There are All Sorts of Churches

An Old Church – Now a museum of sorts

I’ve been hanging out, recovering from surgery, trying not to use painkillers, and so forth. I’m almost back to normal. Thank you for your kind thoughts, prayers, etc.


Walk Softly and Carry

What do you do when you have to go to mass but you know bad people are around?
“A gun hidden within a bible, made for Francesco Morozini, Doge of Venice (1619-1694). The owner of the bible could pull the silk bookmark to shoot while the book was still closed.” Now on display at the Museo Correr in Venice



You use ground beef, or sausage, or a combination, or beef filet/steak. You can use chorizo (with some restraint) too. If it’s going to be green chili based, pork shoulder works. One of nature’s most adaptable soups. I’ve also eaten some seriously good vegetarian chili. I prefer it with a scone (doughnut without sugar) if you’re going to invite me over. I have served as a judge at chili cook-offs and don’t charge as much as Al gore does for a personal appearance (see below).


Greta’s Fall

(more here) Democrat handlers are famous for e-mailing talking points and scripts to their puppets (such as those in the mainstream media).  The useful idiots are not supposed to acknowledge or attribute their statements/talking points to their handlers. They’re supposed to make you believe that they came up with their BS all on their own. Greta’s blunder, pulling the curtain back on the Wizard, may get her sidelined and the income stream that her mother, a witch, counts on, will dry up?

Does this mean that we’re not all going to burn up in global warming in four years from now?

The Religion of Global Warming

The sound of alarm over climate change can be traced back as far as the 1970’s. Climate Change has been a political and semi-religious article of faith for a long time.

In 1976, at 28, after joining the United States House of Representatives, Al Gore held the “first congressional hearings on the climate change, and co-sponsor[ed] hearings on toxic waste and global warming.” He continued to speak on the topic throughout the 1980s and was known as one of the Atari Democrats.

In recent years, Gore has remained busy traveling the world speaking and participating in events mainly aimed towards global warming awareness and prevention.

His keynote presentation on global warming has received standing ovations, and he has presented it at least 1,000 times according to his monologue in An Inconvenient Truth. His speaking fee is $100,000.

What we really have is a world wide fight for control of global resources. And controlling the availability of affordable energy is key to controlling the planet. This is world wide socialism and nothing else.


The Flaming Bayonet

The Americans invented it during World War I. The flaming bayonet was an attachment to the standard American M1903 Springfield or M1917 Enfield which was placed below to the bayonet.

The attachment consisted of six cartridges loaded with flammable chemicals which could fire a burst of very bright flame up to ten feet.

Its purpose was not to clear out trenches like a regular flamethrower, as it could only fire a quick burst. However it was intended to be used to distract or blind the enemy so that the user could close to within bayonet range. It is unlikely this device saw much combat.  The device had ignition problems, added too much extra weight to the front of a rifle, and was of dubious usefulness. The flaming bayonet  project was discontinued in 1919.


Films and Nonsense

The Lost Pirate Kingdom (trailer here)

Coming to you on the Ides of March – Netflix. The real-life pirates of the Caribbean violently plunder the world’s riches and form a surprisingly egalitarian republic in this documentary series.

Yes, I’m still thinking about finishing my pirate book, but Red Mist is up first and I’m working on that.

A New Predator Movie Movie is Needed

Build it around the Beowulf epic.

We already know the Predators limit their weapons and numbers to make a hunt seem sporting. There are clearly observable rules: only one fights at a given time, they don’t kill unarmed bystanders, etc.

If a Predator was hunting some Vikings, and the humans only ever found piles of guts or flayed skin, then they would naturally assume the monster was eating them. After all, that’s what we do to the prey animals that we hunt.

I think it would be a nice touch if the Predator was also limited to more basic technology. No invisibility, no shoulder cannon, only melee weapons to remain on roughly the same level as the Vikings.

Then some freakishly big strong human comes along and wins a one-on-one duel. You’d have to cast a gigantic actor like Hafthor Bjornson to tower over anyone large enough to play a Predator and make a one-sided thrashing look believable.

Most anatomy experts agree that simply plucking a limb off to amputate the self-destruct weapon isn’t likely possible. A more likely explanation would be a compound fracture, which has a broken bone sticking out of the skin. That could allow a tearing injury to remove a limb. But movies suspend reality all of the time.

Ripping the whole arm off, bomb included, would prevent the mortally wounded predator from nuking the Vikings. Or maybe they nuke the vikings. That can happen too. But if they don’t go critical, it would force an older, more experienced Predator to go clean up the mess and retrieve the lost technology. That would be “Grendel’s mother” stealing the severed arm and killing the biggest guy in the room, mistakenly assuming it was Beowulf (actually Aeschere, Hrothgar’s best warrior).

The ensuing fight would simply show Beowulf tracking down the Predator ship (the hidden lair) by following the neon green blood trail. Then he uses some alien trophy blade to kill the remaining Predator after the Predator’s armor stops the normal steel sword.

Many Predator weapons are highly collapsible, which could explain why the giant-sword seems to “melt” when he’s done using it.

