they can sit with others and have a tap beer and a sandwich. It’s all available, of course. You have to be willing to drive an hour each way.

            We have a number of expensive “summer cabins” – some 8,000 sq ft+ that belong to doctors and lawyers from Scottsdale (AZ) who never visit. The taxes they pay (without thinking – likely their accountants write the checks) keep the Fire District in business. Those who do come up in summer often let their young children drive side-by-sides on mountain roads at breakneck speeds. They are then amazed when said offspring smack into trees at 80 mph or go sailing off narrow mountain roads and their necks are broken.

      1. The Old Dominion fights back. I’m proud of everyone who banded together to banish evil in Virginia. Your new crew is emblematic of what everyone else needs to do.

        New York City is very close to that tipping point. Another 4 or 5 years will see the city looking like The Omega Man.

        1. We need to fix the nation as a whole. I realize that everyone wants their locale repaired from the damage caused by Democrats, but there is a larger picture.

    2. The Ariete Pic should be of one of the first factory models, on its first outing. It was that new. Turret MGs now sport added shields, and there are other innovations.

      1. I try to make them slightly difficult to identify, thus the first one out the door made it to the blog.

    3. Well, it’s better than being in a town being invaded by urbanites of color thanks to expansions of Section 8. First the rental properties are occupied, then big “affordable housing” apartment blocks, and as crime rate increases and properties degrade, people get out while before their property values degrade too much. It’s happening here.

      1. True. We have a proper Road Association and boilerplate Covenants to protect the flavor of the area. If you ingratiate yourself into the place and make no “townie” demands then we’re good with leaving you alone and being a good neighbor willing to assist at a moments notice. The rural/cowboy way.

  5. the va. triumvirate is hitting them hard. after a few weeks of licking their wounds and whining, they”ll be back in full disinformation mode. they already tried to undermine youngkin w/ his voters by made-up reports that he hired lefties in key positions. facts don’t matter, why would science? and omg, the screaming has already reached the heavens over the mask/vax. its great that the new administration has started out the gates but it’ll be a long haul yet to restore sanity…..scotus ruled against the mandate. slojo says ignore that, enforce it anyway. shouldn’t that be grounds for impeachment? yeah, i know….i say we should be able to vote a county/city out of our state, like that survivor show. that, and/or vote ourselves out of a state. …you know, i bet ol abe never thought it would turn out like this…..meanwhile the cia, patooey, says russia is prepping a false flag in ukraine. well forgive me if i don’t believe you. russia doesn’t need to pull one, and that’s cia fav bag o’tricks. first “we’re not going to war over ukraine” , now “we must defend til the death”. slojo isn’t senile, he’s schizoid. i have no interest in glowing to defend the slojo/pelosi/clinton grift playground.

  6. Before we write off the Democrat Party’s prospects, let us remember how we got saddled with Xiben/JoHo.
    “I regard it as completely unimportant who in the party will vote and how, but it is extremely important who will count the votes and how.” Joseph Stalin
    There is pushback on that quote by the organs of the (P)regressives.
    Do the Chinese question the accuracy of that quote? Was it Chinese money that made the corruption of our last Presidential election a tsunami? Will they abandon what has proved to be successful?
    My point. I see little real effort, nationwide, to kick out the corrupt election officials. Without that, I fear we are in for more rigged elections and the end of a Constitutional Republic. F^^k democracy. A partnership of New York City and Los Angeles County would be running the country (into the ground).

  7. Even the tanks the Italians design look good.

    If the Republicans win whomever gets elected President next time around will hopefully follow Governor Youngkin’s example and we will be in for some wholesale firings. I know it is hard to fire Civil Service employees but you can sure reassign them to do something else. I would be willing to pay them for doing nothing, not even let them have access to a government computer since at least the would not be actively moving us to a dictatorship.

    WSF has a good point, what motion have we made to change out corrupt election officials?

    1. The Italians do have a genuine sense of style. When I lived in Milano, the fashion (not tanks) was everywhere to be seen. I dress well in a suit but conservatively. I was not mistaken for Italian.

      Reassign all civil servants to Hawaii. They can’t complain and the place has gone to the dogs anyway. They will be bumping into each other but the key must be “do no harm”.

      1. I was thinking more vehicles than cloths but you have a point. As far as vehicles go they all pretty much look stellar but I am not at all sure if any Italian automobile manufacturer ever made a reliable vehicle.

        1. It all depends on what the end user desires and the intended function. Few Ducati, Ferrari or Lamborghini users would say their vehicles are anything but reliable, but these are not everyday use vehicles, and maintenance is expected.

          Fix It Again Tony. Yes, I owned one, been there, done that. They’ve now far more reliable, and have some of the best diesel engines on the mass market. On the other hand, the moniker was born when that specific manufacturer build low cost, mass market cars that were simple (and relatively cheap) to fix. Fo, Fix It Again Tony. It made sense back then.

          And now to Jeremy Clarkson’s favourite sports cars, Alfa Romeo. They used to have low sound insulation between the engine and the driver’s compartment, but no one complained. The true Alfista poured gas and oil on one end, and got speed, noise and sheer power on the other… And massive attention to detail is lavished on the engine compatment, as Alfa owners gush about it.

          1. I had a Fiat 850 here in the states and liked it, even while I was fixing it.
            And I had a Fiat 134 in Italy when I worked there.
            I like it a lot.
            A friend of mine there had a Fiat Dino.
            Great car.

      2. Ah, Milan. Nice. I lived on the Via Solferino for a time. Not far from the Galleria. Nice. Negronis were key, I recall.

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