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Let me start off by stating that I’m not going to post quotes and links on this blog for this subject. There’s no reason for me to do this because I don’t care who believes and who does not. The research is out there and it’s essentially the dream that was ObamaCare, now soon to be implemented in California.
Even the buffoons and mountebanks in the California legislature understand that it’s completely unaffordable. They plan to legislate that all healthcare (exceptions for certain licensed doctors and clinics that service the rich) is single payer – and the system is called “Covered California”, the same as it was when it was a component of the old ObamaCare. They will produce schedules of what they are willing to pay for any given procedure, not unlike Medicare. Doctors will leave CA. Some who can’t find work may move to the Golden State.
California will pay for it (in part) by suspending the pensions of anyone who earned a pension primarily in California and moved out of state: teachers, lower level administrators (exceptions for party faithful and their families), all municipal and state workers, which would specifically target law enforcement, fire fighters, and groups who are low propensity Democrat voters. They will also eliminate healthcare to the “old” – meaning that if you’re over 65 or 70, unless you are a protected class, healthcare ends. This serves to dump the poor and aged on neighboring states to worry about. The risk pool in California will be kept cleaner than it would otherwise be. That won’t come close to paying for it, but those two measures are built into the California program as currently being debated.

There are other ‘high risk people’ such as NRA members who could be excluded from the program all together.

Jim Curtis’ book, CALEXIT, has scenarios posited toward this sort of thing. 
California expects millions of lawsuits. They will jam up the court system and will ignore Supreme Court Decisions. Nobody expects that the Federal government (filled by deep state mavens) would send in troops to enforce the Constitution. After all, they successfully implemented a “sanctuary state”, flaunting US law.

There are a significant number of voters in America who feel that the Constitution needs to be re-written as a socialist manifesto. California expects help from outside as they work to tear down the system and replace it with a new one. (change and rearrange) Feel free to sing along. It’s a real toe-tapper.

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  1. Rearranging California's social fabric into Utopia sounds great on paper: unless you are on the 'outs' with the Mandarins (Democrats) who run things.

    It sounds a lot like Mao's Cultural Revolution – kill all the intellectuals, and start from scratch. Yes, Utopia-building always seems to involve a lot of death, not exactly in accords with Webster's definition of the word.

  2. A "laboratory of the states"?
    Let us know how it works out for you, California. We'll be watching, from way over here, wearing our PPE.

  3. I read Calexit and it's starting to look like prophecy rather than fiction. That suspending pensions business sounds suspiciously like "shot trying to escape."

  4. California has been a hot mess for a long time. Obamacare under the guise of Covered California will be a litmus test for the rest of the nation. It won't work. I feel bad for the Californians that don't agree with yet another loony project, but the sane people are outnumbered.

  5. I see where moonbeam signed SB100 into law, requiring the state to be 100% carbon neutral by 2045. If the fire seasons continue as they have, carbon will be about all that is left.
    Perhaps by 2045, someone there will have figured out a way to make solar work on the dark side of the moon.

  6. One man's utopia is another man's hell. I'm sure that the Aparatchiks in Russia enjoyed their access to special stores, with shelves stocked with the best food and access to Western luxury goods.

  7. Most of the people who 'escape' are not the progressive sort – not the right kind of people. While that option is being discussed, I don't think that it will have wings the way that the planners hope. Death panels are quite another thing and were completely baked into ObamaCare.

  8. California used to be a nice place. It was the home of aerospace along with Florida, it was safe, sane, and the weather was (and remains) very nice. But socialists destroy everything they touch. We don't have to look far. Venezuela and Cuba were nice once. The difference between North and South Korea is starkly telling. San Francisco was nice once too. Not any longer. The streets are literally paved with shit and piss.

  9. The other thing they were (are?) doing that goes along with ending pensions for anyone who leaves the state is collecting taxes from anyone they think worked in the state. I'd think if it wasn't clearly spelled out in prior contracts that they would do that, lawsuits to clog up the courts would win (and be ignored regardless).

    They've claimed income tax from people whom they argue thought of something while passing through the state but don't live or work there.

    They're not going there, California is some sort of dystopian, Kafkaesque dictatorship now.