I wouldn’t include the dragon fight that happens decades later. That always seemed like an independent unrelated story to me. It could be a mama alien or something along that line.

Idiocracy– 2006 Film

I am not recommending that you watch this stupid film, but it does explain how an idiot and a whore end up running America in the future.

It wasn’t intended to be a prophecy – but…


  1. A very nice Stavkirke to start the day…the timber work is usually incredible but today you’d be hard pressed to get a building permit without 42 pages of structural engineering red stamp… because…you know…anything for health and safety as perceived by our betters.

    EVERYTHING the crazy Left does is scripted, and now we know by a semi-autistic mouthy girl who’s parents used their daughter to fill their Swedish bank account. Question is, Who’s the source?

    Pirates- “Under the Black Flag”, good read. We are fascinated by these guys, but with 19 out and snowing tooling around the Caribbean oulling into various ports of call doesn’t sound so bad right about now.

    “The Mountain” makes Aaanold look little. Met Mr. Olympia once, before movies, was surprised he was shorter than me…but a really nice guy. Then again, Rachel Mclish was there also and a small distraction for this 19 year old.

    Glad you are “on the mend”.

    • There’s a photo out there of Arnold on the set of the second Conan film. He’s standing between Wilt Chamberlin and Andre the Giant. Those two made Arnold look like he was my size.

        • I met Arnold when he was the Governor of California (he’d stopped taking steroids and wasn’t the ‘young oak’ anymore) and he is about an inch shorter than I am. As Camperfixer wrote, it’s all about screen presence. Kirk Douglas wasn’t a tall guy, for example, but he filled the screen.

      • And James MacArthur alongside Jack Lord. “Book ’em, Danno”.

        Like the painting, had to chuckle though. Stationary ship just off shore with longboat headed in, yet nearly under full sail.

        Interesting about the flaming bayonet. I did not know that. I have an M1917 w/bayonet. If I ever encounter one of those devices, now I will know.

  2. And a little child shall deceive them.

    Predators v. Vikings? Yes, please! Preferably with Greta as one of the more unfortunate cast members. She’s from over in them there parts and has acting experience.

    Neil Sheehan wrote a book about a destroyer captain whose goofy behavior in Viet Nam got him relieved of command, and quoted one of the sailors as saying somebody should write home for a copy of The Caine Mutiny so they’d know what was gonna happen next. I kinda feel the same way about Idiocracy.

    • In the film, “Predators”, the predators had those pig-dog creatures with the horns. Maybe one of those creatures takes a big bite out of Greta and then barfs her back out as unsavory? There are all sorts of fun things you can do with CGI.

  3. Idiocracy, yeah a really stupid movie. When I first caught a few minutes of it channel surfing, I thought, no way. Now I’m not so sure.

  4. Idiocracy sounds a bit like The Marching Morons, a short story from the 50s by CM Kornbluth. Another vote in for the predator vs Viking film and +1 for a role in it for Greta. I can hear her now screaming “How dare you!” as the creature closes in.
    Glad to hear you’re healing up. I’ve done surgery as well and don’t care to do it again.

    • Didn’t like the general but I had a spinal many years ago for knee surgery that left me with horrible, debilitating headaches for a week. I’ll take the general and the side effects over that.

      • Wife had one C-section where the correct diameter needle for the spinal mysteriously disappeared from the cart before they wheeled her in the operating room. They tried the next size smaller, and she got to experience the feeling of being sliced open. So they went with the larger sized needle, and it was like a bar of fire in her spine AND it left her with pain and headaches for some time afterwards.

        • Yeah. I bought that same t-shirt. Except that I didn’t give birth. And I’m not going to bitch about pain, but the post-op was partially botched and I was in horrible pain for somewhere around ten hours.

  5. The intro to Idiocracy is the best part as the liberal couple delay parenthood while the other pops out generations. It could happen here!

    • I thought about all of the Somali immigrants (Ilhan Omar, leader) who are having an average seven kids each, in Minnesota, when I saw the movie. I think that it’s happening here as non-barbarian educated class have the statistical 1/2 child per couple.

  6. Glad to hear you’re recovering, but that shows you I don’t come around here enough. Recovering from what he asks. Anywoo, get better, always better, as always a good thing.

    Greta who?

    • I won’t burden you with my tale of woe, but some blade time and I’m back in battery. All’s well that ends well.

      • Hey, Larry, sorry to hear about your injury, but I’m delighted your recovery is going well. It’s an interesting coincidence that I’m home on medical leave myself. Knee surgery.
        Regarding the “Bible Blaster”, I want one-no, two!! I want the original to proudly display in my home and enjoy my visitors’ confusion as I enthusiastically explain what it is, but I’d leave the details about my acquisition of it “mysterious”. I’d likely hint that I’m a vampire hunter. Also, I want a modern replica as a conversation starter at the gun range.
        Chili? Mmmmmmm! It’s food for body, mind and soul. Like BBQ, pizza and salsa ,just remember to respect others’ preferences. ..even when they’re wrong.(Wink!/sarc)
        Predator vs. Vikings? Aw, hell yeah!! The Grendel, severed arm and “Mama Grendel”‘s revenge seems like good plot devices.
        Idiocracy, like 1984, seems to have become a dystopian how-to manual instead of a cautionary tale.
        Take care, everyone.

