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Caption: Ololygmancy is fortune-telling by the howling of dogs. Jules excels in this art, which explains why she is the mother to a pack of wolves (see right-stock photo, not her actual wolves).

Jules and I are collaborating on a commercial venture: mass-producing working voodoo dolls. They have political applications, but we will make them Trump-proof. This is still in the planning stages. We might be able to work out a “group buy” pricing structure for blog readers.

Warning: Tax day (coming tomorrow) can be taxing. If you don’t live in the US, it’s like any other day. Remember, 10% for the Big Guy and income redistribution; you’ll be fine. Tomorrow is also Cackle Like Kamala Day.

Remember that billions of potential illegal aliens around the world depend on your generosity — give generously to the Red Cross and pay to fly them in from Africa.


The Sunday Sermonette

A Historical Review – How America was founded:

“If we wish to be free—if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending—if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained, we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and the God of Hosts is all left us!”

~Patrick Henry, 1775


PS – Don’t worry, O. J., dead at 76; it’s a dry heat…


Today is Sunday. It’s not the proper day for O. J. Simpson jokes. I’ll take a stab at it tomorrow. O. J. can rest in peace knowing that his wife’s killer is dead.


Bullet Points: 

** Anabelle Wallis – right- my favorite Peaky Blinder, Grace.

The Peaky Blinders movie is confirmed, with Cillian Murphy returning to reprise his role. Production for the movie is set to start in September 2024, indicating progress is being made. I have some concerns that it will be woke. I know Peaky Blinders and woke don’t go together. Old Blighty these days might not be able to make an interesting, mixed-race, gender-fluidic Peaky Blinders film. They killed the Grace character long ago (she left the series), so she won’t be in the new movie. (more’s the pity)

** DEI is parroted by nearly mindless, low-IQ, well-meaning bureaucratic drones originating primarily from American inner cities. Still, a significant portion is forced by an Ivy League commissariat fueled by hate, resentment, and an easy paycheck. When everyone is a victim, are there any genuine victims?

** Wisdom from Old NFO: Members of a regional women’s country line dance team were reportedly kicked out of a Seattle dance convention after organizers claimed their American flag-themed shirts made some attendees feel “triggered and unsafe.”

** Ammo.com grades Texas Lawmakers: In an email from Sam Jacobs to me: We released our “2nd Amendment Grades for Texas’ 2024 Political Candidates” this week: https://ammo.com/2nd-amendment-grades/texas

As you know, voters in Texas who care about encouraging legal gun ownership in their state have a choice in 2024:

  • We dug into the Second Amendment (2A) stance of federal and state-level candidates in Texas in battleground districts and high-profile races.
  • Grades are due to a candidate’s previous 2A voting record, public statements on their constituents owning firearms, and the candidate’s willingness to focus on 2A issues.
  • Grades have been assigned from A to F, just like in school.

Spoiler alert: Several of our grades surprised me. We often found an urban vs. rural divide—not a party-line divide—when it came to a candidate’s 2A stance.

This was partially motivated by Everytown’s “Gun Sense” voter education initiative (i.e. propaganda campaign): https://gunsensevoter.org/candidates/. And the fact that the NRA seems to be slow in releasing their grades: https://www.nrapvf.org/grades/Texas/

** From BRM – Outsourcing jobs to the P.I. to get around minimum wage hikes: A new restaurant chain in New York City is outsourcing staff to the Philippines, using screens with hostesses on Zoom calls instead of in-person employees to greet customers and help with check-out.

The shops specializing in fried chicken and ramen are taking advantage of the massive wealth gap between New York City, where the minimum wage is $16 per hour, and a Southeast Asian nation, where hourly pay is closer to $3.75.

But when customers check out at Sansan Chicken, Sansan Ramen, or Yaso Kitchen — with locations in Manhattan, Queens, and Jersey City — they’re still prompted to add a tip of up to 18% on top of their bill.

** Say it isn’t so! – The Justice Department has uncovered “inconsistencies” in a $480,000 federal grant used by Fulton County DA Fani Willis, two years after she fired a whistleblower who warned against misusing it to pay for “swag,” computers, and travel.

** Paramount Offered Jerry Seinfeld And ‘Blacklisted’ Michael (Kramer) Richards $500 Million For A New Sitcom.

** Eat the cows that cause global warming! (right)

** If a six-year-old can’t pick their bedtime, should they be able to pick their gender and undergo surgery to “affirm” their choice?

** (Ammoland.com)The ATF went to Bryan Malinowski’s West Little Rock home last month, spoiling for a gunfight, and they got one. Now, a good man is dead – the latest victim of ATF’s overly aggressive tactics and complete disregard for the sanctity of human life.

ATF has yet to comment officially on the March 19 killing, other to claim Malinowski fired first. But Malinowski’s family recently released a statement which confirms what everyone already knew: It is extremely unlikely that the 53-year-old airport executive knew he was trading gunfire with federal agents. It is far more likely Malinowski believed he was defending himself and his wife from armed home invaders.

** From Jules: As the soft light filtered through the window display of Fleurty’s Flower Shoppe, Camélia was lost in a symphony of blooms. As she watered the delicate flowers, she felt alive, as if she were in the fragrance of fresh greens and sweet peas. The shop doorbell tinkled, and a tall man entered, his eyes filled with nostalgia and anticipation. He explained that he was not from the area and had been away for years, working abroad. He had just returned and sought flowers for a special person – his mother, whom he hadn’t seen in a long while.

