Iran v. Israel War

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Subject: On 13 April 2024, during the Israel-Hamas war, Iran launched an attack on Israel using numbers exceeding 200 drones, cruise and ballistic missiles targeting all of Israel. Their proxies have been launching missiles and drones from Yemen since last October. This signals a change in strategy since the missiles came from Iran.

Hopefully, the Biden Regime will stop sending cash aid to Iran the way that the Obama Regime did before that.

If I were an Israeli war planner,

1 I’d recommend that they use naval miles to blockade Iranian commercial ports and announce the blockade.

2 I’d launch cruise missiles against Iranian petroleum refining centers, destroying them. These could be augmented by TLAMs fired from US Navy SSGNs operating in the area. I’d make this about not allowing Iran to refine another barrel of oil.

3 I’d strike areas known to be refining uranium and destroy those production facilities.

4 I’d mine Iranian naval bases.

5 I’d declare unrestricted submarine warfare against ships operated by Iran or those known to be carrying Iranian petroleum or cargo.

And then wait for their response.

39 thoughts on “Iran v. Israel War

  1. LL, you’ve listed several great ideas on how to curtail and contain Iran. Any bets how much more money Biden and the State Department will send them instead of taking your sage advice?

    1. Consider that between 30 and 40% of China’s oil originates there. I hope they adequately compensated the Big Guy.

  2. And, of course, target the homes and work locations of every leader. It can be done, with precision weapons.

    Israel has a whole host of weapons systems they have yet to use in their struggles against Hamas and Hezbollah.

    1. My sense is that the Iranian leadership is huddling in caves. That’s why I wouldn’t conduct decapitation strikes right off unless you have real time information on the location of this or that Ayatollah/Imam/Grand Mufti or whatever. Ramadan ended April 9, so they can do stuff during the daytime in Iran.

  3. That sounds like a good start.

    Add to that multiple strikes to all possible locations Ali Khamenei could be.
    Include all known anti-aircraft batteries.
    Add in the Republican Guard headquarters and barracks.
    Add all government ministry buildings.
    All military bases in Yemen and Syria.

    Basically a Shock and Awe via rockets, missiles, and drones.

    1. I’d take it one thing at a time. Destroy that which brings in hard cash and declare a blockade since they’re in a state of war. Starve China while they’re at it.

      1. My guess is that if Israeli blockaded with mines, Iran would drop air-launched mines to close the rest of the Gulf. The Saudis can pump to the Red Sea so it doesn’t present a big problem for them. Iraq…well, what about Iraq?

  4. Four years of peace and prosperity down the drain at the hands of a bunch of warmonger morons. Appears WW3 is about to get kickstarted. LL, maybe somebody not beholding to the Entrenched Anarchists will take your plan outline and put it in play.

      1. Er, I’d rather not it be the End of Days myself. I can wait to see the Big J when and if I make it to Heaven after a long life of pissing leftists off.

        People who are actively awaiting the Rapture freak me the heck out. Especially all the horrors that will come when Satan openly walks and rules this Eart.

        I’ve still got too much food and movies and books to enjoy and fun times with wife and dog. I can wait a couple centuries or millenium.

        1. I’m thinking (and hoping) that what awaits those of us going will outweigh the unfinished stuff I’ve got here.
          Like a test. Put down your pencils and turn in your work.
          I’ve got loved ones to win over before the bell rings.

    1. Paul, I very much enjoyed the season of Trumponomics. Not ideal, but a few steps in the right direction. I knew the feds were pouring bucket loads of cash into the economy back the then and no one was addressing the elephant in the room except Ron Paul. I knew if Trump leveled the trading field with the Chincs I’d be paying more for ” made in the USA”. In the end, I thought it would be well worth the strengthening of our society and economy.

      So how’s this ” build back better” working out for y’all? The only thing I’ve seen go up is the continuation of ruination of our constitution and the power grabs of the” Demolition” party. Maybe ” we the people”, voting for Trump, interrupted what was slated for Hilarious, in what would would now be the 7th year of her reign.
      Amazing contrast, seen in the Abahamic accord, just a few years back. Rather than quote the NYT or other lame stream, ” drive by” media I found this siting:
      “They are choosing a future in which Arabs and Israelis, Muslims, Jews, and Christians can live together, pray together, and dream together, side by side, in harmony, community, and peace.”

      President Donald J. Trump

      STRIKING ANOTHER HISTORIC AGREEMENT: President Donald J. Trump has brokered a peace agreement between Sudan and Israel – the third such agreement between Israel and an Arab-Muslim nation in less than three months.

      • Today, Israel and Sudan have agreed to make peace and to normalize their relations in another landmark agreement brokered by President Trump.

      In the coming weeks, the two countries will begin negotiations on cooperation agreements in agriculture, economy, trade, aviation, migration issues…”

      Now we are seeing the fruition of the plane load of cash delivered by the half blood Africano Prince, a true blood of the Muslim Brotherhood, now in his third term with the Marionette upon the stage. To keep the cash flow streaming into the conflict. Congressman Brian Mast went on the record to state that not 10 but 16 billion was allocated to the Mullah direct from the pen of Xiden. Perhaps to be funding our most recent fireworks show? Or as L.L. has stated, the vital flow of 30-40% of the CCP OIL imports being fed from Iran are thus secured?
      I’m reminded of the truth taught by our Lord in Luke 16:15b
      “for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.”
      What was worthy of the Nobel Peace prize was shunned and disdained by the establishment. What could have strengthened our trade with the UAE and the Saudi’s has been traded in for the idea of creating an “X” for our troops on the shores of Gaza. Ugh!!!
      L.L. has presented a simple outline of strategy to cripple a corrupt Theocracy. ( Take it the Chicoms while at it, yes!) One would hope their own public could rise to a call for liberty and justice ” for all” if such an action could bring an end to a extremist leadership. Watching the common man suffer in Venezuela, Cuba, and now Haiti makes me wonder, why does our Lord continue to delay his Return and put an end to the suffering? The experiment and lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan show that such a people were not able, with all our ” help” to make lasting change$.

