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– LL at LSP’s compound in Hillsboro, TX.
While it’s not covered here in the mainstream media, the Chinese press is whipping up people in the PRC to prepare for war with the USA. It has to do with Taiwan and with serious economic downturns in the worker’s paradise. There’s talk on the street in Shanghai of interning Americans living in China during the upcoming war. 
Will the PRC invade Nationalist China to save itself from its failing economic policies? What would the USA do if China invaded? Does the ocean belong to China exclusively? All of these questions and more are rarely explored in the corrupt, venal, lying, smug, sly, mainstream media – but they are endlessly speculating about whether creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti or Hillary Clinton will be the next US president.
President Xi is under a lot of pressure, and the US isn’t underwriting their economy to the tune of almost a trillion dollars a year anymore as President Trump works to make America great again. As the US rebuilds, China feels the pain. It won’t deter their military build up for the moment. The problem China has is its citizens. They’ve been promised eternal continuing prosperity and the central government can’t deliver.

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  1. Now that the gravy train has left the tracks, China must do what every other nation in crisis has done over the last, well, milennium: create a boogie man to blame everything on. Your back hurts? America did it. Lost your job? Those damn Americans. Erectile dysfunction? Effing Yankees.

    Hitler had his Jews in Germany, the Democrats have those evil Republicans here, and the Chinese now have us damn Americans.

    Works every time.

  2. My aren't you the cheery one today! Fervently hope you are wrong.

    The Chicoms may find Formosa a tough nut to crack. Didn't the Japanese find taking enough of the island to control the ports a tough fight? They were fighting indigenous primitive people with primitive weapons. Different playing field today.

  3. I knew a guy who sold an early version of Viagra in China. It was called triple mix. The user injected it right over his fragrant stem for optimal results. A number of priapisms resulted and people (including Politburo members) lost their units due to necessary amputations. The American government was blamed and the salesman, not in the Middle Kingdom anymore, was sought for private extradition to China. He is still at large last I heard.

    You ask what my response has to do with your comment. Not much, but it's funny.

  4. If it came to a shooting war with the Chinese, I suspect that it would end up going nuclear, which would solve some of their population woes. The Chinese know this, and the present plan is to conquer the world by hegemony, not with nukes (a zero sum game). At the same time, having Taiwan announcing that the prospect of joining with the PRC is a lot like chewing glass creates a face issue.

  5. I'm only reporting the news. Unlike CNN, I don't try and create news.

    The Chicoms would kill off everyone on Taiwan and send loyal commies to replace them. That's how they roll.

    The present round of hysteria is designed to take the population's mind off their financial woes. A Chinese "wag the dog" scenario. President Xi is in a tight place even though he did declare himself "president for life".

  6. P. S. It worked more reliably than rhino horn, green M&Ms and Aunt Sally's pizza as a "marital aid", so it was a big hit. Soon after it was introduced circa mid 1990's (as best I recall), the sales team introduced needle-less syringes so the users didn't have to poke themselves to achieve the desired results. It was those new delivery systems that led to abuse and to the problems.

  7. >The user injected it right over his fragrant stem

    Not a new thing at all, at all. This fella GS Brindley published a paper (British Journal of Pharmacology, 1986) reporting the effects of various drugs affecting smooth muscle (potentially affecting vascular tone/blood supply, not "Smoov B. Loveman" okay?) and their effect on penile tumescence. And yes, he injected himself repeatedly in "the proximal third of the free penis. The penis was then massaged systematically […] as follows. First, […]"

    This guy was hard core (so to speak). He made himself a jig (there is a sketch in the article)to quantify length and stiffness (bendability, measured in degrees). Table 1 indicates that Dr Brindley had a 15-hour erection on 15AUG1983 after injection of phenoxybenzamine. The Discussion is particularly amusing: "[…] indications that psychological factors contribute little […] are […] that during one phentolamine erection I took an urgent and worrying telephone call without losing the erection."

    Science, pure science, and damned be he who first cries, Hold, enough!

  8. Hopefully something less than war will occur and make everyone happy, but I don't know if that is possible.

  9. I don't know much about China but I do know that day with the guns was a lot of fun.

    The Glock 21 v. Kettle experiment stood out and I remember a Python having a go at a series of playing cards. They took a beating.

  10. And they're in the second 'generation' of negative population growth, so less young workers to provide for the elders…

  11. I've never been that focused (or apparently sufficiently ardent or needy) on the pure science of it. Maybe I'm damning myself with faint praise?

  12. They also live in a Han Chinese world where around 75% of the population is male. That in and of itself creates HUGE social problems that may manifest themselves unpredictably.

  13. Right now, they're hoping that talk of war will be sufficient, and will get everyone's mind away from their problems.

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