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My daughter, Kelly, her husband, Devin and her two daughters live with me these days. I have no idea whether or not they’ll end up living in Arizona in the hovel at the White Wolf Mine. However that works out, Olivia Rose will be rolled out of the hangar to fill out the roster sometime in October. 
I heard Barack crowing about how the economy (inside the Washington beltway where people have been the recipients of vast treasure borrowed on the backs of those in fly-over country) is booming. It may be in the mansions of Hollywood moguls where he begs for coin or in caverns of the likes of George Soros. But the rest of the proletariat have had a rough eight years of hope and change. 
The good news is that mortgage interest rates are in the 3% range. The bad news is that it’s held there artificially to try and stave off a depression that has been looming since the progs took power, and shifted money to social programs in the hopes of remaining in power. I admit, using our money to buy votes for them is genius.
My daughter, Emilie, will be moving back home in October from Florida. It’s a 6 bedroom/4 bathroom home so there is room. But that’s not the point. I can add more water to the soup. The point is that the economy is very fragile and outside of the Washington Beltway, there are a lot of grown men and women who end up moving back home out of necessity.
The upcoming presidential election with the down-ticket contests will decide whether the malaise will continue or we will have bottomed out and are on the way back out of the hole.

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  1. I never thought that America would elect Barack – twice. I dare not speculate too hard about Clinton – who as I've said before – couldn't run a lemonade stand.

  2. One of mine lives with me. Every time he is about to get his head above water his job ends.

  3. I was extremely disappointed that obama was elected twice. And disappointed when people like Colin Powell backed him.

    But congratulations to your daughter, her family and you on the expected grand baby!

    Our two youngest boys live with us, too, because of the economy.

    I just pray that the country will be turned around.

  4. Sorry about the fragile economy effects on your family, but good for you having another grandchild on the way! Coincidentally, we just found out today that we'll be having a new one, as well! Drinks are on Grunt!

  5. There are a lot of Americans who are suffering due to the foolish, churlish, grinning fool in the White House and Hillary, the lady-in-waiting.

  6. 'Hovel' at the White Wolf Mine? I had imagined a compound worthy of admiration from David Koresh or Ted Kennedy. Or LSP.

  7. What worries me is the number of new people who ran last November on the promise of making changes, and then did nothing. I pray that does not happen again.

  8. Oh, I guess I have been living under a rock, Reverend. I had erroneously believed that a 'hovel' was nothing more than a lean-to or shack that sheltered mostly scorpions and diamond back rattlers from the blistering Arizona sun, and only ilk of Charlie Manson's family would consider occupying.

    I am now educated. Many thanks.

  9. I am not expecting instant gratification. Look at the situation when Reagan took office and the time it took things to turn around. Our economy is a speeding freight train heading in the wrong direction (by way of metaphor). Stopping the train and reversing direction takes time.

  10. A mansion and expansive compound is subject to confiscatory taxation. A hovel is not. I am content with a hovel. The hovel needs a Sub-Zero refrigerator, a Wolf stove, a 4 car garage with a grease pit and a lift to work on project cars and the bare necessities (without scorpions and rattlers), but Mr. Taxman, it's only a hovel.

  11. Congrats Papa White Wolf on the new grandbaby, love her name by the way.
    The Hovel on the Hill sounds perfectly reasonable.

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