* The ingredients in plant-based meatless hamburgers are identical to the ingredients in dog food. The primary investors in this new type of soylent are Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates.

* National Public Radio,  your tax dollars at work. Conservatives and journalists were quick to criticize NPR’s new “disinformation reporting team” on Saturday as many pointed to the outlet’s initial dismissal of the Hunter Biden laptop story and more. After the mid-term elections, Congress needs to defund them. They have legacy funding that will keep their vicious lies rolling but the taxpayer portion of their funding needs to be curtailed.

* Let’s Go Brandon – Only 17% of respondents rated the economy positively, the lowest in nearly 10 years. Eighty-four percent said it is in only fair or poor shape. And a 52% majority thinks it will be worse next year. This is the first time in intermittent surveys going back to 1998 that over half have felt the economy will be worse a year from now. Meanwhile, 52% have changed their summer travel plans because of gas prices, 70% have had to cut back on other spending to afford necessities, and 75% say inflation has caused them financial hardship — up from 67% in December.

* We must be free not because we claim freedom but because we practice it. – Faulkner

* A new ad from Gov. Kristi Noem is fueling presidential rumors. The South Dakota Republican, who’s campaigning this year for a second term steering her heavily red state, has been running ads on Facebook in recent weeks that detail the family struggles she endured as a child after the death of her father, showcase her steering of South Dakota through the COVID crisis without implementing shutdowns, and tout the state’s current economic standing and the increase in families moving to the plains state.

* From the article: The bulk of Dr. Birx’s book is a brag fest about how she kept subverting the White House’s push to open up the economy – that is, allow people to exercise their rights and freedoms. Once Trump turned against her, and eventually found other people to provide good advice like the tremendously brave Scott Atlas – five months later he arrived in an attempt to save the country from disaster – Birx turned to rally around her inner circle (Anthony Fauci, Robert Redfield, Matthew Pottinger, and a few others) plus assembling a realm of protection outside of her that included CNN reporter Sanjay Gupta and, very likely, the virus team at the New York Times (which gives her book a glowing review)

Birx should be tied to a post and eaten alive by ants.

Even that would be too kind of a fate.


Warsaw Uprising, Poland, 1944. Barricade at the entrance of Szpitalna Street to Napoleon Square with a built-in Jagdpanzer 38t which was obtained during the fight.


Identify the Armored Fighting Vehicle


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  1. One day my boss at the time brought in a meatless hamburger from BK and was telling all of us about it and my response was “I don’t eat like a cow, I eat cow” and he never made another remark or we never saw meatless hamburgers.

      • Back 35 years or so, McDonalds was in trouble trying to procure chicken for its McNuggets. Because Purina kept outbidding them. For to use in cat food.

          • Yeah, turned me off of McNuggets even before I ever tasted one. Something about high-pressure spraying the meat slivers off of carcasses and then pressing into nugget molds that kind of turns me off.

            I do roughly the same thing with turkey carcasses after the holidays, but then again I don’t start with below-grade food products like Micky-D’s does.

          • If it’s a survival situation, I know how to eat what there is to keep going. But McWhatever barely qualifies as food.

  2. Tried the meatless burger at BK at the behest of a vegan coworker. Got down two bites and moved on to the fries. Way too salty and not a whole lot of taste.

    Agree that NPR has outlived its usefulness and needs to be defunded. Move the money to fixing potholes or some other worthwhile endeavor. Or maybe pay down the national debt by some minuscule amount.

    Birx- Would any self-respecting ant actually want to indulge?

    I can see why the survey respondents have a negative outlook on the future. The massive mount of “money” that was manufactured out of thin air has to be paid for somehow. TANSTAAFL.

    • The donkeys have put us in a massive bind that will take many years to sort out – if it’s sorted out. $30 trillion…

  3. Why do people drum up idiocy like plant-based burgers? Because they are forcing an agenda that is not based in goodness.

    There is no such thing as a “meatless hamburger”, it’s a pseudo protein patty of mush and chemicals and flavorings. Gag me with a pitchfork. Imagine what that does to your gut…or DNA with this crew behind it? Heck, even a turkey-burger is better than something Gates cooked up in a lab. When these blobs of crap are cooked they smell like old gym socks, not exactly appetizing.

