The Caravan

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The first caravan arrived and then when the sun rose on the following day, this was left behind. Beware of Guatemalans and MS-13 bearing gifts. What should be done?
(1) Hit the pinada with artillery.
(2) Napalm.
(3) Haul the pinada through the fence as a triumph of Democrat policy?
(4) Hook it up to a Sikorsky Sky Crane and drop it twenty miles off-shore?
Vote early and often…

24 thoughts on “The Caravan

  1. You're an Army guy. The artillery ("king of the battlefield") option clearly has merit with 'time-on-target' concentration.

  2. The Navy option of dropping them in the ocean outside the territorial limits (and outside of sight of land) could be considered 'pollution' or it could be considered 'feeding endangered species' depending on how you roll.

  3. The napalm option was offered to (placate USAF types and) make it quicker. But you're right. Why make it quick. TRACERS and Incendiary ammunition is more appropriate.

  4. Just let it sit and let nature take over. Heat and dehydration with no cost to the US taxpayers.

  5. Modern capabilities combined with the Roman process for rendering the land sterile. Spoken like an NFO and Sci-Fi author.

  6. Well, we know what happened to Troy when they let it in…

    Maybe we could send (toss?) some prominent dems over to investigate and offer them sanctuary or whatever it is dems do. Perhaps if we put enough illegal aliens into California… well, nevermind.

    Will all your family ever leave?

  7. I have no problem with exiling Nancy Pelosi to Mexico. Maybe it would open her eyes, currently stretched open to an impossible degree by repeated plastic surgery.

  8. It would make good training material for the cadets at the compound. Get a real pinada and shoot it with incendiary rounds to see how long it takes to get the darned thing to burn. It's all in the science (I'm thinking High School science project).

  9. MSM tend to present a narrative where children and women will be met by an inhumane Trump. They have no focus on the law, that the US has borders nor do MSM elaborate consequences of not following the law and remove the borders. Massive uncontrolled immigration of people will cause problems. Ask Angela Merkel in Germany. I guess what they will do with the pinata is to put a name tag on it with the address to the White House and try to copy the success of the Trojan horse. I suggest you create a lottery with the pinata as the main attraction and have Alec Baldwin promote it for free and let all the money go to the veterans of US Army.

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