Camélia listened attentively, her eyes sparkling with empathy as she understood the depth of his sentiments. Together, they walked around the enchanting array of filled vases and Camélia helped him choose flowers that resonated with his mother’s personality – a vibrant bouquet of sun-kissed daisies for her cheerful spirit, delicate lilies symbolising purity and love, and a hint of lavender for its soothing essence. As she assembled the perfect tied bouquet, their conversation flowed effortlessly, sharing stories and cherished memories. In that fleeting moment, amidst the flora and laughter, a connection blossomed an unspoken understanding that went beyond words. As the man bid farewell, his eyes lingered with a silent promise. He mentioned he would be staying in the area for a few months, working from his mother’s house, and maybe they’d cross paths again. Blushing yet smiling, Camélia waved goodbye and watched him walk down the village street. Her heart beat weirdly fast as she fiddled with the ties on her pretty apron.


Washington DC

Congress is in session. A metaphor? No, not really.


Identify the Armor





31 thoughts on “Ololygmancy

  1. 2 is probably a Soviet T100 they only built a few.

    Initially I thought T35 but doesn’t look quite right.

  2. Your statement about DEI reminded me of the line from ‘The Incredibles’:
    Syndrome: And when I’m old and I’ve had my fun, I’ll sell my inventions so that everyone can be superheroes. *Everyone* can be super! And when everyone’s super…
    [laughs maniacally] …*no one* will be.

  3. i’m not sure malinowski was a “good man.” he was allegedly dealing guns to felons, several got picked up by police at crime scenes. that said, he most certainly didn’t deserve the death penalty that he got from atf judge/jury/executioners. who knows, maybe the charges were made up too…. i wonder what he had on hillary.

  4. Old NFO reported this on his blog and I read the statement elsewhere too: Iran, through its United Nations mission in New York, issued a statement that appeared to offer Israel a way to prevent further escalation if it considers the conflict “concluded.”

    I still think that Israel needs to mine their ports, institute unrestricted submarine warfare against all hulls containing Iranian cargo (departing from Iranian ports) or are known to be owned by Iran, and demolish their capacity to refine oil.

    1. Concur.
      I don’t see Israel going along with letting Iran “save face” with this ridiculous attack,
      and I don’t see Pudding Joe managing enough pressure to make them go along.
      – Kle.

      1. according to “someone I know” (who is extreme Israeli left), a department of the current U.S. administration is stirring up his friends (and providing the money) to bring down Netanyahu BAMP (by any means possible)

        1. And we’re not surprised. PDJT was a proper ally to Israel, this crowd hates them…a 2 minute read between the lines of anything they spout means they are working for Her demise at any cost.

  5. The first sermonette I have truly enjoyed; not only is the concision is commendable, but the thought is so apt today.
    I only wish my rabbi had been as succinct (and not so mired in the Marxian wallow): I might even have gained more understanding.

  6. During the Iran/Iraq war, Iran cleared mine fields by having children walk thru them. Let them be martyrs. That kind of religious mindset won’t be changed by any diplomacy.

    1. Do you think that the American Woke might take up the struggle and following the children’s example, clear minefields and become martyrs to wokeness and DEI. Maybe they’d enlist the entire inner city (for the price of a truck full of Colt 45 and some KFC) to join with them!

  7. While I get the reference (how could you not) Congress is 535 humorless goofballs who think they’re smart, whereas The Three Stooges were funny and irreverent because they were smart.
    Anyone who is triggered by Old Glory needs to leave to a country of their choice. Problem solved.
    Israel needs to tell the others to go pound sand, appeasement leads to forced acquiescence. Not happening. This is attempt to overwhelm the IDF and their ability to excise the Hamas/Palestinian (not a country or “people”) element that daily wishes Israel’s demise.
    ATF – yeah, uh huh..wait until this latest “rule” comes into effect, (let alone the re-upping of FISA Spy Operations on American citizens…grrr…seditionist reprobates who think they are the arbiters of what constitutes our living free per Constitutional tenet), then every gun owner who sells a lousy firearm (or a good one for that matter), is a criminal they can use to undermine 2A by their Hell is Below residency. Becoming dead may be the better option than dealing in some small ATF/DOJ/FBI interrogation room. If that happened here and I had the presence of mind beforehand, I too would defend my family and neighbors from these 3-Letter criminals and righteously take a few out beforehand. (I can hear the tactical team gearing up now…they have no right to invade like this, sorry, leave people alone and nothing bad happens.)
    Beef, it’s what’s for dinner…tonight…at a 30% inflated price…$46 at Costco for a package of NY Strips…highway robbery at best. BpThe caveat is I’d rather pay that for a decent home grilled steak, med. rare, than some gross lab chemical concoction that speaks to screwing with your biologics Oh, a nice bottle of red wine..even Jesus made the good stuff for a party, if it worked for him then I’m good with it as well.

    1. PS. Header picture…who doesn’t like an old timey street market, regardless of dystopian or modern…some of the best foods I’ve eaten were from street vendors. Guessing the knifemaker won’t be setting up his booth anymore now The Federal Distressor’s have gotten their overreach self-extended a lot further.

  8. Ololygmancy is a new word to me. Werewolves in Asia again?

    Voodoo doll venture dolls being Trump proof is likely not practical and removes 95% of your market. Just grab the money. Find a Haitian, or someone who self identifies as Haitian, who will attest to being a witch doctor, have said Haitian swear at the shipment, remote work possible, and your dolls are thusly cursed and legitimate.

  9. Woman calls her husband at work and asks, “Do you ever get a shooting pain across your body, like someone’s got a voodoo doll of you and they’re stabbing it?”

    “No,” he replied.

    She then asked, “How about now?”

  10. i still say this iran thing is wagging the dog. tens of thousands of drones and missiles and they send a couple hundred with 72 hours advance notice, followed by a diplomatic message that didn’t include “death to america and death to israel”. b.s.

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