    Birx, The Scarf-Wearer, should be brought up on charges of sedition, she lied to the President and all of America at the behest of The Fowch Mengele. Yeah, a broken record, but this cannot simple vanish…she should share a Capitol jail cell with Ray Epps (and a few others, but that’s a start). And she isn’t allowed to keep the scarf in case she “didn’t hang herself”.

    The economy sucks, no polling required, it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain and eyes in their head. (Where do I send my invoice?)

    Hiker Creedo #1 is funny. Creedo #2 (updated) is you only have to outrun your buddies when a grizzly is coming after you, otherwise your Apple watch will congratulate you for “having lost 152 pounds” on your hike.

    • I think that Birx should be allowed to keep her scarf when she goes into custody… And give Epps one of her spare scarfs.

      I never thought about how the apple watch would react to the wearer being eaten by a griz or a gator, but it’s bound to be a new fad among the woke – better than eating Tide Pods.

      • Agree on keeping the scarf. I don’t need people like that “punished”. I just want them gone. Sort of how I feel about the raccoons that have gotten into the attic. Only the raccoons didn’t knowingly do me and the nation harm. (Anyway, that’s unpleasant task for the week. Maybe I could pop some scarves into the attic and see if they do the honorable thing….)

        Apple watch that has passed through the bowels of a gator will be the tech equivalent of “kopi luwak”. Kopi luwak, very fashionable, is coffee made from beans that have been eaten and pooped out by the civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus — not going to search on why it’s called hermaphroditus, but it’d probably have a place in the Biden cabinet.)

        • Raccoons are far more principled than Fauci or Birx. I’m afraid I’d have to show the MDs how the sliding knots work, or send them to a NASCAR event and maybe they’d take a cue from the pull cords on the garages?

          • kopi luwak is up there with a balut, McNuggets or lutefisk. It takes a far more refined palate than mine to enjoy it.

        • Didn’t want to give the spin-meisters an easy out with the scarf already being in the cell, but same result so, meh.

  4. Gov. Kristi Noem
    Impressive lady. Ranch raised. Saw a YouTube segment where she explained how she learned to drive a semi. She was a passenger when her father got out and told her to drive – he had something else he wanted to do. She succeeded.

      • I guess. There is a struggle to connect with voters in targeted demographics if you’re a politician on the way up. It’s a genuine problem. I wouldn’t use falsebook but that’s me.

    • In looking up the trans sports issue that I and others found fault with her over, I see that’s she’s come out with a new and improved position with a good explanation of her previous veto.

    • Well, it was rather obscure and you identified it before I could and technically it’s a 3/4 track, like the Kraut stuff. Nice that it used the same track and suspension as existing tanks.

  5. Always surprises me when some person goes ‘vegan’ and then demands faux-meat. What? You can’t live on bean curd and supplements forever? And how ‘natural’ is that lifestyle that you have to have artificially flavored and textured ‘organic’ food?

    Makes that hormone-flavored chicken or beef seem downright untainted, doesn’t it?

    Don’t even get me started on ‘organic.’ Yet another of the leftist fallacy words. Fer Christ’s sake, a heckuvalotta poisons and toxins are organic, so is petroleum and tar, as they have organic chemicals as defined by organic chemistry. The friggin Benzene Ring is organic. Can’t get more organic than combinations of Carbon and Hydrogen that will rot your brain out. Or 100% Hydrogen Peroxide, a totally organic chemical, that will strip a body clean quicker than leftist relatives at a wake.

    Yes, it’s cool in a technical way that they can make artificial meat out of goop and blech, really useful for space colonies and such. Of course, by the time we have space colonies we’ll have vat-grown meat from real meat cultures so screw you algae eaters. Or we can have newt (reference to Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan universe where on Kline Station genetically modified newts are used to control the oxygen processing algae, and people then eat the newts to control the newt population…)

    • Hydrogen Peroxide, a totally organic chemical, that will strip a body clean quicker than leftist relatives at a wake. I think that it would be a fair race given what I’ve seen with progressive behavior in absorbing what belonged to the deceased. Never having worked a day in their miserable lives, they feel it’s owed to them.

      I doubt that I will live long enough to inhabit a space utopia where they eat newts. BBQd on a stick?

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