      I have a similar hope for the promised return, and an earth made new. A renewed human existence without sin and sickness. Death and sorrow being finally eradicated. If I read it right, a whole lot worse than what we know has to happen first?

      1. Yep.
        There is a scenario in the book The Attack where Iran faces exactly what LL suggests and the people rise up against their government after being repressed for so long. I know missionaries who have said that the general populace is not enamored of their government.

  5. I don’t know that anyone actually likes Iran enough to go WW3 for them; I suspect that Russia and the PRC
    consider them more as useful idiots and/or minions.

    I guess we’re gonna find out for sure.

    It has been fun so far, watching Iran unload as best they can and have it essentially all get shot down.
    You’d think they might have learned from the larger, closer, shorter-response-time barrages from Hezballah
    and the Pals, but learning doesn’t seem to be a local strong point.

    – Kle.

    1. Yes, it’s all very curious. Why would Iran want to poke the stick at Israel? What would Iran hope to gain besides a bloody nose?

      1. Iran is thinking (if they ever have really thought since getting rid of the Shah (love him or hate him, at least the Shah had some concept of ‘Do not piss the Westerners off’) that right now is about the only time they can seriously pull this bullscat off. By January, hopefully, there’ll be a new Sheriff in DC and he’s been known to be rather forceful when some dumbass tinplate dictator wannabe gets all uppity.

        Same reason that the ChiComs and Russia have gotten frisky over the last few years. We have active traitors openly running our government so they know there’s pretty much nothing they can’t do and not get away with. About the only restrictions are open uses of NBC assets and openly doing operations here in These United States.

        Just look how well the Afghanistan withdrawal was going under Trump vs the Puppet Biden Junta.

        1. All that We The People’s” cashola the Anarchist sent over there under The Magical Mr O’s tenure and no one held them accountable…because the rest of them are in on the Anarchists Cookbook-The Sequel program. Many of them would have been shot at dawn.
          Trump manages to overcome The Election Theft gameplan (already been in play for years) and he’ll end this in two shakes.

  6. From what I read, Iran is basically saying they’ve decided they’ve done enough, and Israel can consider the attack as an ending to the current aggression, if Israel agrees. What prompted that, if it’s true, is a guess, but it’s apparent they were either not targeting anything, or they just found out they wasted a lot of munitions creating a grand fireworks show.

    1. Their vaunted drones which are tearing up the Ukraine have failed spectacularly to achieve much of anything over Israel. As you said, a grand fireworks show, even less effective than Saddam’s SCUDding of Israel back in Desert Shield/Desert Storm time.

      And if they expected the PRC to stand tall with them, well, nobody’s ever won with the PRC behind them. Usually they end up with lots of stab marks on their backs from the PRC.

  7. Israel needs to acquire a Pakistani nuke. They probably are capable of doing so. then, hit the Ayatollahs when they are meeting much like the Generals in Beirut.
    A couple of likely results would occur. The Iranian citizens will take back their country. Pakistan is already skirmishing with Iran and will be blamed.

    Fallout? the Big Guy loses his 10%. I don’t see a downside.

      1. It is (somewhat) possible to trace the origin of a nuclear weapon based on the blast fallout. WSF is attempting to hide the Israeli connection and blame any of Iran’s other enemies.

        1. The Paks got their nukes from China. It would be a pity if we retaliated against the wrong totalitarian state…a real pity.

  8. Outside of Russia, the two very best practitioners of asymmetric warfare are now locked into overt war. It will be interesting to watch the lights going off and power draining away in one place while the 60,000 rockets launched out of Lebanon go unanswered. The deniability phase is pretty much behind both parties now so any and all bad actors are going to slip in some of their own little tricks.
    Infrastructure is very resistant to explosives and so are crude oil tankders. The platforms and Kharg Island never really suffered all that much damage during out unhappy phases with Iran.
    it will be interesting and a little demoralizing to see just how awful the western media is when it goes all in for Iran.

    1. I think that Naval mines are a good solution for port denial. When combined with an announced blockade they’re legal given that a state of war now exists (rather than “war by other means”. I agree with your assessment.

  9. all just a little too tidy for me. i mean iran notified us 72 hours ahead of the strike, only 200 or so launched when they have thousands, none really aimed at anything, public ending statement afterward. just doesn’t fit. and how did they knock all of them down when no one else has had any luck whatsoever doing the same in ukraine or armenia/azerbaijan etc? i’m feeling wagged.

  10. The Lightbringer’s Apprentice has announced US will not participate in any retaliation, so the TLAM’s are out, presumably, unless Brandon can figure out to replace the warheads with dollars.

    1. I think that Israel has the capacity to retaliate, but they don’t have as many TLAMS or SSGN’s to carry them. With the US planning to decommission our SSGNs, maybe we do some sort of lend-lease or outright gift to Israel? (When President Trump returns to the White House)

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