        • I don’t want to admit to owning a bible with pages removed to facilitate the insertion of a handgun (not a flintlock), but let me put it delicately – you can do it yourself and it will work. The bookmark as a trigger-puller works. Wedging a derringer is sort of the key because it’s at best a two-shot solution. I’ll leave the rest to you. Don’t build a display model. You don’t want church people to question the second Bible you carry to meetings. They will believe you to be EXTRA devout at present without grasping the finer details.

  7. The only positive thing I can say about Al Gore was he didn’t duck military service and was in Vietnam after his father lost reelection to the Senate. In Vietnam he was mainly, “in the rear with the gear” but he was there.

    • …So was John Kerry. Hanoi Jane made an appearance too, but on the other side.

      A Navy man I served with is a very close friend of Al Gore. I don’t feel about Gore in the same way as I do about Swiftboat John or Hanoi Jane. As you say, he served. Not everyone is called on to be a bullet sponge, and there are a lot of bullet sponges would would have rather been counting raisins in the Raisin Bran to make sure there were ‘two scoops’ in every box. Gore has deluded himself into the perfection and purity of his cause. And he’s become fabulously wealthy because of it.

      • A sales manager I worked with was a “snipe” in the same unit as Kerry. He said on the water Kerry was a real deal. Also said what went on in officer country didn’t interest him until it came to his boat.

        • There are people who have hard feelings toward Swiftboat John. I didn’t serve with him, but his later close fondness and association with Hanoi Jane spoke volumes to me.

  8. Glad your recovery is going well. Don’t know what it was and don’t need to know but it sounds fairly serious for the recovery to be taking this amount of time.

    Always figured Greta was just a front for the NWO. And Al Gore is just another worthless crony capitalist. The sequestering of resources is one of the NWO’s major goals. No wonder that nuclear fusion is kept a pipe dream. It would provide affordable and plentiful energy to everyone; that can’t be allowed to happen.

    • I’ve been suffering for months and they wouldn’t do anything because there was a plague on. When the MD finally felt it was life threatening, they cut. The details are irrelevant because I’m on my way back. They called for 8 weeks to full recovery but I’ll be 100% long before that mark.

  9. Predator as Grendel. Interesting. Gotta be better than that “13th Warrior” dogsqueeze. Grinding a scimitar out of a broadsword that was made of better steel and iron than any towel-head weapon. Yikes. That hurt.

    Back to Beowulf, always thought the whole dragon comes back thingy was more of a Christian allegory, somewhat like “The Devil always gets his dues.”

    As to the Gretard, amazing how powerful and thoughtful her arguments are, for a supposedly semi-mute autistic child. Maybe she’s channeling voices? Or maybe she’s just another shill for the Watermelon Party, since it is known that her parents have used her before. Dunno, only care if she made a dent on the hood of my evil gas-burning van.

    Stave churches are amazing. Constructed of… staves, not boards. Last time I was at Epcot, before I swore off the Devil-Mouse, I toured the stave church there. Amazing. Was constructed in Norway or Denmark and then disassembled and reassembled in Das Epcot.

    The only real problem I see with the illumination device is it would blind both the target and the user and all the user’s compatriots. Flash-bangs are not very discriminatory over who gets flash-banged. Though it’s interesting that the flash-bang concept existed even as early as WWI.

    • Beowulf vs. Predator has a ring to it that fans of the franchise would enjoy and you could make it historical enough to include that as well and round out the story.

      The dent would buff out. In fact, I’d fly to Florida and help you buff it out.

  10. Glad you’re almost back to normal. Soups come in ‘many’ flavors and textures, including whatever the hell is left over in the fridge…LOL I saw ONE copy of the ‘flaming bayonet’ option in the NRA Museum many years ago. Never seen another one. And yes, please write the pirate novel!

    • At this point I’m doing one novel at a time, but Red Mist is somewhat engaging as a concept.

      With the election passed, I’m beginning plans to travel to pirate country with my notebook. It’s too long of a trip to go and have to wear a mask and not be able to eat at a restaurant or stay at a hotel because of the plague. With luck, the plague will be pronounced “over” by May. I’m not saying that it will. It just needs to be over for me to make the trip to my family’s ancestral home and pirate den.

  11. Like the others, I’m glad to hear you’re healing well.

    Only really enjoyed the first Predator movie. “If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It” is one of Arnie’s best. The second one had some great moments, but stretched things a bit too far.

    The chili looks delicious, and the presentation is excellent. I always start with some Carroll Shelby spice packets, and then go from there. Sausage, stewing meat, tomatoes, onions, GARLIC, and a few other things for good measure. My chili tends to be very savory, as I don’t like the “Blow-Your-Head-Off” hot stuff like some people do.

    Uh-Oh! TLG just woke up, so Party’s ON!

      • Yes, and it’s quite different being a grandparent than a parent. GP’s see things in a very different light than parents do.

        And I’m sure we have a bit more patience than Mom and Dad…

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