Who Runs Mexico?

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A friend called to point out that major relief efforts in Mexico, which is suffering because of the Chinese Plague, are being carried out by drug cartels. I said, “sure, who do you think runs Mexico?”

Winning hearts and minds was a cartel strategy from the beginning. After all, most cartel leaders did not descend from the elite of Mexico, they came from the peasant class. A lot of them remembered their roots.  And I don’t think that the giving back has all been a cynical calculation.

President Lopez-Obrador canceled the war against the cartels on the day he took office and he’s stayed bought, sitting on the throne as a cat’s paw of powerful interests.

(Fox News) Mexico’s drug cartels are in a war for the hearts and minds of poor Mexicans, providing them with food and supplies as they struggle to survive the economic meltdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the coronavirus struck Mexico, a plethora of videos and photographs uploaded to social media have shown what appear to be cartel operatives in about a dozen states handing out food packages marked with the logos of the different criminal groups to lines of Mexicans. In some cases the videos show the food being distributed by heavily armed men, driving in military-style trucks with cartel markings.

Logo of Cartel Jalisco New Generation

The videos couldn’t be independently verified, but the locations, dates and scenes of some of the videos were consistent with the purported relief efforts of one of Mexico’s most powerful criminal organizations, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, according to an analysis by Storyful, a social media intelligence company. Storyful is owned by News Corp, parent of Wall Street Journal publisher Dow Jones. Mexican government officials also confirmed the aid efforts by the cartels.

President Lopez-Obrador’s Communist Party (PRD) that is presently in power in Mexico has presided over an unprecedented drop in the value of the Mexican Peso. The day he took office it lost 25% of its value and it has continued a death spiral. The Mexican Peso is currently trading at between 24 and 25 to the US Dollar. Unlike the Chinese currency (RMB), the Mexican and US currencies float on the market, which means that the values change based on economic conditions. Nobody sees a bright future for the Peso. Drug cartels trade in US Dollars. And if you don’t know why, you should find another blog.

When the Chinese Plague struck Mexico, President Lopez-Obrador openly stated that his communist allies in China would provide what protective equipment and medicine was needed. Naturally it turned out to be another Chinese lie. At present, the Mexican Army (SEDENA) manages ALL protective equipment that comes into Mexico. If you try and import it, the materiel will be seized and you will be arrested. It’s all about mordida (the bite). If you don’t pay the 100% bribe to the Army, it doesn’t come in. And so far, very little has come into Mexico…unless it arrives via drug cartel.

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  1. Curious times, and wasn’t it AMLO banging on about gun running and Eric Holder the other day? Turn of the screw, perhaps.

    1. Holder wouldn’t take a piss without Obama’s permission. The gun running goes all the way to Barack, himself.

  2. I always heard the cartels were lenient to generous with the poor in their AO’s. I think you’ve mentioned it several times here. Is there a parallel to this in any other narco environment, or is it limited to the South of the Border groups?

    1. Traditionally, the Russian mafia groups provide a person, referred to as “a roof” (interestingly enough, the term is also used in Mexico), to protect the common people from the government.

      I’ve mentioned here in the past that the Mexican cartels offer business loans and what the regular banking industry would refer to as “micro loans” to the people at a better rate than the banks offer. And if you can’t pay, they hold paper the way that a bank does and will foreclose. They don’t come by and kill people. It’s part of winning hearts and minds, but they also make a profit.

      I always viewed the Chicago and New York “ward boss” system as a form of institutional organized crime. Legal, but parasitic in this case.

      Mario Puzo explores this in Godfather II, where young Vito Corleone sets up a system to help the oppressed in the Italian ghetto in New York. He’s a gangster, but he doesn’t prey on the poor. You may owe him a service…

      1. Interesting that the “common citizen” has to rely on the “criminal element” for protection from their own government.

        Makes you wonder who the criminals are!

        And having spent my formative years about 60 miles from Chicago during Mayor Daley’s reign, I’m somewhat familiar with the ward boss system. I seem to remember one of the local folk singers having a song called “The 43rd Ward”, along with one about “The Lincoln Park Pirates” concerning the Lincoln Towing Service. Big City stuff, but still government sanctioned theft. Due Process? What’s that?

        It wasn’t as organized in my old home town, but still, a lot of people from “The Old Neighborhood” knew people who could get things done for you. Whether there was an actual price involved depended on what you needed to get done, and a lot of it was “You OWE me one” like you say.

        In later years I learned an uncle-by-marriage was a “Man of Honor” back in Germany pre-WWII, but never knew much about what he did here in the States. Really nice old guy, very good with kids, and delighted in showing all the little ones his gold coin collection and his Luger.

        1. Yes, it’s a sad day when organized crime needs to step in and protect you from government.

  3. The Italian Mob ran Rhode Island a hell of a lot better and more benevolently than the current (for the last 30 years or so) crop of stupid, corrupt crooks that we keep electing. Ask anybody old enough to remember the Mafia days.

    The morons in the State House don’t even have a glimmer of how damning an assessment that is.

    As for Mexico, I’m glad the Cartels are stepping up – after all, they have lots of money, and the government doesn’t really have any left after lining their own pockets.


    1. On January 17, 1995, a major earthquake struck near the city of Kobe, Japan, killing more than 6,000 and making more than 45,000 people homeless. The Japanese government was paralyzed but the Yakuza was on the ground supplying medical aid, food, water, blankets, etc. It created a significant alarm in US intel circles at the time. “Who runs Japan?”

      The Cartels, the Italian Mob or the Yakuza have histories of more effectively dealing with disasters and management problems than elected drones. It’s sad, but there are many examples, even going back to ancient Rome.

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