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The Irish Guards are trooping the colour this year for the Queen’s Birthday.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II looks at the new Queen’s Colour and the new Regimental Colour, front, as she arrives for the presentation of Colours to the First Battalion of the Irish Regiment of Foot Guards at Windsor Castle, Windsor, England, Wednesday, May 6, 2009. (AP Photo/Sang Tan, Pool)

I found it interesting that the colour has the Red Hand of Ulster (Lámh Dhearg Uladh) on it. The iconography continues to be used by organizations in Ulster that target Catholics living in Northern Ireland.


Special SOCOM Ammo

(h/t JohnD)

Special Operations Command is testing special ammunition that can be fired from weapons both underwater and in the air, targeting submerged threats as well as those above the surface. Check out one style of bullet of the style USSOCOM is looking at, designed for underwater shooting, and made by DSG Technologies.


Bombing back to the Stone Age

…didn’t work



Britain is looking to spend £458k on two ‘Tethered Uncrewed Air Systems’ for the Royal Navy with a flight time of 24 hours and operational height of 90 meters.

There are a lot of advantages to tethered systems. They can link their telemetry discretely down and the power to keep them aloft goes up. Their radar cross-section is small and you can use them as radar pickets distant from the mother ship by running them from tenders/combat rubber raiding craft/RIB. The problems that come with operating these are sea state and wind. A brisk breeze will make them non-operational. A winged UAV that can face the wind like a weather vane might be a better choice.


Prince Andrew

Somebody has to be thrown to the wolves over the Epstein matter. Why not Prince Andrew? He may have been insulated from other pederasts such that he doesn’t have much to talk about.

There is also an accuser ready to discuss all of the disgusting things that Andrew did to her underage self. She also has a big payday if she’s successful in seeing him convicted in a criminal court.


Disgusting Food

It may be good for me, or maybe somebody has a profound sense of humor, but my healthcare professional offered a list of ten dishes that I could eat for the sake of health. The list consisted of stews of slimy vegetables.

Unlikely I’ll go in that direction. Tonight, shrimp tacos. Or because it’s MLK Day, maybe chicken?

And speaking of Federal Holidays, this from Frank from Nebraska:


42 thoughts on “Grist for the Mill

  1. The republican national committee called me about 10 years ago, which I thought was odd because I had never donated any money to them, but their question to me was who I wanted to see as the presidential candidate. I told him Dwight David Eisenhower. He didn’t skip a beat and told me he wasn’t available to run. Haven’t heard from them since now if I could just get the car warranty people to put me on the no call list…

    1. I’m reliably assured that these days, in his current condition, General DD Eisenhower is a Brandon voter.

      If you tell the car warranty people that you don’t have a car, some of them will put you on their black list – which while racist – is the list you want to be on.

  2. Small update – while I grew up on a farm in Nebraska, I currently reside in Tennessee.
    As for the future…who knows :)

  3. A stew of slimy vegetables by any other name, wouldst smell as sweet. Sense of humor indeed.

    1. I don’t know why the left prefers slimy vegetables, with the goodness boiled out of them. Perhaps a reflection of the soul?

  4. Food. A sign seen elsewhere, apparently in regards to a Chinese food buffet–“Due to recent random heart attacks, all vaccinated customers must pay in advance”.

  5. I have been under the impression the pointy things (jets, bullets, etc) go faster in the air, and round, bulbous things go faster in the water (subs, bow of ships, etc). So I wonder about the swimmers from DSG Tech.

    1. True until you want to go really fast, and then you want to fly in the cavitation bubble. Those projectiles have a small flat nose/meplat that forms a steam bubble at high velocity. Normal bullets lose velocity very rapidly and are harmless a few feet out.

      1. Supercavitation means that the normal rules about pushing things through the water do not apply.

      2. “flat nose/meplat”. I just learned a new thing or two and connected it to my small store of facts. Hollow points are concave meplats. Thanks!

  6. Taco Monday, not broccoli Monday?

    Convinced the Left is miserable because they eat only raw and cooked veggies, like the Love burger or Impossible fake meats. It’s no wonder they are sour-faced. So yeah, stick with chicken taco’s for dinner, you’ll feel better…life is too unpredictable to have uninspiring food…or no dessert.

    1. A lot of the “vegetable substitute burgers” must be dredged and then deep fat fried, which would seem to defeat the “healthy option” rant.

      As you say, life is too short to eat nasty food.

      1. We used to call this stuff “mystery meat”. No thanks, I like to know it’s beef because that’s “what’s for dinner”, and ice cream with all the fixin’s on top.

        1. A neighbor suggested that I put manure on my strawberries. I’m going to go back to whipped cream.

          1. Hah! Good call, while manure may be good fiber, it does leave a slightly gnarly aftertaste (corral clean up on a windy day confirms this).

  7. I hadn’t noticed the Red Hand until now, which is odd because there it is.

    And yes, fried chicken sounds tasty.

  8. Well, the UK has a State religion, and it isn’t the RC Church. I do approve of traditions too, but I suspect it goes up a lot of people sideways.

    Neat bullets.

    Interesting UAV idea, the return of kite balloons.

    As for the bombing; maybe we should have dropped more of them on the enemy side of the country. Or taken the whole thing seriously, instead of as a game combined with a cash scam.


    1. War is a racket, Kle.

      They wouldn’t have gone with the staged “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” if it had not been wildly profitable to the political donor class.

      1. Farmers in sailboats attack the American Navy, so let’s invade a bunch of Buddhists.
        To avoid a lot of unpleasantness, some suggest nuking peking in 1948.

    1. We bombed Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Southern China (indistinct border) heavily. There were also attacks on shipping and those may have been tagged as well. There are some specks on the map in addition to bombing dots…somewhat misleading.

  9. re — mulatto privilege
    Some are identifying the latest American vice-president as Black©.
    She claims to be part-hindoo from the wilds of the Indian sub-continent.
    Some say she got the gig because ovaries and not Northern European Heritage… although she claims to be partially Northern European Heritage.
    Is it just me, does anybody else notice the goal-posts and finish-line keep shifting…

    1. Camela was born in the US to Indian parents, who divorced. She grew up as a financially privileged child in Canada. Then she worked outcall. Her political jobs were provided by negro boyfriends.

      Which explains her obvious lack of qualifications to do anything.

      Laying the black race card for her is silly

  10. That road sign with the car is from Gainesville, FL. Which is, near the university and the city center, the very model of leftist hellhole.

    National Vacuum, corner of NW 6th Street and NW 23rd Avenue. They also have a gorilla suit in the front window. Neat place. Good people.

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