  10. Yes it is.

    And it's strange because there are a LOT of Republicans in California. Just not enough to make a difference because the Democrats have a super majority and pass whatever they want to.

    I had an interesting experience that I may have related on my blog before. I received a threatening letter from the CA city where I lived, demanding that I buy a business license RETROACTIVELY for four years. I pulled on a tie, a sport coat, and drove to city hall with my offensive and threatening letter.

    To shorten the saga, I said, failure to buy a city business license is a misdemeanor and the statute of limitations in California for misdemeanors is one year. You don't have current information because the state doesn't provide it to you for at least 18 months, so it's completely unenforceable. I demand that you cite me for the misdemeanor, provide me with a court date and (I pulled out a pad of paper and wrote) this is my list for discovery from the city. Get started on it now, if you please.


    Where's my summons? I want it before I leave because I'm going to embarrass you sorry, worthless, sons-of-b1tches.


    I demand my day in court. You aren't getting one cent from me. Besides, I have NO business in the city. All of my business takes place OUTSIDE of the United States.

    You have a bank account (Chase) in the City.

    Cling to that notion when you are called as a witness. (on a second piece of paper I wrote 'subpoena list' and put the clerk's name on it) I want you as MY witness.

    The city declined to prosecute and put me on a list wherein I wouldn't be hassled in the future.

    The scumbags were running a scam, threatening people to extract tax money when they KNEW that it was unenforceable and outside of the rule of law. I didn't have a store front. I had a home in their city where I received e-mail and phone calls. Welcome to California.

  11. As you know, PP is a paramedic up north. She was hurt getting out of the ambulance at the hospital, when the 'patient' pushed her. Sprained ankle and possible fracture of lower vertebrae, ON VIDEO. Work doc refused to give MRI, stating nothing showed on Xray. AND they don't want to pay her short term disability for the month she is going to be off. She is now in a pissing contest with the Dr. and ER over getting an MRI, as it clearly shows her rear end impacting the back step as she falls.

  12. I've never understood 'carbon neutral'. I feel sorry for any good people left in California, who want to 'take their state back'.
    Don Quixote tilted at windmills, not unlike the good people left in California. I will pray for them.

  13. I feel for the good people in that state. Those of us in other states should regard it as a canary in a mine.

  14. Though it never happened to me, I have countless stories of the same thing going on. One police officer I know (C.G.) was shot in the face twice at point blank range with a .45 ACP on a routine traffic stop as he walked up to the car. The City of Anaheim refused to treat it as a job related injury and made him sue. Yes it gets that absurd.

  15. P.S. He eventually recovered though there is still heavy scarring and he returned to work, finishing out a 30 year tour. He sued the City and State and won, proving that he was on duty, in uniform, in a marked police car, doing what it was he was paid to do when he was shot. The facts were never in doubt. The City and State simply required that he sue.

  16. It's maddening to deal with someone who refuses to see what is right in front of them. Socialism has never worked, yet there are plenty of people who are quite happy to give it another go. It's painful to watch the same madness being replayed over and over again with the same horrid results.

  17. Do, because it's in the mix in Sacramento. The question is whether the unions will be bought off by it or whether they'll back their retired members. And it's not settled.

  18. For those who aren't familiar, PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) is the power monopoly in California. Or, as my kidlets called it, Pigs, Goats, & Elephants. Here is a comment from another blog—

    "Say goodbye to retail in small town California!

    Have you noticed that large stores in small towns like Chico are closing? If they aren’t closing they have turned off so many lights it’s hard to see the products.

    Two years ago PG&E converted all commercial electrical accounts to time of day use. I went to one of the information meetings that PG&E held to try and understand what was going on. PG&E was doing this to decrease power usage so they could comply with the regulations that had been passed in Sacramento at that time. We were told that we could expect a 10% to 20% increase in the cost of power if we held our usage constant. So basically they just jacked the price up.

    The room was full of business people from the community. The farmers said their biggest cost was pumping water. They would just convert to pumping at night. The manufacturers in the room said they could switch to swing and grave shift so they were out of the high cost time. The retail people in the room were just shaking their heads. What do we do, tell the customers to come back at 9:00 pm?

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